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Announcing a 6-month free campaign for Remote Access Service


Ascentec Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Takashi Matsuura, President & CEO) announces the start of its "Remote Access Service Resalio Connect 6-month Free Campaign" on September 11, 2012.

Resalio Connect" is a secure remote access solution for full-specification PCs.

Resalio Connect" is composed of our original solution "Resalio Lynx" that converts the PC at hand into a thin client, and "LTE over IP" technology by closip, which has SIM authentication technology and secure gateway function. This eliminates the need for general-purpose VPN equipment and expensive cloud-based remote access tools, as well as the need for anti-virus software and anti-ransomware tools on the PC at hand.

How Resalio Connect works

We are pleased to offer Resalio Connect subscriptions (including Resalio Lynx subscriptions) free of charge for 6 months to customers who purchase a Remote PC Array. In addition, we are offering a free USB device with a built-in virtual SIM that turns your PC into a thin client.

Through this campaign, customers will be able to build a remote access environment in a very short period of time and achieve high security and convenience at the same time.

Campaign Details

Eligible customers: Customers who have installed Remote PC Array

Eligible services and products: (1) Resalio Connect + Resalio Lynx 300/700

          Free subscription for 6 months

          (2) Resalio Lynx 300: If you use Resalio Lynx 300, USB device

          (2) USB device provided free of charge at the standard price of ¥4,300 (¥4,730 incl. tax)

Number of devices provided :Same number as Remote PC Array PC cartridges

Campaign Period : Until delivery on January 31, 2024

Remarks: (1) Free of charge

(1)We will confirm your intention to continue using the service one month prior to the end of the free-of-charge period.

(2)After 6 months, Resalio Connect + Resalio Lynx

subscription of 7,200 yen (7,920 yen including tax)/year is required.

If you are using Resalio Lynx 300, after the free subscription period,

If you do not wish to convert to a paid subscription, please return the USB device to us.

Click here to apply for the campaign

Resalio Connect 6 Months Free Campaign

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About Ascentec Corporation

Asentech's mission is to "make it easy, fast, and safe for our customers to transform their business work styles! Contribute to the transformation of our customers' business workstyle. Under the corporate philosophy of "Helping customers transform their business workstyles," Asentech's main business is the development, sales, and consulting services of virtual desktop-related products, and it also focuses on cyber security solutions. In addition, we will strengthen our ESG initiatives and contribute toward a sustainable society.

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