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MISUMI presents 42nd ROBO-ONE Biped Robot Fighting Competition

Held at Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center on September 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun)!


The Biped Robot Association (President: Terukazu Nishimura) will hold a biped robot fighting competition with the aim of improving manufacturing technology and popularizing biped robots. With special sponsorship from MISUMI Group Honsha, MISUMI presents the 42nd ROBO-ONE to be held at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center on September 23 (Sat.) and 24 (Sun.).

The new coronavirus has been moved to category 5 and the event is no longer restricted. We have received applications for participation from overseas, and we are preparing to make this an enjoyable event where participants can see the robots in action.

We will also hold a raffle for a biped robot. The first 500 people who participate in the lottery will receive a card with the robot on it. We look forward to seeing you at the event (free of charge).

Sponsor :Biped Robot Association

Co-sponsor :Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center

Special Sponsor : MISUMI Group Inc.

C-Sponsor : I-O Seimitsu Co.

     Member of Bipedal Robot Association

Special Member : Kondo Kagaku Co.

     Artificial Intelligence Robot Laboratory, Inc.

     Robot Yuenchi / MANOI Planning Co.

General member : Vstone Corporation

Supporting Member: Osaka-ya Shoji Co.

What is ROBO-ONE?

ROBO-ONE is a martial arts competition for biped robots held twice a year since 2002. The contestants defeat their opponents by punching and throwing techniques. In the regular competition, a three-minute, one-round, three-down tournament is held to determine the strongest biped robot.

A performance division has been newly established since the last competition. In the Performance Division, the robots are to perform in a cool, beautiful, and fun way that will excite the audience and make them want to watch again. At least three judges will score the performances, and the top robots will be eligible to compete in the Fight Division.

Number of entries: 96 robots

Performance Division: 96 robots Fight Division: 48 robots

What is the Performance Division?

This is a division in which participants are free to show off the performance of their biped robots. The robots have individuality based on the ideas of the participants. There are various types of robots, such as robots with long or short arms and legs, robots with large hands and feet, robots with cool exteriors, robots with built-in systems that operate automatically, and robots with distinctive movements. In the fighting competition, participants basically compete in striking and throwing techniques, but in the performance division, there are no detailed rules, so participants can appeal to the public in any way they like. It is also an opportunity to test the presentation skills of the participants.

The 41st Performance Division (Writing Robot)

The 41st Performance Division (Robot playing xylophone)

What is the ■Fight Division?

This is a tournament-style fighting division in which robots that have achieved excellent results in the Performance Division, as well as the winners and top-ranked robots from each regional competition, participate. The winner is the first robot to get 3 downs in a 3-minute round. It is not easy to take down a robot that walks around the ring at high speed. The tactics between the fighters is one of the highlights of the event.

41st Fight Division (Punching Robot)

41st Fight Division (Kicking Robot)

Attraction of ROBO-ONE

Participants design, process materials, assemble, and program one robot by themselves. It may take several months to more than a year to complete the project, which makes the preparation a lot of work. For this reason, they are able to acquire a wide variety of skills and knowledge, including those related to mechanisms and electricity. In addition, a robot completed with hard work does not always turn out to be a strong robot. In ROBO-ONE, competitors face each other in the competition, but between matches and at social gatherings, there is a lot of exchange of information among competitors. In ROBO-ONE, although they face each other during a match, they actively exchange information with each other in between matches and at social gatherings. In addition, through student classes and club activities, some skills are passed on from one friend to another and from senior to junior. ROBO-ONE is not only a martial arts event that can be seen from the outside, but also a place where each participant has his or her own drama from the beginning of the robot design stage and grows as a person.

Prizes and Awards

ROBO-ONE Performance

First Prize: 200,000 yen

Runner-up: 100,000 yen

Third place: 50,000 yen

Idea Award: 50,000 yen

Company Prize


First Prize: 300,000 yen

Runner-up: 100,000 yen

Third place: 50,000 yen

Technical Award: 50,000 yen


Company Prize


The MISUMI Award will be provided by MISUMI Group Inc. headquarters, a special sponsor.

The MISUMI Award winner will receive a cash prize of 100,000 yen and 50,000 yen worth of MISUMI products. Images and videos of the MISUMI Prize-winning aircraft may be used in MISUMI corporate advertisements and other media.

<Supporting Company Prize

I-O Seimitsu Prize, etc.

Date and Time

<September 23 (Saturday) ROBO-ONE Performance Division

10:00 Opening

10:15 ROBO-ONE Performance

12:10 Break

13:10 ROBO-ONE Performance

15:40 Rumble

16:30 Awards Ceremony & Fun Drawing

17:00 End of competition

<September 24 (Sun.) ROBO-ONE Final Tournament

10:00 Opening

10:15 ROBO-ONE Fight

12:10 Break

13:10 ROBO-ONE Final Tournament up to the 3rd round

15:00 ROBO-ONE Final Tournament up to Semifinals

15:30 ROBO-ONE Final Tournament 3rd Place Match/Final

16:15 Special Time (Rumble by Country)

16:30 Awards Ceremony & Fun Drawing

17:00 Tournament ends

A fun raffle will be held during the award ceremony on both September 23rd and 24th. A biped robot will be awarded.

(Details will be announced at

Emcee, Live Commentary, Guests

Ayu Airai, Emcee

Commentary: Masayuki Okamoto (Robot Yuenchi)

Special Guest: Masahiro Sukigawara (General Manager, Future Robot Technology Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology)

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