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"autoritratto", voice drama about the four art students and four teachers will be exhibited for the first time at KyoMafu from September 16 (Sat)!


The original voice drama production team "Dake-Kanba Junior College Public Relations Office", in collaboration with MYC Japan Co.,Ltd, The original voice drama "autoritratto" will be exhibited for the first time at the Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair (KIMAFU 2023) to be held on September 16 (Sat.) and 17 (Sun.), 2023.

Character silhouettes

Prior to the start of distribution in 2024, we will exhibit an introduction of "Dakebi," a short-term art and craft college where the story takes place, at our booth. Visitors to the booth will receive a special postcard of this work.

*The event content is subject to change without notice. Please understand beforehand.

The workshop of the art college where the event will take place

■Exhibition Information

Event Name :Kyoto International Manga/Anime Fair 2023

Sponsor :Kyoto International Manga/Anime Fair Executive Committee, Kyoto City

Period : September 16 (Sat.) - 17 (Sun.), 2023 9:00 - 17:00 (until 16:00 on the 17th)

Exhibit name : Public Relations Office, Gakka College of Art and Design

Booth location: No.302, 3F, Miyakomesse

■What is autoritratto

"autoritratto", a voice drama scheduled to be distributed on YouTube and other platforms in 2024, is a "master and disciple" story for four new students and their four teachers over two years at the College. This work will be 5 minutes/episode, 105 episodes in total, and will be updated almost weekly over a two-year period. We are preparing to announce more detailed information about the work by the end of year. This work is planned by Dake-Kanba Junior College Public Relations Office and produced by MYC Japan Co., Ltd.

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