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World's Top Dancers Gather in Sakai City, Osaka! SAKAI DANCE FES. will be held! Dancers put their pride on the line and carry their country on their shoulders, Dancers will put their pride on the line and fight with their country on their backs for two days of dance!

一般社団法人Performing Arts Community

Performing Arts Community will hold SAKAI DANCE FES. at LaLaport Sakai, Osaka on December 2 and 3, 2023.

Main Visual

Street dance is a dance boom that is spreading throughout Japan and is becoming more and more popular.

This dance, which originated on the streets of New York, is now loved by many generations, ranked first in terms of lessons, and has even been introduced into classrooms, making it more accessible.

Breakin' will be used in the Paris Olympics in 2024, and the dance is showing even more excitement. The world's top dancers will gather for a hot dance battle.

On December 2, the world's top POPPIN' competition "SAMURAI" will be held to decide the world's No.1 dancer, and "NINJA" will be held to decide the No.1 kid born in Japan, which is said to be the world's top level dance competition. Ninja" will be held to determine the No. 1 kid born in Japan, which is considered to be one of the world's best.

On December 3, Seiko will hold its first breakin event "Seiko 5 Sports Showdown".

The world's top dancers from 16 countries will gather for two days of dance competition. Admission is free, so please come and experience the world's top dances firsthand.

SAKAI DANCE FES. will be the start of a new challenge to enliven Sakai through dance and accelerate the "future" of dance.

Outline of the competition

Event name: SAKAI DANCE FES.

Dates: Saturday, December 2 - Sunday, December 3, 2023

Admission : Free

Time :December 2 (Sat) 11:00 Doors open 20:00 End

        December 3 (Sun.) 15:00 Doors open 17:30 Ends

Location: Lalaport Sakai 1F, 22-1 Kuroyama, Mihara-ku, Sakai, Osaka 587-8577, Japan

        Lalaport Sakai 1F

        Fansta XROSS STADIUM

Contents:Saturday, December 2

        The world's top POPPIN' world championship to decide the world's No.1.

         SAMURAI" to decide the world's No. 1 POPPIN' world competition.

        National competition to decide the best kids in Japan

         NINJA" to decide the best kids in Japan

        Sunday, December 3

        Seiko's first breakin event

         "Seiko 5 Sports Showdown

Sponsor :Performing Arts Community

Supported by: Sakai City

Sponsor :SEIKO/Mitsui Fudosan/Dickies/BreaKin' "NinJA

Lalaport Sakai

POP World Convention "SAMURAI

Kids' National Convention "NINJA

Seiko 5 Sports Showdown

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