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A Going Out Revolution! RAKUKEI Kyoto inc., Kyoto, Japan, has developed a new dimension smart key wallet with a coin case New Dimension Smart Key Wallet "SMART MOVE! type2" with Coin Case will be released on September 18!

Super-organization of items on the go is now possible (patented) Type 2" with coin case is a simple and minimalist version of the "All in One" model.

RAKUKEI Kyoto inc.

RAKUKEI Kyoto inc.(Location: 426-2 Kasuga-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto; President: Yusaku OSAKA), a developer and manufacturer of original fashion items, will release a new dimension of smart key wallet "SMART MOVE! type2" equipped with a coin case on "RAKUKEI ONLINE STORE" on September 18, 2023.


Product detail page (sales site):

Development Background

SMART MOVE!" (patented) is an item that allows users to slimly organize their daily necessities and has achieved shipments of over 10,000 units to date.

However, many customers, especially women, have asked, "Where do I put my coins?" In response to these comments, we have been developing the "type2" with a coin case.

Patented X-shaped structure

Comparison of type1 and type2

Features of the product

○New dimension wallet that "holds almost everything

The patented "X-shape structure" realizes an "All in One" wallet that can hold almost everything. Two smart keys, cards can be compactly stored. In addition, the new type 2 can also hold coins.

○Travel "almost empty-handed".

With a thickness of only about 3 cm, it is light enough to carry when shopping or going out. It is also very convenient for outdoor activities, picking up family members, and other situations where you want to travel "almost empty-handed.

○Kyoto's "subtractive aesthetics

While packed with functions, the simple and minimalist design pursues beauty. The quality of the product is unique to RAKUKEI Kyoto inc., which pays attention to every detail.

○"Pure JAPAN" quality

The cowhide leather is carefully produced at traditional factories in Himeji and Tatsuno, Hyogo Prefecture, and YKK zipper are used for safety. The sewing technique is made with the skill of a skilled craftsman, making it both a pleasure to carry and robust.

○Available colors are "Scenes of Kyoto".

All RAKUKEI Kyoto inc. products have original color names and stories inspired by scenes of Kyoto.

If the story of the color overlaps with the memory of the user, it will become a precious object only for that person.

Color variations of type2

Only 3cm thin even when filled with items

Almost all of your outing items "fit in".

Outline of the product

Product name: SMART MOVE! type2

Release date : September 18, 2023 (Monday, national holiday)

Price : 19,800 yen (tax included)

Material : Shrink leather (Japanese cowhide), YKK zipper

Size : 10cm x 10cm x 2.5cm (empty)

Patent number: No. 6824539

Color : 5 colors available (black, navy-blue, brown, beige, water-blue)

 All colors are accompanied by color names and stories inspired by scenes of Kyoto.

Sales website:

Smart key storage

Handmade one by one by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto

○Company profile

Company name: RAKUKEI Kyoto inc.

Representative: Yusaku OSAKA, President

Location : 426-2 Kasuga-cho, Kamigyo-ku , Kyoto-city 602-8023, Japan

Establishment : October, 2014

Business description: Planning, manufacturing, and sales of original fashion items.


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