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New Location Information Sharing Service for People, Bicycles, and Mobility in General Bus Catch Light" was released on November 17 (Friday)!

~Available in ~1 business day. Simple functionality & free version upgrades


VISH Corporation (Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; Representative Director: Hiroyuki Tabuchi) announces that on November 17, 2023 (Friday), it will begin offering "Bus Catch Light," a cost-saving and operationally simplified product that is easier to introduce.

Bus Catch Light official LP:

Bus Catch Light Eye Catch

Bus Catch Light" started from a customer's request.

VISH Corporation has been providing the Bus Catch service for about 18 years as one of them. However, while the service offers more functions and differentiates itself from its competitors, we have also heard that there is resistance in terms of operation, such as time-consuming setup and operation. Therefore, we decided to provide a service that focuses on functions commonly required by all customers, and at the same time, we made it easier to introduce the service by reducing the cost.

Since its establishment in 2004, VISH Corporation has been working on ICT and DX for facilities and users, including kindergartens, nursery schools, elementary schools, junior high schools, swimming schools, sports clubs, and driving schools. We have leveraged this know-how to release this new service to meet the demands for use in all aspects of mobility.

Features of "Bus Catch Light

The service can be provided (start of operation) from one vehicle in one business day. An audible announcement is made to staff members when a vehicle arrives at a facility. No need to visually check location information. The location information can be delivered by either a small, wireless device developed exclusively by us, or by a smartphone owned by the facility. Location information can be easily shared with high accuracy not only by cars, but also by people, bicycles, floats at festivals, and other mobility devices. Viewers do not need to install a dedicated application, but can share the information with anyone using a dedicated URL. The simplicity of the application allows for a wide range of uses, and we will respond to requests for free version upgrades.

Simple, but rich in content.

Voice notification when a shuttle bus arrives at a facility.

No application required, just access the 2D code.

Route and boarding and alighting points are also provided on the map.

Notices are posted on the map.

Extracts bus operation logs from the past.

English is also available.

If you need information on delays, we also offer "Bus Catch".

Examples of usage scenarios

Usage scenarios

(1) Nursing care service

The location of the pick-up vehicle is shared with the family, eliminating the need to wait outside for long periods of time.

The facility will receive voice guidance upon arrival, so they can be greeted upon their arrival.

(2) Hot spring facilities, amusement facilities, ski resorts

Location information is provided to those who use the facility, including shuttle service to the nearest station.

No matter which route is traveled, the delivery is not affected.

(3) Floats and kitchen cars at events, etc.

Easy to share with unspecified number of people.

You can start immediately regardless of the size of the event, as you can flexibly share information only during a specified time.

Free trial is available!

We provide a dedicated trial site.

We will strive for further development by exploring not only location information, but also other usage scenarios.

Bus Catch Light sample screen

VISH Corporation Company Profile

Location : SC Nishiki ANNEX 5F, 2-10-13 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Establishment : December 2004

Capital : 11,500,000 yen

Representative : Hiroyuki Tabuchi, Representative Director

Shareholder: SHIFT Corporation (Stock code: 3697, listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

Company website:


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