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Cosmetics brand "indigo.C." will hold a sale to commemorate the 1.5 year anniversary of its launch Aroma lotion and breast essence are offered at a discount! Offering discounts on aroma lotion and breast serum


DESIGN.LI.VE. (Location: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture; Representative Director: Hiroaki Koyama) is commemorating the 1.5-year anniversary of the launch of its indigo.C. cosmetics brand on March 12, 2024 (Tuesday), with a sale of the brand's " C. Aroma Lotion" and "Breast Essence" will be on sale from 0:00 on Monday, February 19, 2024 to 23:59 on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

indigo.C. Aroma Lotion/Bust Serum


Aroma lotion:

Bust beauty lotion:

About the 1.5 year anniversary sale

To express our gratitude for your patronage and to further expand brand awareness, we will hold a sale on our official website to commemorate the 1.5 year anniversary of the launch of indigo.C.


Target products: Aroma lotion, breast essence

Period: February 19, 2024 (Monday) 0:00 - March 5, 2024 (Tuesday) 23:59

Sale details: Aroma lotion: 20% off the regular price (limited quantities)

      Breast serum: 20% off the regular price (limited quantities)

How to use : Purchase from the following official website

      Aroma lotion

      Bust beauty essence

What is "indigo.C.

C." is a cosmetics brand that specializes in addressing the specific concerns of both men and women.

Our company's cosmetic concierges, who are specially qualified by the Japan Cosmetics Certification Board, work closely with manufacturing plants that are professionals in cosmetics, and handle products that are carefully selected in terms of ingredients and formulation rates.

Each person has his or her own needs and concerns.

We have many questions such as, "I wish there were more products like this.

"I wish there was a product like this.

These thoughts are constantly changing with age and environment.

We listen to our customers and aim to create products that will make tomorrow a little brighter.

We are very particular about the raw materials and places of origin of our products, never compromising on quality, and never cutting back on what is necessary.

However, no matter how good a product is, it is meaningless if it cannot be continued.

In order to ensure that our products are used for a long time, we spend as little as possible on containers and advertising, and use simple, environmentally friendly packaging.

<Aroma lotion

When you begin to worry about "approaching" age.

A mist-type aroma lotion that addresses and treats "unpleasant odors peculiar to men" that become bothersome with age!

Price : Regular price 4,980 yen (tax included)

Contents: 80ml

Contains ingredients for etiquette care

A new proposal for etiquette care!

Contains oyster tannin and silver oxide

Contains tea tree aroma ingredient for a refreshing care

Four-leaf clover extract cares for skin texture and elasticity.

Quick and serious etiquette care on the go!

For etiquette before going on a date!

Mist type for easy and frictionless use!

Portable size for easy carrying in your bag!

●For the face and neck as well! Can also be used on hair that smells like perms!

You can also use it on your back, where it is hard to reach!

Unisex bottle design for women, too!

<Breast Essence

A breast serum with a high concentration of luxurious ingredients

Price : Regular price 17,600 yen (tax included)

Contents: 30ml

Contains 5 types of breast care ingredients, the most in Japan!

CelluActive / Voluphilin / Adephilin / Adeprun / Vollform

The total concentration of the five ingredients is the highest in Japan (20%) according to our own research.

Contains 2 types of breast care ingredients

Four-leaf clover extract and Papillactyl D

Contains ingredients that are a plus for the skin

Moisturizing ingredients prevent skin from drying out.

Can be used not only on the breasts, but also on the whole body (breasts, hips, face, lips, décolleté, hands, etc.), including areas where signs of aging are bothersome.

Slightly fragrant (white lily scent)

This product is slightly fragrant (white lily scent), so it can be used by people in occupations where fragrance is not allowed. It does not interfere with your favorite perfume.

Both products are not only "ingredient-oriented," but also considerate of people, the environment, and the SDGs.

Ethical cosmetics


Clean Beauty/Conscious Beauty

Future Prospects

C. brand products, we are preparing three new products in addition to the aroma lotion and breast essence currently on sale.

Two are undergoing trial production, and one is in the planning stage.

We hope to be of service to everyone as a cosmetics brand that specializes in addressing the specific concerns of both men and women alike.

Company Profile

Company name: DESIGN.LI.VE.

Establishment : December 26, 2014

Representative: Hiroaki Koyama, Representative Director

Head office location: 352-3-204 Toushinden, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, 700-0956, Japan

Business description: Planning and sales of cosmetics, planning and sales of processed foods,

       Sales of cosmetics, processed foods, health foods, health appliances, food products, and beauty products,

       Fashion, fashion goods, and interior goods sales,

       Mail order sales, wholesale of food products, import/export trading, advertising agency, etc.


For customer inquiries regarding this matter, please contact

Customer Service Center, DESIGN.LI.VE.

TEL : 086-245-6858

Inquiry form:


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