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In the fall of appetite, "Eat and lower blood sugar! The secret to losing weight" and more!  Health information magazine "Sokai October 2023 Autumn issue" goes on sale on September 15 (Fri.)!


Boutique Co. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will release its safe and effective health information magazine "Sokai October 2023 Autumn Issue" on Friday, September 15, 2023, based on the latest medical science.

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Worried about blood sugar, gaining a little weight, feeling a decline in kidney function, knee pain, tinnitus, glaucoma, ...... we are here to help you with your health concerns.

The October 2023 Fall issue of Sokai features...

The most powerful combination to fight off diabetes "Mackerel and onions" - a recipe with a superb flavor.

Autumn of appetite "Eat to lower blood glucose! The secret to slimming down

The progression of glaucoma stopped! The "Eye that can see until 100 years old" that can read newspapers without reading glasses.

Kidney becomes healthy! Detoxification soup" improved kidney disease for 20 years and glaucoma for 30 years!

Ear Pulling" improves the autonomic nervous system and helps with weather pain!

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Canned mackerel with onion recipe

Just put canned mackerel on sliced onions and eat. The spiciness of the onion and the flavor of the mackerel make the best match. This is a recipe for an extremely tasty arrangement of canned mackerel and onions!

Canned mackerel with onion recipe perfect for daily menus!

Perfect for daily menus! Ms. Yoko Amako's recipe for canned mackerel with onion.

Eyes that can see until you are 100 years old

If you have symptoms such as dizzy eyes, difficulty in seeing, and fatigue ......, this is a must-see for you!

From lifestyle tips from a famous doctor to self-care that can improve nearsightedness and presbyopia.

Eyes that can see until you are 100 years old / Lifestyle habits are the key to protect eye health.

Activates kidney function! Detoxification Soup

Acupuncturist and moxibustion therapist Saori Ohno, who runs a popular YouTube channel with more than 120,000 subscribers, introduces "Detoxification Soup" to revitalize the kidneys.

Ear Pulling

The ears contain switches that regulate the autonomic nervous system. Let's get healthy in body and mind by ear-tugging, which can be done easily anytime and anywhere.

It regulates the autonomic nervous system and helps with weather pain. It is especially effective for dizziness, tinnitus, knee pain, back pain, and TMJ disorder! Ear Pull

How to do Ear Pull

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