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Valentine's Day is Dyed with Sweets Deco Art! Osamu Watanabe Exhibition "The Magic of Sweets" to be held for the first time in Shizuoka City

February 7 - 12 at The Gallery, 6th floor, Shizuoka Isetan


Osamu Watanabe, an artist who creates colorful and exquisite installations and contemporary art works using lifelike creams, candies, and fruits, will hold his first exhibition in Shizuoka City, "The Magic of Sweets" at Isetan Shizuoka from February 7 (Wed), 2012.

Osamu Watanabe's work "Sweet Cat" will be exhibited.

The first exhibition of Osamu Watanabe's sweets decorating art in Shizuoka City

Osamu Watanabe, a contemporary artist who has exhibited his works mainly at museums in Shizuoka Prefecture, including Hirano Museum of Art (Hamamatsu City) and Iwata City Museum of Fragrance (Iwata City), will hold an exhibition of his sweets decorating art at Shizuoka Isetan.

This is the first solo exhibition under the theme of "the magic of sweets" during Valentine's Day, when the museum is overflowing with sweets. About 40 works, including new works, will be exhibited, including chocolate motifs, cute animals such as rabbits and cats decorated with sweets, and works with the motif of Mt. Fuji. Visitors can enjoy the fantastic world of Osamu Watanabe's works at this exhibition.

Exhibited work "Jelly Fuji

Comment from Osamu Watanabe

The world is in a state of anxiety due to the continuing news of wars and disasters, but I would like to fill the world of my works with a dreamlike world that does not make us feel the anxiety of the world.

Everyone has happy memories of Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, and other sweets, don't they? I create my works in the hope that they will bring back happy memories.

With the theme of "The Magic of Sweets," the cute decorated animals invite you to a world of dreams.

About Osamu Watanabe

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Osamu Watanabe has been featured in many media including "Tokyo Kawaii TV" (NHK) and "Tetsuko's Room Special" (TV Asahi) as a leading artist who has sublimated the art of sweets decorating into an art form. His works have attracted attention not only in Japan but also overseas, with solo exhibitions held in China, Indonesia, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, the U.S., Korea, and other countries. He has also published books and collections of his works, and his works are in the collections of nine museums in Japan, including the Ohara Museum of Art and the Kasama Nichido Art Museum.

Osamu Watanabe's homepage:

Outline of the Exhibition

Osamu Watanabe Exhibition "The Magic of Sweets

Dates: February 7, 2024 (Wed) - February 12, 2024 (Mon)

                   Admission free.

Venue: Isetan Shizuoka, 6th floor, The Gallery

                   1-7 Gofukumachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 420-0031 Japan

TEL : 054-251-2211 (main representative)

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