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Very popular among elementary school students! The official mascot character of the Logica Method The call for licensees of "Logica Friends" has finally begun!


Logica Education Inc. (Head office: Ikeda City, Osaka; CEO: Ai Seki; hereinafter referred to as "Logica Education"), which offers "Logica-style" programming education nationwide, has begun accepting licensees for its character series "Logica Friends," including Logica-kun, the mascot character of the Logica style. The company has begun accepting licensees for the "Logica Friends" series of characters, including Logica-kun, the mascot of Logica Shiki.

Licensee Recruitment

What are Logica Friends?

Logica Friends is the official mascot character of "Logica Style," which established "Programming Education Day" based on its achievements in providing programming education to more than 1 million children nationwide. He is highly popular among elementary school students and their parents, and when he appeared at the Japan Small and Medium Business Awards 2022 ceremony, he received rave reviews from celebrities Saeko and Kika Fujiwara, who said, "He's so cute! When they appeared at the Japan Small and Medium Business Awards 2022 ceremony, celebrities Saeko and Kika Fujiwara praised them highly, saying, "They're so cute!

The main characters are "Rojika-kun" and "Jessica-chan," both based on the motif of deer, and there are more than 15 other characters and series. Many children have seen them at least once if they have had any experience with programming, as they support children's programming learning through various media such as teaching material illustrations, cartoons, and animations.

In order to revitalize programming education in Japan, which is becoming a backward IT country, the Logica Method is focusing on creating a channel for children to develop an interest in programming through the use of cute characters. We are now looking for licensees to expand awareness of Logica Friends and promote programming education.

Inquiries from companies interested in manufacturing and selling products using LogicaFriends (licensees) are accepted at the following page.

Logica Friends

■About Logica Formula

Established in 2018 by Ai Seki, who was certified as a "Genius Programmer/Super Creator" at the age of 19 in the Unexplored Project (Note 1), with the aim of "delivering dreams and the power to live in the future society" to children through programming education. The company operates a franchise of "Logica-style" programming classes for children nationwide, and former professional baseball player and current Nippon-Ham Fighters Hokkaido SA Kensuke Tanaka is one of the owners of the classes. The company also has a nationwide tie-up with Barred Kids (formerly Aviva Kids), a long-established computer school (Note 2). The "Logica Method for SCHOOL" (Note 3), a programming education material provided in cooperation with NEC and Nikkohan, has been adopted by elementary schools throughout Japan as a teaching material for more than 460,000 students. In 2023, the company established "Programming Education Day" as recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association (Note 6), and also won the Japan Small and Medium Business Award 2022 (Note 7). (Note 7).

Company name: Logica Education Inc.

Representative: Ai Seki, Representative Director and CEO

Location: COZY Muromachi 1F, 4-49 Muromachi, Ikeda-shi, Osaka 563-0047

Establishment : November 12, 2018

Business : Development of programming materials, franchise of programming schools

Capital : 59.95 million yen

TEL : 072-752-8607


(Note 1) The program is sponsored and implemented by the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan, an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, for the purpose of "discovering and fostering outstanding IT human resources" and to discover and foster genius creators in Japan who will change the world by utilizing IT. (Note 1) The project aims to discover and nurture genius creators in Japan who will use IT to change the world.

(Note 2) Nationwide partnership between "Barred Kids" computer classes for children and "Logica-style" programming classes

(Note 3) NEC, Nikkohan and "Logica-style" tie up in the field of elementary school programming education

(Note 4) Logica Shiki and LINE jointly developed free online learning materials for the programming learning platform "LINE entry".

(Note 5) Fujitsu Client Computing "FMV Kids" and Logica Shiki collaborate to distribute free programming learning animations from October 14, 2020

(Note 6) Logica Education commemorates June 19 as "Programming Education Day

(Note 7) Logica Education, which operates a programming education program, won the Best Planning Award at the "Japan Small and Medium Business Awards