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Vegan by Award-Winning Brand, Gluten-Free Christmas Cake 2023 is now available for pre-order! The Vegan Marshmallow

the vegan marshmallows From one of the largest vegan sweets specialty stores in Japan, The Vegan Marshmallooow, Japan's largest vegan sweets specialty store, is now offering a variety of sparkling Christmas cakes and baked goods.


THE VG MARSHMALLOOOW NEW YORK, Inc. will begin accepting reservations for its vegan and gluten-free Christmas Cake 2023 at the vegan marshmallooow Ginza Mitsukoshi, which it operates, from November 17.

The Vegan Marshmallow Christmas Cake

The Vegan Marshmallow from New York is one of the largest brands specializing in vegan sweets in Japan, offering gluten-free and vegan cakes and baked goods.

In the JAPAN VEGAN AWARDS (Japan Vegan Awards) 2023, we received the Grand Prize, the highest award.

This year's Christmas collection features a limited edition of its signature vegan chocolate cake, as well as a wide variety of cakes, including Buche de Noel. Cakes available for frozen delivery are also available.

For the first time, The Vegan Marshmallow also offers original goods such as mugs. The Vegan Marshmallow will be available in sets with gluten-free baked goods to enhance the upcoming holiday gift-giving season.

Enjoy the holiday season with family, friends, and loved ones with the sparkling and sophisticated vegan sweets that only The Vegan Marshmallow can offer.

For more details and ordering information, please check our Instagram or contact The Vegan Marshmallow directly.

The Vegan Marshmallow Ginza Mitsukoshi

Ginza Mitsukoshi, B2F, Main Bldg.

Business hours: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Telephone number: 03-3562-1111 (main representative)

 Business days and hours are subject to change due to various reasons.

The Vegan Marshmallow Christmas Collection 2023 lineup

Rose Christmas Chocolate Cake

Rose Christmas Chocolate Cake


Two sizes: 9 x 18 cm (photo) and square 9 x 9 cm

A limited Christmas version of our signature vegan chocolate cake. Decorated with roses finished with sugar confectionery and chocolate whip.

Soft and moist cocoa sponge sandwiched between soy milk chocolate cream and ganache. Available for delivery.

Pistachio Christmas Wreath Cake Gluten-free

Pistachio Christmas wreath cake gluten-free" Φ8cm, Φ12cm

A gorgeous cake decorated with a wreath in rich pistachio soy cream. Cocoa sponge, soy cream, strawberry cream and colorful visuals will enliven your Christmas scene.

Available for delivery.

Caramel Bouche de Noel

Caramel Buche de Noel Gluten Free" 9 x 18cm

Savory caramel flavor is fully appreciated. Topped with caramelized nuts. Caramel mousse and soy milk cream are wrapped in caramel soy cream and cocoa sponge. The orange peel adds a nice accent. Available for delivery.

Christmas Strawberry Decoration Pink Cream Gluten Free

Christmas Strawberry Decoration Cake Gluten Free

Three sizes: Φ10, 12 and 15 cm (see photo)

Strawberry and soy milk cream sandwiched between gluten-free sponge.

The strawberries are lavishly used and beautifully decorated with light soymilk cream. A vegan version of the traditional Christmas cake in which the presence of strawberries stands out. Please enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients straight away.

Coffee Chocolate Banana Christmas Cake Gluten Free

Coffee Chocolate Banana Christmas Cake Gluten Free" Φ12cm

Jelly with banana puree and chocolate chips sandwiched between gluten-free cocoa sponge. Decorated with soft coffee-scented cream. Enjoy the refreshing tartness of raspberries and blueberries.

Available for delivery.

Christmas Strawberry Decoration Cake Gluten Free

Christmas Strawberry Decoration Pink Cream Gluten Free

Two sizes: 12 cm (shown in photo) and 15 cm

Aromatic strawberry cream and sweet and sour raspberry jelly are sandwiched between two layers of soft and moist baked rice flour sponge.

The juicy flavor of the abundant strawberries is combined with the gentle sweetness of the cream to create a refreshing taste.

Ideal for year-end parties and wedding receptions. Vegan and gluten-free party cakes are always available for reservation.

Party Fruit Cake Gluten Free

The vegan marshmallooow offers "Party Fruitcake Gluten Free" to make your party, anniversary, or any other event the best time of your life.

We will make your special time spent with your loved ones a spectacular experience. We make each cake with great care so that we can deliver happiness and excitement that will touch everyone's hearts.

We can also personalize the chocolate plate with any text of your choice.

Photo: 19 x 27cm

(Please contact us if you would like a larger size, vegan or gluten-free wedding cake.)

Holiday gifts, year-end gifts. Vegan baked goods to bring Christmas cheer.

Winter Gift Set Ginger Cookies & Mug Gluten Free

Winter Gift Set Ginger Cookies & Mug Gluten Free

We baked the classic European Christmas candy, gingerbread, without eggs, butter, or wheat, using vegan ingredients. These crispy rice flour cookies have an addictive ginger flavor.

Comes in a set with a colorful The Vegan Marshmallow original mug. Available for delivery.

Stollen-Style Dried Fruit Cake Marron

Stollen-Style Dried Fruit Cake Marron 10 x 7.5cm

A dish that allows you to enjoy the flavor of chestnuts mixed with Kumamoto Prefecture chestnut paste in the dry cake batter. Raisins, walnuts, and Miyazaki chestnuts with astringent skin inside. Decorated with vegan sugar powder.

Packaged in the original The Vegan Marshmallow tin. Delivery available.

Christmas Vegan Kuguroff Chocolate

Christmas Vegan Kuguroff Chocolate 10cm

A vegan version of the traditional Christmas pastry from Alsace, France. The combination of the richness and aroma of cacao and the combination of dried fruits and nuts that go well together create a deep flavor.

Cocoa dough is baked with chocolate chips, walnuts and cranberries. Available for delivery.

Matcha Christmas Vegan Leaf Pie 4pcs

Matcha Christmas Vegan Leaf Pie 4pcs

The Vegan Marshmallow's popular vegan leaf pie is now available in a Christmas edition: 144 layers of pie dough, crunchy texture, and high-quality matcha chocolate from Shizuoka Prefecture make this next-generation leaf pie a delicious plant-based ingredient.

A dish that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your body after a meal. Delivery available.

Winter Gift Set: Lamb Mini Pounds & Handkerchief Gluten-Free

Winter Gift Set Lamb Mini Pounds & Handkerchief Gluten Free (available from December 12)

Lamb Mini Pounds 4 x 14cm

Original handkerchief 45 x 45 cm

Moist gluten-free dough baked with raisins, cranberries and orange peel soaked in rum seeds. Vegan sugar powder and cranberries on the top make it festive and Christmasy. Available for delivery.

Please note that all products are in limited production quantities and may be out of stock. Please note that all items are in limited production quantities and may be out of stock.

Designs and decorations may differ from those in the photos.

What is the vegan marshmallow?

the vegan marshmallow

From New York! The vegan marshmallow is a delicious vegan sweet! Vegan Sweets"] [From New York!

The Vegan Marshmallow is a vegan sweets specialty store with the concept of "helping people around the world become healthier and more comfortable.

Using carefully selected plant-based ingredients, we have devised a manufacturing process that pursues the deliciousness of vegan sweets.

We hope that everyone around the world will have an encounter with unknown delicacies.

We use plant-based ingredients such as soy milk and sugar to give a light aftertaste after eating without the use of animal ingredients.

The choice to incorporate vegan diets "as much as possible" is spreading worldwide.

How about "sometimes vegan" for a start?

Winner of the Grand Prize, the highest award, at the JAPAN VEGAN AWARDS (Japan Vegan Awards) 2023.

Store Locations

Ginza Mitsukoshi

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 SMILE TOKYO (limited baked goods only)

TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL in the departure area of Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (limited baked goods only)

Overview of the Vegan Marshmallow Christmas Collection 2023

Reservation Period

~December 12 (Tuesday)

Reservations will be closed when the limited number of items is reached.

Period for receipt of products

Cakes: December 1 (Fri.) - 25 (Mon.)

Baked goods: November 17 (Fri.) - December 25 (Mon.)

Please confirm the date as it varies depending on the product.

For prices and details, please check our Instagram or contact The Vegan Marshmallow.

For reservations and inquiries

the vegan marshmallo



TEL : 090-1842-6500