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Live snow crab directly from the Sea of Japan paired with Kanazawa's famous sake, A superb pairing that will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs! Available at 20 directly managed Kora Honten restaurants nationwide from Tuesday, November 14.


KORA CO.,LTD. (Head office: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Masaaki Sakamoto), which has been in business for more than 50 years and operates the nationwide Kora Honten crab restaurant, will begin serving live snow crab from November 14 (Tue.) at its 20 directly managed restaurants, just as the fishing season opens on November 6 (Mon.). (*Purchasing conditions are subject to change depending on fishing conditions and weather.)

Fresh live snow crab directly from the Sea of Japan

At Kora Honten, our chefs personally visit the local markets to select fresh snow crabs from the Sea of Japan, such as Kanou crab and Matsuba crab. Snow crabs in this season are well-packed and characterized by delicate flavor and elegant sweetness.

We also visited a long-established sake brewery in Kanazawa in search of the best sake to match the rich flavor of seasonal snow crab. Please enjoy the superb pairing of boiled snow crab, which has more sweetness and flavor, and local sake at the Kora Honten.

Kora Honten's craftsmen carefully select live crabs onsite.

Fresh crab is sent from the market to each restaurant.

【The craftsmen at Kora Honten are also impressed by the famous sake "Kagatobi Ai"】.

The craftsmen of Kora Honten visited Fukumitsuya, a long-established sake brewery in Kanazawa, and received an explanation directly from Mr. Kazuhiko Itaya, an up-and-coming master brewer who has won numerous awards. After assessing the sake's compatibility with Kanogani crab, we decided to bring in "Kagatobi Ai". This sake is made only from Yamadanishiki, the highest grade of sake rice, and is characterized by its fine texture, fullness of flavor, and crisp mouthfeel.

Junmai Daiginjo "Kagatobi Ai

Glass 120ml: 1,045 yen

Bottle 720ml: 4,950 yen

↑Craftsmen receiving explanation from Mr. Itaya, Toji (Master Brewer)

*Toji: Kazuhiko Itaya

Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Kazuhiko Itaya joined Fukumitsuya in 1990 as an agricultural extension worker, hoping to get involved in sake rice cultivation. He is an expert sake evaluator.

*Awards received by Mr. Itaya and Fukumitsuya

April 2013: Awarded the Superior Prize at the Kanazawa Regional Taxation Bureau's 2012 Sake Distinctive Competition.

Since then, the company has won many more Superior Awards.

April 2023 Winner of the Kanazawa Yeast Ginjo Category and the Ginjo Category of the Kanazawa Regional Taxation Bureau's Sake Distinctive Competition for the 2022 brewing year.

May 2023: Awarded the Gold Prize in the National New Sake Competition for the 2022 brewing year.

October 2023: Awarded the Ishikawa Prefecture Technical Achievement Award.

【20 stores directly managed by Kora Honten, which offers live snow crab directly from the Sea of Japan.】

*East Japan area: 9 stores

Yokohama Kora Honten, Sagamihara Kora Honten, Utsunomiya Kora Honten, Takasaki Kora Honten, Omiya Kora Honten, Mitaka Kora Honten, Kashiwa Kora Honten, Yachiyo Kora Honten, Matsudo Kora Honten

*Central and Western Japan area: 11 stores

Toyohashi Kora, Toyokawa Kora, Toyota Kora, Okazaki Kora, Kariya Kora, Kasugai Kora, Shirotori Kora, Hamamatsu Kora, Kora Takabayashi, Shizuoka Kora, Hakata Kora

*List of Kora Honten stores:

*All prices include tax.

*Please note that some items may not be available due to fishing conditions. *Please be forewarned that some may not be available due to fishing conditions.

*Please inquire at the store for details on prices for Matsuba crab, Kanou crab, and Kabako crab.

*All Kora Honten restaurants offer a free shuttle bus service.

*Please inquire at the store for details as the service varies by store. (Reservations required).

【About Kora Honten】

Kora Honten is a crab restaurant with 40 restaurants nationwide. We offer our customers the best of carefully selected crabs, which we procure through our own unique routes, using our expert techniques backed up by our 50-year history in business. Seasonal meals using seasonal ingredients in spring, summer, fall, and winter are also popular. We will be happy to serve you on important occasions in your life, such as memorial services, celebrations, and various banquets, with our spirit of hospitality.

↑Kora Honten Logo

↑Exterior view of the Toyohashi branch

↑Kora Honten Craftsman Image

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