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Patented New Generation "Shoulder & Back Air Cushion Sales to Begin on November 17 at Makuake Supports adults and children commuting to work and school


Have you ever had the experience of carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder or back during your daily commute to work or school?

JFT JAPAN (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuyoshi Takada) has finally completed a new generation of the patented "Shoulder & Back Air Cushion," which was jointly developed with a Taiwanese manufacturer over many years, and will start sales on November 17, 2023 through the support purchase service Makuake The new generation of the patented "Shoulder & Back Air Cushion" will be available on November 17, 2023 through Makuake.

The new generation shoulder and back air cushion reduces pressure on the body by 46%!

The new generation shoulder and back air cushion surprisingly relieves daily stress. The new generation shoulder and back air cushion surprisingly relieves daily stress. It also emits far-infrared rays, which heals tiredness around the shoulders without you even knowing it.

The simple and stylish design of the cushion makes it easy to carry on any occasion, whether commuting to work, school, or out and about.

It reduces the burden of weight on the shoulders and back by partial pressure and provides a comfortable fit even after prolonged use. The flexibility of the air cushion also provides proper retention as the body moves, reducing fatigue and steam.

The cushions are available in adult and child versions, so parents and children can use the same cushions together, offering a new type of cushion item that can be enjoyed as a family coordinate.

New Generation Shoulder & Back Air Cushion

Shoulder cushion pressure distribution test data

Pressure distribution diagram without and with cushion

Outline of the product

Product name: New generation shoulder and back air cushion

Suggested retail price (tentative): 10,780 yen (including tax)

Shoulder cushion: 6,930 yen (including tax) for both adults and children

Back cushion: 3,850 yen (including tax)

Project Outline

Period : November 17 (Friday) to December 30 (Saturday), 2023

Pre-sale benefit : Up to 40% discount on new generation shoulder and back air cushions

           up to 40% off (limited quantities)

Project page:

Product Features

1. "Body pressure dispersion" reduces pressure on the body by 46%! Shoulder and back air cushions are gentle on your shoulders and back, giving you the sensation that your luggage is floating. 2!

Patented" unique air cell softly supports the part of the body that touches the body! Addictive comfort. 3!

3. "New Generation" - We have thoroughly improved on the shortcomings of the previous generation! Available in sizes for children as well as adults!

<Patented technology for more effective air flow and pressure dispersion.

The patented design allows air to move from the pressure point to other airbags in tandem. This circulatory process enables pressure concentrated in one area to be distributed to other bags, providing uniform support.

Can be attached to a variety of bags

Distributes load pressure

<Ultimate improvement in comfort.

The patented new generation shoulder and back air cushion has been improved in various ways to improve not only comfort but also misalignment when worn.

The new generation shoulder and back air cushions have been modified to meet Japanese specifications and have been achieved through a trial and error process to adjust the air pressure to a comfortable level.

The previous model had a problem of slippage during use, but the slippage has been greatly improved! The new model has three fixation points and an anti-slip device to prevent slippage.

When a load is applied, air moves inside to relieve pressure. The air moves inside the bag when a load is applied, reducing pressure and maintaining optimum cushioning. Air cells have a space between each other, so it has excellent air permeability and prevents stuffiness.


Air moves inside when a load is applied.

<A shoulder cushion for children is also available.

This cushion is designed not only for adults, but also for children who are burdened by heavy textbooks.

The set of two lines and back cushion reduces stress on children's shoulders!

New generation shoulder and back air cushion for children

Suitable for children as well!

■About the pre-sale benefits

As a special pre-sale offer, you can purchase the new generation shoulder and back air cushion at up to 40% off.

You can purchase them at a discount!

When you purchase, you can choose between a single set for adults or children, and a set of two for adults, adults & children, or children.

About us


Location: 7th floor, Akihabara MF Building 28, 6-14-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Kazunori Takada, Representative Director

Establishment : September 1, 2023

We aim to realize "healthy longevity" and "body stress-free", and develop and sell products that make daily life more comfortable and enjoyable.

As the Japanese branch of JFT, the pioneer of the patented 3D air cushion, we have exclusive sales rights in Japan, and through joint development, we are developing cushion items in Japan that have never been seen before, arranged to Japanese specifications.

We will strive to contribute to your comfortable life.