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Japan's first "leak-proof pants" sold out in just one week! A must-see for all urine leakage sufferers in Japan!

~ I can't believe there are so many people in need! Many happy voices on the phone~!


Toka Wool Weaving Co. (Location: 2-23-21 Tadaoka-naka, Tadaoka-cho, Senboku-gun, Osaka; President: Hidetoshi Watanabe), a company that develops products that can be used safely by many people suffering from urine leakage and that can give shape to the voices of those in need, has launched "leak-proof" pants that prevent urine leakage and rain stains. (Location: 2-23-21 Tadaoka-naka, Tadaoka-cho, Senboku-gun, Osaka, Japan; President: Hidetoshi Watanabe) has sold out of all sizes (284 pairs) in just one week since December 11, 2023 (Monday).

URL of "leak-proof pants":

Model 1

Development Background

"I have never seen pants like these before."

Urine leakage cannot be relieved just because you are wearing paper pants cloth pants.

When you are walking, you can see it yourself in the front, but you may not be able to notice it in the back, and you may be walking around being embarrassed by the seepage from the pants. In order to eliminate such a situation, we have developed a product called "leak-proof pants. They look like ordinary pants.

For example, when you stand up on a train or bus, you may not realize that you are soaking through your paper or cloth pants, soaking not only your pants, but also the seat. We have developed this product to prevent this from happening. If you wear the new product, "leak-proof pants," you will not have to worry about such problems.

We have heard that there are many people who cannot go outside because they are worried about the possibility of soaking when they go out, but there is no need to be afraid of soaking in the event that it does happen. In addition, there have been many guerrilla downpours recently, so even in a sudden rainstorm, these pants will not soak into your body, so you can rest assured that your body will not get cold.

Material Development

The absolute requirement for this product is that the pants do not soak through. Therefore, we started with the development of the fabric. The material is elastic and does not affect the ease of movement, can be washed in a household washing machine, and dries easily even in winter.

Product Features

The appearance of the pants is normal, but only the person wearing them will know that they do not stain.

The special fabric will never stain outside.

The special processed fabric quickly absorbs water even in the unlikely event of seepage from the pants, so the inside is dry and comfortable.

The stretch fabric does not interfere with movement. (You can also wear them during rehabilitation.)

The stretchy fabric does not interfere with your movements, so you can train at the gym.

The elastic waistband is adjustable.

・Both side pockets in front.

No leaking pants that won't scare you in case of accidental seepage when traveling in a vehicle.

Polyester fabric that dries quickly after washing.

The pants are made of moisture permeable material that allows only moisture to escape.

Designed for ease of wear and ease of movement.

They are impervious to rain and wind, so they protect the lower half of the body from cold.

Designed so that even elderly people can easily put them on and take them off.

They can also be used to take people to and from day care services without soiling the car seat or bothering anyone else.

Product Summary

Utility model obtained

Product name: Leak-proof pants

Date of release: December 11, 2023

Retail price : 14,960 yen (including tax)

Color : Black

Standard : Women's

Size: [Waist] M 64-70/L 69-77/LL 77-85 (cm)

      [Inseam] M 29/L 30/LL 31(cm)

      [Inseam] M 61/L 64/L 64/LL 66(cm)

Material: 88% polyester, 12% polyurethane

Sold at:

Product image (1)

About Wataka Wool Textile Co.

Headquarters : 2-23-21 Tadaoka-naka, Tadaoka-cho, Senboku-gun, Osaka, 595-0812, Japan

Representative: Hidetoshi Watanabe, President

Founded: 1903 (120 years since establishment)

Established: September 7, 1953

Capital : 10 million yen

Tel: 0725-33-3101

FAX: 0725-33-3102


Business description: Manufacture and sale of products for seniors

      Health Care Division: Sales of dietary supplements

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