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The phone stand ring SYANTO, recruited by the character platform "Chara-is". collaboration event to support creators!

Patented smartphone gadget opens up new avenues for printing merchandise.


Akebi Operation School Co. (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shigetoshi Kaitani) will hold a collaborative event "CREATOR FESTIVAL - Festival to support your favorite characters" on the official SYANTO e-commerce site, utilizing the platform of the web service "Chara-is" (operated by AEON FANTASY Co., Ltd.) to connect "creators who want to draw characters" and "people who want characters". (operated by AEON FANTASY Co., Ltd.), a web service that connects "creators who want to draw characters" and "people who want characters", will hold a collaborative event "CREATOR FESTIVAL - A festival to support your favorite" on the official SYANTO EC site on Friday, September 1, 2023, from 12:00 PM.

Image 1: Event TOP image

Click here for the "CREATOR FESTIVAL - A festival to support your favorite things" special site

The patented smartphone stand ring becomes a "canvas" for creators

SYANTO is a patented*1 smartphone gadget that combines stand and ring functions through a special structure. The badge part, which is used as a stand, can be freely designed, and this part can be used as a creator's "canvas" to create a new form of printed commercial material. At this event, the works of 42 creators who participated in the "Character Contest (One-of-a-kind Smartphone Ring SYANTO Collaboration)" (application period: July 31-August 21, 2023) on the "chara-is" (URL: platform will be posted on the website, and the works of the creators will be used for support and purchase. The works of 42 creators who have received a certain number of support will be published in the form of support purchases, and the works of those creators will be commercialized.

*1 Patent No. 6467677

Image 2: Stand function

Image 3: Ring function

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For more information about the "Character Contest <One-of-a-Kind Smartphone Ring SYANTO Collaboration>", click here

A new form of support for "likes

While most conventional printing products are T-shirts and mugs, SYANTO can be a completely different kind of printing product. Since a smartphone is one of the items used for the longest time in a day and the badge is always visible to people due to the characteristics of SYANTO, it can be said that what you put on the badge is the best place to "express yourself".

Image 4: New Printing Products

The company's goal is to create a new form of printing that supports "likes. By purchasing and using SYANTO created by creators and designers, users (fans) can communicate "I like this" and "I am this kind of person" to others through SYANTO. At the same time, this will lead to the support of creators and designers, and a new ecosystem in the creative industry can be expected to be created.

Image 5: Changing the world of "likes

25% of the sales proceeds are returned to the participants.

This collaborative event is based on the "support purchase" system, in which a certain number of purchasers (50 or more units per work) are required to purchase the work before it can be commercialized. The works to be featured on the site will be selected from among those submitted. The specific period for accepting support purchases is scheduled to begin at 12:00 PM on September 1, 2023 (Friday) and last for two months.

The main focus of this event is to support the creators, and this time 25% of the sales proceeds will be returned to the creators. There will also be prize money for the creators of the top three characters in terms of number of sales.

Image 6: Structure

SYANTO is the ultimate gadget to meet diversified smartphone needs

SYANTO can be used as a stand for both the in-camera and out-camera of a smartphone, regardless of its orientation. Therefore, SYANTO can be used not only as a "stand for watching" vertical video, which has become popular in recent years, but also as a "stand for taking pictures" when live-streaming or taking selfies.

Image 7: 2-way stand

By attaching it to the bottom, the back of the device is not disturbed at all, allowing seamless use of the popular backside charging and jig adsorption when using a bicycle or car navigation system.

Image 8: Back free

There is no fixed way to hold SYANTO. The badge part serves as a grip at any time, so you can hold your phone safely without worrying about dropping it in any situation, whether you are taking it out, paying in a hurry, or taking a selfie.

Image 9: No dropping

■SYANTO is waiting for your application!

SYANTO is looking forward to receiving your designs for the SYANTO Style. We would like to design and use SYANTO Style as much as possible, and we would like to hear from you if you are interested in the following use cases.

Printing the emblem of a baseball team to unify the team.

Print the idol's appearance and costume to generate revenue from merchandise sales at live shows.

Print the influencer's logo and generate revenue through e-commerce sales.

Image 10: Example of application


In his 50s, he decided to become a body professional after studying acupuncture and moxibustion medicine and exercise science in earnest at various vocational schools and practices. After obtaining national certification in acupuncture and moxibustion, he also qualified as a personal trainer and established Akebi Sejutsu-in and Akebi School of Motion. From his own breakdowns and treatment experiences, he has come to believe that "age is just a number. Anyone can be bright, healthy, and beautiful at any time" is his motto.

■About the development of "SYANTO

Akebi School of Motion, Inc. is a company of motion researchers who use their knowledge as acupuncturists and personal trainers to provide treatment and training guidance through motion instruction.

In the development of motion products, we conducted motion research on smartphones, and then discovered and patented the importance of the bottom-most fulcrum support of the bottom surface. We believe that the bottom ring "SYANTO" developed by utilizing the patent will help many smartphone users to maintain their health.

We are also actively communicating on YouTube about the secret story of the development of SYANTO and the improvement of its operation. ( )

■Company Profile

Company Name : Akebi Motion School, Inc.

Location : 20-6 Honcho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Representative : Shigetoshi Kaitani, President

Product HP :

Akebi Motion School HP :

YouTube channel :

Official Instagram :