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Charismatic "Koichi Nakayama" in the used golf industry Used Golf Club Ranking" online salon opened! Golf Goods Appraiser for "Kaiun! Golf goods appraiser for "Nandemo Kanteidan".


The "Kaiun! Golf Goods Appraiser Koichi Nakayama of "Nandemo Kanteidan" will open an online salon "Used Golf Club Ranking".

Used golf industry charismatic "Koichi Nakayama" "Used Golf Club Ranking" online salon is now open!

For more information, please visit

We support your golf life!"

The used golf club market has approximately 50,000 items that have been on the market for the past 10 years.

The ranking is made by extracting popular models from the "Koichi Nakayama" golf database.

Used Golf Club Ranking

Because it is in the online salon, we are able to provide you with the most accurate ranking of the most popular used golf clubs in the market. This model does not fly! You can freely make comments such as "This model flies! You can also give us advice such as "This club is the best match for this golfer! We can also offer advice such as, "This club is the best match for this golfer!

Nowadays, users are being swept away by a flood of information from the Web, and they cannot decide whether this information is true or false.

When you ask yourself what is accurate and useful information, it is difficult to find the criteria to delete unnecessary information from the data in your brain.

Golfers cannot improve unless they buy new tools (clubs) to step up their game.

The shortest way to become a single golfer is to buy new clubs that match your golfing level!

The "Used Golf Shop Guru" is about reducing your cash outlay.

In this online salon, we will also advise you on when to replace your clubs.

Application Screen

For light course 1,000 yen/month (tax included)

*Knowledge transmission

We will provide you with correct information on gear, golf knowledge, this and that on the golf course, playing manners, etc.

We will provide you with correct information.

Question Box

I don't know what is the right information..." "I don't know what is the right information..." "I don't know what is the right information.

"I have prepared the equipment I saw on YouTube, but I don't know if it's right for me..."

This is a place where members can freely post their own problems and questions.

Answer Session

Nakayama will give advice in response to members' questions.


We have a bulletin board where members can communicate with each other!

You can post your daily life, ask for advice, or ask questions.

You can share information and enjoy various interactions.

For more information, please visit

For Hard Courses 3,000 yen/month (tax included)

Watch and learn

Maniac videos and images

Club History

Buying support

How to buy new clubs

Column・Real-Time News

 We will upload repairing and maniac videos and precious images that cannot be seen outside!

 Developing articles about classic clubs that only Nakayama can write about!

 We will provide golf knowledge that will increase the satisfaction of owning clubs!

Management Entrepreneurship School

Question Room (open/close)

The way of a merchant in Ameyoko

 Nakayama, who has been involved in golf-related business for many years, provides know-how on store management!

 Tips on how to attract customers and increase sales, etc.

 We will share our knowledge about opening a used store, repair store, side business, etc.

Exchange (Nationwide)

We have a bulletin board where members can communicate with each other!

You can freely introduce your own goods, tweet about your daily life other than golf, and communicate with other members.

You can introduce the courses you often play and share information with other members when they visit your region.


Car Club, Pet Club, Apparel Club, Gourmet Club, Travel Club, etc.

You can join your favorite clubs and interact with other members.

You can meet new people through golf and find new possibilities.


Not only golf related events, but also dinner parties and other offline meetings that only Online Salon members can participate in are planned.

Hard Courses only.

Zoom "Appraisal Group" for Everyone

1. diagnose and appraise your club setting.

Upload a video of the club you wish to have appraised in the salon, and Nakayama will appraise it.

Nakayama will make a reverse offer to those who have clubs that he judges to be valuable.

Nakayama will appraise the club live on Zoom in the Zoom Appraisal Corner.

You can enjoy the appraisals not only on TV, but also with everyone.

(Light course users can watch archived videos.)

2. buying support

We provide full support on how to sell and buy wisely (discounts, special offers, etc.).

For more information, please visit

Koichi Nakayama

Born on December 18, 1972 in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Koichi Nakayama

41 years of golfing experience

Golf goods appraiser for "Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan" golf goods appraiser

Festival Golf: Former general manager

He has been involved in buying and selling used clubs for 32 years.

He has learned the needs of golfers through customer service. He is known for his accurate assessments, market monitoring, and advice, and is called a charismatic figure in the used club industry.

He has been compiling a vast amount of club data for the past 30 years.

Developed a risk hedging type market price system.

He has compiled a vast amount of data for purchase quotes, and is also involved in DB construction and image DB construction for homepages, etc.

Golf Database

Currently, writing, web production, store coordination, and consulting.

TV appearances:

Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan

Broadcast: 2004/6/22

Broadcast on 2005/4/5

Broadcast on 2006/10/3

Broadcast 4/20/2010

Aired 6/29/2010

Aired on 12/20/2012

Aired on 2/19/2013

Aired on 5/28/2013

Aired on 10/8/2013

Aired on 8/4/2015

Aired on 12/18/2018

Aired 5/21/2019

Aired 8/25/2020

Aired 4/12/2022