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The world-class cybersecurity international conference, CODE BLUE 2023, announces Two-Day Timetable

This year, there are many research topics on vulnerabilities, as well as presentations examining cybersecurity from medical, legal, and policy perspectives.


The CODE BLUE Executive Committee announced the timetable for CODE BLUE 2023,  (November 8-9, 2023, Akasaka, Tokyo), Japan’s premier international cybersecurity conference.

This year, many of the talks will focus on software vulnerabilities, one of the main themes of cyber security research, and the content will range from in-depth technical presentations to perspectives on how to find vulnerabilities. 

On the first day, we have a lineup of talks that capture cyber security from a technology perspective. On the second day, we have many talks that consider cyber space from viewpoints such as people and society, such as crimes, information warfare, laws and policies.


Day 1 will start with a keynote speech by Mikko Hypponen, one of the world's leading experts on cybersecurity, who will sound the alarm on the smart society, followed by novelty talks on the vulnerability of authentication bypass in Apple silicon-equipped Macs and vulnerabilities in endpoint security products. Day 2 features a lineup of talks that consider the relationship between cyberspace and the real world, including a Tesla vulnerability that allows remote code execution and the impact of ransomware on medical infrastructure. The closing keynote will be delivered by Sergiy Korsunsky, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan.

The conference venue is divided into Track 1, Track 2, and Bluebox/Community, with Track 1 featuring main track talks and Track 2 will mainly feature "Open Talks" by sponsoring companies and "U25" by speakers under 25 years old. There is also  "Bluebox" to showcase open source tools and projects, and "Community" to showcase community support and activities.

(*The details of "Open Talks" by sponsors on Track 2 will be announced at a later date.)

■ CODE BLUE 2023 Time Table (Track 1)

●Day 1 (November 8)

[time  Lecture titles (Speakers *Titles omitted)]

9:00   Keynote:If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable

    (Mikko Hypponen)

10:00 The Renaissance of Cyber Physical Offensive Capabilities

    (Daniel Kapellmann Zafra)

10:50 A 3-Year Tale of Hacking a Pwn2Own Target

    : The Attacks, Vendor Evolution, and Lessons Learned

    (Orange Tsai)

11:40 Bypassing macOS Security and Privacy Mechanisms

          : From Gatekeeper to System Integrity Protection

    (Koh Nakagawa)

13:35 Hi! My Name Is [What?]

          : Abusing DHCP To Spoof DNS Records

    (Ori David)

14:25 Endpoint Security or End of Security? 

          Exploiting Trend Micro Apex One

    (Shih-Fong Peng / Ling Wu)

15:15 Modems (and telecoms) are also not as secure 

          - 6 0-days to 4 million modems within a week

    (Ta-Lun Yen)

16:25 Enhanced Vulnerability Hunting in WDM Drivers with 

          Symbolic Execution and Taint Analysis

    (Che-Yu Lin)

17:15 Open Sesame! The full story behind opening a smart lock

    (Thomas Bygodt)

●Day 2 (November 9)

[time  Lecture titles (Speakers *Titles omitted)]

9:00   Echoes of Ransomware: Uncovering a Cyber Blast Radius

    (Jeffrey Tully / Christian Dameff)

9:50   The Dark Side of Cloud Computing: How Threat Actors

          Abuse Millions of Dollars of Cloud Compute

    (Daniel Davrayev / Yossi Weizman)

10:50 Unlocking the Drive: Exploiting Tesla Model 3

    (Vincent Dehors / David Berard)

11:40 Pennywise - Invisible privacy risk in the new AI era

    (Vic Huang / Joy Ho)

13:35 Money Making or Camouflaging? 

          Dissecting APT41's Ransomware Activities

    (Che Chang / Charles Li)

14:25 Winning from Within

          : Chinese InfoOp Targeting Overseas Diaspora 

    (Chih-yun Huang / Che Chang)

15:15 International Panel Discussion on

          'A Comprehensive Study of Active Cyber Defence'       

          (Ikuo Takahashi / Nick Wobma / Talita Dias /

     Masahiro Sogabe / Yoshiaki Nishigai)

16:40 Digital sovereignty - shaping regulatory responses

          to technological dominance

    (Przemysław Roguski)

17:30 Closing Keynote [title to be announced later].

    (Sergiy Korsunsky, Ambassador Extraordinary and

           Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan)

■ CODE BLUE 2023 Time Table (Track 2)

●Day 1 (November 8)

10:00 Open Talks by Sponsors

- 17:10 (Details to be announced later)

●Day 2 (November 9)

[time  Lecture titles (Speakers *Titles omitted)]

9:00 "filename" in Content-Disposition is a landmine

        - vulnerability caused by ambiguous requirements    

        (Motoyasu Saburi)

10:00 Open Talks by Sponsors

- 15:40 (Details to be announced later)

15:50 Deep-Kernel Treasure Hunt

         : Finding exploitable structures in the Linux kernel

   (Yudai Fujiwara)

16:40 Pwning Electron Application : Analysis and 

          Defense of Vulnerabilities in Electron Applications

    (Inseo An / Jemin Min)

■ CODE BLUE 2023 Time Table (Bluebox/ Community)

●Day 1 (November 8)

[time  Lecture titles (Speakers *Titles omitted)]

13:30 Power Automate C2: Stealth Living-Off-

          the-Cloud C2 Framework

   (Hiroki Hada / Tomoaki Tani / Rintaro Fujita)

14:30 stelftools: cross-architecture static library

          detector for IoT malware

    (Shu Akabane / Takeshi Okamoto / Yuhei Kawakoya)

15:30 OSBT: OpenID Connect Scenario-Based Tester

    (Junki Yuasa)

16:30 Windows Event Log Internals: Understanding 

    the Core Mechanisms for Enhanced Security

    (Shusei Tomonaga)

●Day 2 (November 9)

[time  Lecture titles (Speakers *Titles omitted)]

13:30 Behind the Scenes: Building CTF from Scratch

    (Tomer Zait)

14:30 BSides Tokyo 2024

    (Soya Aoyama)

For more information on the timetable, please visit the official website below. Please note that each program is subject to change.

■CODE BLUE 2023 Overview

Date: November 8th (Wednesday) to November 9th (Thursday), 2023

Venue: Akasaka Intercity Conference (Akasaka Intercity AIR 4F)

Organizer: CODE BLUE Executive Committee

Operation: CODE BLUE Secretariat (BLUE Co., Ltd.)

Price: <Early Bird> 78,000 yen (tax incl.): Registration closed

    <Regular Price> 98,000 yen (tax incl.): Aug 1st - Nov 2nd

    <On Site> 128,000 yen (tax incl.): Nov 8th - Nov 9th


Note: Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available* (*excluding some lectures)

■About CODE BLUE 2023

CODE BLUE is an international cybersecurity conference where top class experts from Japan and the world gather. Celebrating its 11th year, the conference provides state-of-the-art lectures by cybersecurity experts and opportunities for information exchange and interaction that transcend national and language barriers.

By bringing together the world's top-level experts active in a variety of fields, we aim to revitalize and strengthen cooperation of cybersecurity in Asia and foster excellent young researchers in Japan and Asia.

Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the conference was held online in 2020, as hybrid event in 2021 and 2022, but this year it will be held as an in-person event at Akasaka Intercity AIR this year*. We also hold a networking party to interact with many industry people. (*This year, we will hold the conference in-person, and will not be streaming online.)

Official Site:

SNS:[X(formerly Twitter)]


■List of sponsors:


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