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Ishigaki Island's No.1 YouTuber and Villa Oase in Ishigaki Island Hideo Man's special collaboration! Special price for the tour to the remote islands!

WQ Co., Ltd.

Villa Oase (Operator: WQ Co., Ltd. Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koichi Nakanishi) has collaborated with YouTuber Hideo Man of Ishigaki Island to offer a 20% discount on the popular tour "Iriomote Island, Yubu Island, and Taketomi Island 3 Islands Tour" by Escort Ishigaki, a travel agency represented by Hideo Man. Hideo Man collaborated with Escort Ishigaki, a travel agency represented by Hideo Man.

Iriomote Island, Yubu Island, and Taketomi Island 3-island Tour" details page

The discount price will be announced after you make a reservation at Oase.

Collaboration Campaign Cover

3-island tour cover

*Discover new charms of Ishigaki Island in winter

Ishigaki Island is usually known as a summer resort, but there are also fascinating experiences waiting for you in the winter season. The mild climate and beautiful ocean offer visitors a new view they have never seen before. We also offer luxury villas for rent as a base to feel the most comfortable in the beautiful Ishigaki Island.

*20% discount on popular year-round tours to the remote islands!

Guests staying at Oase for 3 nights or more can take advantage of a 20% discount on the island tours organized by Ishigaki Island YouTuber Hideo Man. With the tour guide's in-depth knowledge and humorous attendance, you can slowly enjoy the hidden sights and local charms of the Yaeyama Islands that you cannot get from ordinary sightseeing.

Outline of the Project

Target : Between November 1, 2023 (Wed) and February 29, 2024 (Thu)

      Guests checking in to Oase for 3 nights or more

Tour Details : Iriomote Island, Yubu Island, Taketomi Island 3-island tour

      (Lunch included / Buffalo cart / Mangrove sightseeing boat / Free time plan for Taketomi Island)

Regular price :Adult 13 years old and over: 14,400 yen/person

      Child 7-12 years old: 9,300 yen/person

      (*As of Friday, September 15)

      20% off the regular price at the time of application.

      *How to make a reservation at the discounted price,

      Oase will inform you after you make a reservation.

Nakama River excursion

Oxcart of Taketomi Island

Hideo Man

After enjoying a boat tour on Nakama River in Iriomote Island, which has the largest mangrove forest in Japan, you will take a buffalo cart across the sea to Yubu Island. The entire small island, about 2 km in circumference, is a subtropical botanical garden. Enjoy a tour of the island and an Okinawan-style makunouchi bento (boxed lunch) at the park's restaurant.

Rare flora and fauna will welcome you on Iriomote Island, which will be registered as a World Natural Heritage in 2021. On the way to Yubu Island by buffalo cart, you can see the typical Okinawan scenery of the shallow sea.

Free time in Taketomi Island, where the original landscape of Okinawa still remains. Please enjoy your free time at your own pace. This is a popular course that efficiently tours three islands and can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly.





Oase Hotel Outline

Oase manages 5 villas for rent in Ishigaki Island with the concept of "Travel as if you were living". Located in a quiet area away from the city center, you can walk to the nearest beach. Equipped with household appliances and a kitchen, it is one of the attractions of this petit immigration experience. With a large terrace and garden, the location offers a great sense of freedom.


Location: 165-13 Inoda, Momosato, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture

Access: 15 minutes by car from Nannujima Ishigaki Airport

Capacity: 6 persons per room


Location : 336-1 Ibaruma, Ishigaki City, Okinawa

Access: 30 minutes by car from Nannu Ishigaki Airport

Max. number of guests: 5


Location : 494-2 Nosoko, Ishigaki City, Okinawa

Access: 20 minutes by car from Nannujima Ishigaki Airport

Capacity : 6 people


Location : 2F 340-7 Maesato, Ishigaki City, Okinawa

Access: 20 minutes by car from Nannu Ishigaki Airport

Capacity: 6 people

Business Hours: Check-in 15:00~, Check-out 11:00

Closed : Open all year round


Hideo Man Profile

A local YouTuber who conveys the charm of Ishigaki Island under the concept of "Orenimakasero about Ishigaki Island".

He provides information that only islanders know so that tourists can enjoy Ishigaki Island and has over 9,000 registered users.

In addition to information transmission, he also runs a tour company (Escort Ishigaki Co., Ltd.) and plans and operates sightseeing tours of Ishigaki Island.

Official YouTube channel has 9,500 registered users (as of September 2023)

Hideo Man's official YouTube channel

Company Profile

Company name: WQ Inc.

Representative: Koichi Nakanishi, President

Location: Ginza Glass Gate 4F, 1-19-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Establishment : May 8, 2013

Business : Environmental energy business, restaurant business, agriculture business, Villa business,

      Villa business, and overseas sake sales business

Capital : 32 million yen


Company name: Escort Ishigaki Ltd.

Representative: Hideo Kureshima, Representative Director

Location: 1 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0012, Japan

Establishment : October 5, 2015

Business : Travel agency

Capital : 3 million yen


For inquiries from customers regarding this matter, please contact

WQ Villa Business Department

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