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Hanshin Tigers also collaborated! Functional art ring "SYANTO Style" to decorate your smartphone The functional art ring "SYANTO Style" to decorate your smartphone is now accepting applications on Makuake!

The "hanger ring," a fusion of art and hanging, will change the way you live your smartphone life!


Akebi Operation School Co. (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shigetoshi Kaitani), which has contributed to improving the smartphone use problems of more than 17,000 people in Japan, has developed a new "SYANTO Style," which combines the functionality of the existing product with art, The new "SYANTO Style" will be launched on February 26, 2024 (Monday) at 10:00 a.m. on "Makuake," a service that supports and purchases atarashii things and experiences.

Image 1: Top image

SYANTO Style" Makuake page is here:

SYANTO Style has been reborn as a product that can be used by more people by incorporating new artistic elements while maintaining the "hanging ring" feature of the hanger ring.

Image 2: Overall view of SYANTO Style

The world of "likes" will change. Developing a unique style.

A smartphone ring is an everyday necessity, but depending on the design, it can also be a special accessory. You will want to look at it regularly, show it to your friends, and feel good by showing it to them. By always being together with your "favorite" pieces, your daily life will become more enjoyable and colorful.

Image 3: The world of "likes" will change

SYANTO has maintained its functionality as a hanger ring, but by incorporating your "favorite" design into the badge, you can now express your own unique style that sets you apart from the rest.

Image 4: Build your own style

We have a wide variety of designs in more than 20 types, and this time we collaborated with the Hanshin Tigers, the team that achieved the "thing".

Image 5: A wide variety of designs

Image 6: Hanshin Tigers collaboration

■Innovation not to hide the design

Conventional stickers inserted between smartphone covers or cases are hidden when you hold the phone, but with SYANTO, the design will always be visible to your partner, whether you are operating the phone or using the stand.

Image 7: The design is not hidden

Unlike the previous SYANTO Stand Lite, the frame is attached around the badge, eliminating bending of the badge part and improving its strength. Furthermore, by covering the design area with transparent resin, there is no longer any worry about your favorite artwork being scratched or rubbed off.

Image 8: Improved strength

From "bunker ring" to "hanger ring

The "hanger ring," a ring attached to the bottom that hangs around, is a revolutionary solution that solves the problems of conventional "bunker rings," which are fixed to the back of the product, and is truly a "hanger ring" instead of a "bunker ring.

The following three major features of Hanger Ring exist

1. zero stress and zero second operation

2. ergonomic and body-friendly

3. back-free without interfering with gadget connection

Image 9: From "bunker ring" to "hanger ring

Zero-second operation with zero stress

SYANTO makes the "momentary stress" of not being able to use your smartphone immediately when you want to use it for something else zero stress.

The phone sticks in your pocket and you can't take it out.... One of the causes of this stress is the ring attached to the back, and with SYANTO, you can grip the ring that is hanging out of your pocket and immediately take out your phone.

Image 10: Easy to take out

Because it can be gripped firmly after removal, the phone can be held stably even in situations where it is likely to fall.

Image 11: No dropping

The stand can also be used instantly. Just by placing the phone on the stand, it will mysteriously transform into a stand, eliminating the momentary stress of having to transform it into a clunky device.

The patented(*) structure of SYANTO Style ensures the stability of the ring by structurally pulling on the blablabla ring, so the stand will not wear out even if you continue to use it. The stand will not sag even after continuous use. Patent No. 6467677

Image 12: Multi Stand

Ergonomics for a comfortable body

SYANTO is a body-friendly smartphone ring with ergonomics in mind.

Recently, smartphones are getting larger and heavier. In fact, if your hands are tense, i.e., if your hands are continuously strained, you feel as if you are holding something heavy... SYANTO frees your hands from tension by allowing you to hold the phone without your fingers being fixed by the bravura hanger ring, so the phone feels lighter on your body in terms of your physical experience.

Image 13: Feels light

In addition, we paid close attention to the material and realized the lightest class of stand ring with the main body weight of only 12g. The weight of the ring itself also reduces fatigue caused by prolonged use of the phone.

Image 14: Ultra lightweight

In addition to its lightness, the badge part has a very easy-to-grip shape, allowing children, elderly people, people with weak grips, and even people wearing gloves to take out and operate their phones without dropping them.

Image 15: Easy grip

■Free backside without interfering with gadget connection

The hanger ring is designed to be attached to the bottom of the case without interfering with the back of the case, so it does not interfere with the connection of any gadgets.

Image 16: Rear free from any interference with gadget connection

The ring can also be connected to a trendy neck strap, and can be used as a stand with the strap attached.

Image 17: Neck strap connection

Image 18: Stand can be used

Project Implementation on Makuake

We have received designs from various industries, including the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, calligraphy artist Tomitake Watanabe, and professional e-sports team Osaka PNG.

We are also accepting original designs that can be produced simply by submitting your design.

Image 19: Creating original products


In her 50s, she began to study acupuncture and moxibustion medicine and kinesiology in earnest at various technical schools and in practice, and decided to become a professional of the body. After obtaining national certification in acupuncture and moxibustion, he also qualified as a personal trainer and opened Akebi Sejutsu-in and Akebi School of Motion. From his own breakdowns and treatment experiences, he has come to believe that "age is just a number. Anyone can be bright, healthy, and beautiful at any time" is his motto.

■About the development of "SYANTO

Akebi School of Motion, Inc. is a company of motion researchers who use their knowledge as acupuncturists and personal trainers to provide treatment and training guidance through motion instruction.

In the development of motion products, we conducted motion research on smartphones, and then discovered and patented the importance of the bottom-most fulcrum support of the bottom surface. We believe that the bottom ring "SYANTO" developed by utilizing the patent will help many smartphone users to maintain their health.

We are also actively communicating the secret story of the development of SYANTO and the improvement of its operation on YouTube.

Company Profile

Company Name : Akebi Motion School, Inc.

Location : 20-6 Honcho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Representative : Shigetoshi Kaitani, President

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