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Ichizenya, a confectionery store established 30 years ago in Kitashirakawa, Kyoto Renewal of the brand website & opening of the official online shop Official online store newly opened!


Ichizenya Ltd. (Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto; Representative: Kenkichi Sugiuchi), operator of "Ichizenya," a confectionery store established 30 years ago in Kitashirakawa, Kyoto, has renewed its official website on September 20, 2023 (Wednesday), and has also opened its official The official website of Ichizenya was renewed on September 20, 2023, and the official online store was opened on the same day.

Please feel free to visit our main store in Kyoto (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto) and our Tottori confectionery store (Tottori-shi, Tottori).

Ichizenya" official website / official online store OPEN on September 20, 2023 (Wed.)

Western-style confectionery that presents the heart of Kyoto

About "ICHIZENYA" Official Online Shop

The official online store offers a variety of western-style confections, including "dried persimmon, walnut and fig millefeuille," the signature product of the Ichizenya brand.

Please use it not only as an ordered sweet, but also as a gift for your loved ones (confectionery you want to give to others, confectionery you are glad to receive) for mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, Mother's Day, and other special occasions.

Limited set of "Ichizun-ya" official online store newly opened for sale

Gouen GOEN - Assortment of 4 pieces of dried persimmon, walnut and fig millefeuille

To commemorate the opening of our online store, we have prepared a special set that spins the first relationship between Ichizenya's confectionery and our customers.

~We hope that you will choose Ichizenya products as a heartfelt gift for your loved ones.

To this end, we hope that you, the giver of the gift, will try "Dried Persimmon, Walnut, and Fig Millefeuille," one of Ichizenya's most representative products, and make your choice after being fully satisfied with it. We hope you will be surprised and moved at the first bite, feeling our "uncompromising commitment" and "feelings" as a Western-style confectionery gift for your loved ones. We hope you will experience our confections that will move your "heart".

Product name: "Gouen GOEN - Assortment of 4 pieces of dried persimmon, walnut and fig millefeuille

Contents: 4 pieces of dried persimmon, walnut and fig millefeuille

Price: 2,500 yen including tax and shipping

Sales period: September 20, 2023 (Wed) - October 31, 2023 (Tue) (tentative, will end when all are gone)


*Orders are limited to one set per person, one time only.

For details, please visit the brand's online store product page.

Other benefits

(1) 500 pt gift for registering as a member of Ichizenya's official online store.

(2) In addition, you will receive 500 pt for registering as a friend on LINE.

* Points can be used in the Ichizenya Official Online Shop at the rate of 1pt = 1 yen.

Mille-feuille of dried persimmon, walnuts and figs

The hospitality of ICHIZENYA

At Ichizenya, we at Ichizenya, we are committed to delivering the best of the best to our customers, and we deliver our hospitality and the heart of Kyoto to our customers with each and every Western confectionary.

~Wrapping the "heart" of the recipient

Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth for gifts, is also available. We also offer a variety of elegant and gorgeous flower knots, as well as Western-style confections wrapped in a variety of sophisticated knots, to glamorously decorate the recipient's "heart".

~Sincerity in hand-writing

At Ichizenya, we offer a unique service in which we handwrite the face of the noshi (gift wrapping paper) on the front of the gift.

Instead of printing by machine, which is the mainstream today, we carefully handwrite each noshi envelope by hand in order to convey the sender's feelings of hospitality and happiness in a way that is uniquely Japanese.

Furoshiki wrapping that wraps the heart of the recipient

Japanese flowers that bring the seasons to your recipient

Sincerity in hand-writing

About "Western-style confectionery that presents the heart of Kyoto, ICHIZENYA

~Happiness of giving "Western-style confectionery born in Kyoto" as a gift

There are people who are important to us even if we do not see them on a regular basis. There are people we want to say "Thank you" to. In Japan, there is a beautiful custom of giving gifts to people. Ichizenya" is a confectionery store that wishes to convey this spirit to as many people as possible.

Ichizenya" was born in 1993 in Kitashirakawa, Kyoto. The shop was born in 1993 in Kitashirakawa, Kyoto, Japan, and was reexamined in terms of its confectionery philosophy to create confectionery that is not French, but rather Kyoto-born and made with the spirit of Kyoto. The ingredients used, the aesthetics of subtraction, and the wrapping with the heart of courtesy in the furoshiki wrapping cloth... The confectionery born from this process is straightforward and straightforward. The resulting confectionery is simple and straightforward, yet has the taste of the ingredients, beauty that can be felt by all five senses, and a graceful appearance. The confectionery is a delight with Kyoto's aesthetic sense that expresses beauty through unadornment and a lingering taste. It goes well not only with tea and coffee, but also with Japanese tea, wine, and whiskey.

All are suitable for gift-giving. Both the giver and the receiver will be happy. We are committed to the Japanese culture of gift-giving.

Ichizenya -ICHIZENYA KYOTO-, a confectionery that presents the heart of Kyoto

Instagram: @ichizenya_kyoto

ICHIZENYA KYOTO flagship products

About Ichizenya Co.

Company name: Ichizenya Ltd.

Representative: Kenkichi Sugiuchi

Location: 39-1, Tanakahigashi Takahara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8243, Japan

Establishment: Established in 1993, incorporated in 2003

Business activities: Production and sales of western-style confectioneries

      Management and operation of cafes and patisseries

      (Kyoto Main Store, Tottori Confectionery Store)

Tel : 075-701-8110

Mail :