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Tongue Brush Helps Prevent Bad Breath and Infection Tongue Brush Smoother W-1 PREMIUM" won an award for excellence at the "Good for You(R) Award 2023! Winner of the "Karada-ni-Itoi-Koto(R) Grand Prize 2023" for its tongue brush "Tongue Brush Smoother W-1 PREMIUM" which helps prevent bad breath and infections!

Oral care is not enough to "gargle" or "brush your teeth"!


SHIKIEN Corporation (Head office: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture; President: Katsuya Tanaka), the top brand of tongue brushes, has won the "Tongue Brush Smoother W-1 PREMIUM" in the "Karada ni Ii Koito(R) Grand Prix 2023" (Hair and Oral Care Category) at the awards held by the magazine "Karada ni Ii Koito(R)". Hair and Oral Care Category" in the "Karada ni Ikoikoto(R) Grand Prix 2023".

Many dental professionals, including dentists and dental hygienists, recommend the use of a tongue brush as an option in addition to regular tooth brushing. In addition to gargling and brushing teeth, oral care using a "tongue brush" to remove oral bacteria and other germs is becoming a habit among an increasing number of people, especially those who want to keep their oral environment clean.

Tongue Brush Helps Prevent Bad Breath and Infection

Out of 358 products from 178 companies, "Tongue Brush Smoother W-1 PREMIUM" won the Excellence Award!

The "Karada ni Iikoto(R) Grand Prize" is an award presented by "Karada ni Iikoto," a women's health magazine celebrating its 20th year in publication (*First published in December 2004; the February issue, to be released in December 2023, will be the 20th anniversary issue), to products, services and techniques that are "truly good for the body. The judges, consisting of the editorial department, readers, and experts, select products from the viewpoints of "easy to use and easy to continue," "enjoyable to lead a healthy life," and "trustworthy in functionality.

The second "Karada-ni-Ii-Koto(R) Grand Prize 2023" will have two major categories: "Things" and "Things". In the "Good for You(R)" category, an entry system was introduced for the first time, and out of 358 entries from 178 companies, our "Tongue Ginger Smoother W-1 PREMIUM" won the Excellence Award in the "Hair and Oral Care" category.

Tongue Smoother W-1 PREMIUM, 4 colors, Suggested retail price: 638 yen each (tax included)

About "Karada-ni-Itoi-Koto(R) Grand Prix 2023

The second "Karadai-Ii-Koto(R) Grand Prix 2023" will consist of a "Preliminary Selection" by Karadai-Ii-Koto Ambassadors and editorial staff of Karadai-Ii-Koto reader organizations, a "Secondary Selection A" by public web voting for products that passed the Preliminary Selection, and a "Secondary Selection B" by health and beauty experts and Karadai-Ii-Koto chief editor and producer. Secondary Selection B" by health and beauty experts and Karada-ni-Iekoto editor-in-chief/producers.

<The selection process is based on the results of the Secondary Selection A and Secondary Selection B conducted by health and beauty experts and the editor-in-chief and producer of Karada ni Iikoto.

Entry] *Including self-recommendations and recommendations

July 1, 2023 (Sat) - August 15, 2023 (Tue) 358 products from 178 companies were entered.

Preliminary Selection

All products were tested and evaluated by 90 Karada-ni-Iekoto Ambassadors, Karada-ni-Iekoto's readership organization, and editorial staff members.

Second round A: Web voting

The public participated in the Web voting through "Karada-ni-Ikoi-Koto Web (" A total of 29,000 entries were selected.

A total of 29,082 votes were collected.

Secondary Selection B

Six health and beauty experts, as well as the chief editor and producer of Karadaideikoto, actually used the products that passed the first round and judged them.


The product with the highest total score in all the categories was awarded the "Grand Prize" (1 point), and the product with the second highest score was awarded the "Runner-up Prize" (2 points due to a tie). In addition, a "Special Award" (6 points) was given to the product with a conspicuously high evaluation other than the Grand Award and the Runner-up Award, and an "Excellence Award" was given to the product with 51 points at the same time.

SHIKIEN's Tongue Brush developed based on empirical testing with a focus on ■soft materials

SHIKIEN developed "W-1," a tongue smoothing smoother exclusively for tongue, through joint research with Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences. It is designed to effectively remove food debris and moss from the tongue, which is difficult to remove with a toothbrush due to the tongue's microstructure.

Just by brushing the tongue gently, the tongue can be cleaned surprisingly well, and it is easy to clean.

Cross-section of Tongue Smoother W-1 PREMIUM

Tongue Grooming Smoother W-1 PREMIUM

4 colors, MSRP 638 yen each (tax included)

This is a tongue brush for adults.

Specially processed ultra-fine nylon fibers number approximately 8,000 on each side!

Hook-shaped ultra-fine nylon fibers enter between the tongue papillae at all angles to remove tongue debris.

For more information on SHIKIEN products, please visit the SHIKIEN online store below.


Company Profile

Company name: SHIKIEN Co.

Address: 1735 Niitsu Yotsukono, Akiba-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata 956-0057

TEL: 0250-23-0141

Representative: Katsuya Tanaka, President

Line of business: Manufacture and sale of tongue brushes

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