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Konjac Rice for Those Concerned about Elevated Blood Sugar Levels Functional food "Zen Rice Plus" sold


Tokoroten no Izu Kappa (Kurihara Shoten Co., Ltd.) (Brand name: Tokoroten no Izu Kappa; Shimizu-machi, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture; President: Yasuhiro Kurihara) announces that on September 4, 2023, it launched a new product under its original brand, Zen Rice Plus, a konjac rice made from konjac.

■Points of this release

1. a new functional food product in the popular "Zen Rice" series of Izu Kappa brand products!

2. soluble dietary fiber "isomaltodextrin" suppresses "blood sugar spike" and calms it down!

The pioneer of konjac rice has seriously considered this product. We are confident in the konjac rice we produce!

Zen Rice Plus

Zen Rice Plus is a new functional food product in the popular "Zen Rice" series under the Izu Kappa brand!

Our company was founded in Mishima City in 1869 as a manufacturer and seller of Tokoroten (dried bean curd). Since its establishment, the Company has been developing and selling products centering on "Tokoroten" and "Konnyaku". Tokoroten in summer and konjac in winter have long been the company's mainstay products, with many enthusiasts in the Izu Peninsula, the company's hometown. Currently, Yasuhiro Kurihara, the fifth generation representative of the company, plays a central role in the sale of tokoroten-related products.

Zen Rice," the konjac rice that we have been selling since 2009 (Heisei 21), has been used by many people and has been served to over 10 million customers to date.

We were one of the first companies in Japan to start online sales of Zen Rice, and it currently holds the top share of sales on Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, and Amazon. It is used not only by those seeking to lose weight, but also by those who are cutting back on calorie intake due to adult-onset diseases, the elderly who find rice too heavy for their stomachs, and health-conscious people seeking dietary fiber.

This new product, Zen Rice Plus, is our first product to be certified as a "food with functional claims. Zen Rice" is ideal for those who are concerned about blood glucose levels and blood neutral fat, and for those who feel guilty about eating rice. 2.

2. soluble dietary fiber "isomaltodextrin" suppresses "blood sugar spikes" and calms them down!

Zen Rice Plus" sold this time is a new product that took one year to develop from its conception to its approval as a Food with Functional Claims. What makes Zen Rice Plus different from regular Zen Rice is the inclusion of isomaltodextrin. Isomaltodextrin is a type of soluble dietary fiber that has been reported to have the function of moderating increases in blood glucose and blood neutral fat levels after meals.

The most important thing to watch for in blood glucose and abnormal blood glucose levels is a sudden rise and fall in blood glucose levels (blood glucose spike). Those who are concerned about diabetes and hyperlipidemia are said to be prone to blood glucose spikes if blood glucose levels are not managed properly, which can cause significant damage to the pancreas and blood vessels. Blood vessels damaged by blood glucose spikes are said to be at increased risk of arteriosclerosis, causing myocardial infarction, stroke (cerebral infarction, subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.), and increased risk of death.

Zen Rice Plus is a product that is now not only "low calorie" but also suppresses rapid increases in blood glucose and blood neutral fat levels, making it possible to eat with peace of mind.

It is now possible for those who are concerned about diabetes and those who aim to prevent metabolic syndrome diseases with high blood neutral fat, as well as those who are concerned about other abnormal blood sugar levels, those who tend to have irregular eating rhythms due to busy schedules, and those who aim to achieve their ideal body shape to eat healthy and stress-free. 3.

3. a product seriously considered by the pioneer of konjac rice, which has been in business for more than 150 years. We are confident in the konjac rice we produce!

In developing this product, we have mobilized our 150-plus year history of handling konjac, our know-how of selling 10 million servings of Zen Rice, and our future potential in order to commercialize this product. We carefully select safe and secure konjac rice from all over the world and blend it with isomaltodextrin in-house. We are proud of the fact that we are the pioneer of konnyaku rice, which allows us to offer safe and reasonably priced products. In the future, we will continue to offer products that focus on "functional foods" that many people enjoy, and aim to improve the status of konnyaku rice.

Zen Rice Plus Production Site

■Product Outline

Product name :ZEN RICE PLUS (1 piece, 70g)

Contents :Tapioca starch (Thailand and Indonesia), isomaltodextrin,

     konjac flour, shellfish calcium, antioxidant (vitamin C)

Price : 5 pieces, 3,000 yen (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

     Set of 15: 9,000 yen, Set of 30: 18,000 yen, Set of 90: 54,000 yen

     Tax included. Free shipping for official Izu Kappa web shopping.

Sales location: Izu Kappa main store (184-3 Fushimi, Shimizu-cho, Suntou-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture)

     Internet sales

Company Profile

Company name: Kurihara Shoten Co.

Representative: Yasuhiro Kurihara, President and Representative Director

Location: 184-3, Fushimi, Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, 411-0907, Japan

Establishment: 1869 (2nd year of Meiji era)

Business Description: Processing and manufacturing of konnyaku and takoten

Capital: 10,000,000 yen



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