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Prepaid eSIM "Tabitomo Mobile" exclusively for overseas data communication, Following the release of the website iPhone version/Android version of the application is now available.

No more renting Wi-Fi or SIM cards! With "Tabitomo Mobile" eSIM, it's easy! Cheap! With high-speed communication that only an international phone company can provide You can easily connect your phone to anywhere in the world!


TELINK Corporation (headquartered in Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Hiroshi Fukuda, President & CEO), a provider of low-cost international calling services, announces the release of its prepaid eSIM "Tabitomo Mobile" for overseas data communication only ( 374686 ) for iPhone and Android from December 6, 2023.

The sales website has already been launched in November 2023.

■Click here for the iPhone version of the application [App Store] ↓ Click here

Click here for the Android version of the application (Google Play).

iPhone and Android applications for "Tabitomo Mobile" to be released on November 7 (Tue.)

We have received a great number of applications and inquiries since the start of sales and the launch of our website ( on November 7 (Tue.).

In response to the many requests and inquiries, we have now released the iPhone version and Android version of the application.

With "Tabitomo Mobile," you simply select the country you wish to visit, the number of days you wish to stay, and the GB (gigabyte) capacity you wish to use, purchase the two-dimensional code, and read the issued two-dimensional code to easily connect to your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Until now, rental Wi-Fi or purchasing a local SIM card was the mainstream method of using a smartphone when traveling abroad, but the birth of the "eSIM" has made it very convenient.

However, the birth of "eSIM" has made it very convenient. The eSIM of "Tabitomo Mobile" is 1/10 of the normal usage fee and 1/3 of the rental WI-FI fee, which is excellent cost performance.

The high quality and stable high speed data transmission that only an international telecommunication company can provide is an outstanding feature of "Tabitomo Mobile" that no other company can offer.

In addition, "Tabitomo Mobile" allows you to use Google and the mobile messenger application "LINE" without any problems in China and other regions where they are normally restricted or unavailable, so you can use your mobile phone just as you would in Japan.

Furthermore, since "Tabitomo Mobile" enables tethering, family and friends who are traveling together can use their phones at the same time.

The major advantages of "Tabitomo Mobile" are

Users select their destination country, number of days of stay, and GB (gigabyte) capacity to be used on the website and purchase a two-dimensional code,

Simply read the two-dimensional code issued and you will be connected anywhere in the world!

You don't need to rent Wi-Fi or buy a local SIM card to use your smartphone!

High-quality, stable and high-speed data communication is available only with an international telecommunication company!

■Cost-effectiveness is also excellent with data communication at 1/10 of the normal usage fee and 1/3 of the rental WI-FI fee!

Internet sharing (tethering) is available, and other devices such as PCs can also be used!

Google" and "LINE" can be used even in areas where they are restricted and originally unavailable!

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a SIM that is embedded in a device and allows you to remotely write your phone number and other customer information.

It is a technology that does not need to be inserted or removed from the device like a physical SIM card, and allows for easy start-up of communication services.

With the release of the iPhone and Android versions of the application, we hope that many people will experience the prepaid eSIM "Tabitomo Mobile" when traveling overseas or on business during the year-end and New Year holidays.

We will create a world where the "Tabitomo Mobile" eSIM, with its "high-quality data transmission," "hassle-free" and "reasonable price," will become the norm for international travel and business trips in the future.

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