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After quitting his career as a doctor, he gained 470,000 followers in the face of great opposition from those around him Toshi released "TikTok Operation Compendium". Within a month of its release, the book reached No. 7 in Maruzen's weekly ranking, Amazon's 2nd place in the marketing category within a month of its release

No Cool, 30-minute videos became the talk of the town, The secret behind the 800 million views of this book is revealed in this book.

TikTokerのとっしー(本名 福井 雅人)PR事務局

The PR Office of TikToker "Tosshi (real name: Masato Fukui)" is pleased to announce that Tosshi's (real name: Masato Fukui) second book "TikTok Operation Compendium" has attracted a lot of attention and reached the 7th highest ranking in Maruzen and 2nd highest ranking in Amazon Marketing category within one month after its release.

The author of this book, Toshiyuki, has a unique background, having become a TikToker while in medical school, and has now abandoned his career as a doctor to run his own influencer and social networking production business.

His book "TikTok Operation Compendium":

Books on sale

TikTok Operation Compendium" is now on sale!

TikToker Toshi, who has created more than 3,000 TikTok videos and analyzes the logic behind buzz videos based on his vast experience and data, has written a book on the secrets of gaining 10,000 followers and utilizing TikTok for business in many different ways. In this book, he generously describes the "videos that get buzz" that he has discovered through his own analysis.

The first part of the book is "How to Edit Videos" so that people who know nothing about TikTok can read through it.

Next, it explains how to increase followers on TikTok, how to create stories, and finally, marketing strategies using TikTok.

The book is written without difficult language, making it easy to pick up and read.

Books on sale

This book is written in a way that is easy to read and easy to understand.

One of the features of this book compared to similar books is that it is more practice-oriented and incorporates many "concrete examples that can be used as is.

For example, in the section on "How to Write a Profile," it specifically explains what to include in the first line and how to structure the second and subsequent lines, and in the section on creating a script for a buzz-worthy video, it introduces "inspirational vlog videos that easily get buzz" and "certain videos," etc., and shows how to use them immediately.

In addition, "A list of buzz-worthy words" and "What is the first sentence of a buzz-worthy video?" are also included, along with specific examples. The book has the advantage that it can be put into practice from the moment you read it, regardless of whether you are familiar with TikTok or not.

Some of the examples in this book (1)

The book also describes the business applications of "behind-the-scenes tricks to get playback.

In the section of "How to get views", it describes how to get views for your videos other than creating good quality videos. You'll learn how to increase views by using the summary and comment sections, linking to other apps such as X, and many other eye-opening methods.

The book also provides detailed information on how to use TikTok for business, including how to increase awareness of the service, specific details on how to lead the way afterwards, and five easy-to-understand methods for monetizing TikTok.

*Part (2) of this book

Who is TikTok?

President of MrsSurface Inc.

He has a history of becoming a TikToker while in medical school, and currently has two faces: as an influencer and as a manager of a SNS school.

He has now become an influencer and SNS producer, and has about 700,000 followers on SNS. (As of February 2024).

Toshihiro's official website:


TikTok has been viewed more than 800 million times in total. The main focus is on videos of people singing along to songs, and TikTok has become popular among young people as a place where people can share a bit of knowledge in a funny way and sing along. While many people are captivated by his videos because they are easy to imitate, it is also rumored that they are embarrassing to watch.

The videos mainly include classical songs such as "Turkish March" and "Heaven and Hell," which are well-known at athletic meets, and offer a wide range of knowledge, from medical information that can actually be used, such as "How to cure a headache" and "How to sleep in just one minute," to relatively unimportant knowledge such as "Humans cannot lick their elbows" and "All gorillas are type B. and "All gorillas are type B".

While appearing at first glance to be a straightforward video, the videos are actually created based on a precise strategy, including the composition of a script that can easily be spread, and won the grand prize in the "TikTok Audition 2021". He has also won the Grand Prix multiple times in the "TikTok Classroom," which is awarded to video creators who provide outstanding knowledge within TikTok.

[Owner of SNS School].

He is also active as an SNS producer and lecturer.

He also supports small and medium enterprises and sole proprietors to expand their visibility by producing individual videos and creating TikTok videos on their behalf.

As a lecturer, he gives about 5 lectures a month to about 4,000 people a year, both online and offline, on a wide range of topics such as "How to start SNS and get buzz," "How to use TikTok for business," "How to make good SNS posts with a smartphone," "How to think when sending messages," etc.

In addition, the official line "Toshio's SNS Strategy Roadmap" provides the latest information on TikTok and other SNS.

During the lecture

■About Supreme, the SNS tutoring school he presides over

As of January 2024, he has produced a total of 600 TikTok accounts.

He has produced videos that lead to business use by using precise strategies developed from his wealth of knowledge and experience to get views.

The SNS school "Supreme," which he organizes, is an online and offline school for learning all about SNS, where students can learn how to utilize SNS, start SNS businesses, and utilize SNS mainly through short videos on TikTok, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

The service is very generous, with Toshiyuki himself acting as a cameraman and filming the videos, correcting the scripts, filming the videos, and providing advice on the composition. He also hosts an online salon, "School of Transmitting Power" (2,200 yen/month).

Outline】 【Outline

Product name: SNS Juku "Supreme

Price : 39,000 yen/month (tax included)

Details :

Product name: Online salon "School of Transmitting Power

Price : 2,200 yen (tax included)/month

Details :

About MrsSurface Inc.

Ltd. is a company that provides video creation services, SNS consulting and production, and other services centered on SNS, including SNS cram school "Supreme" and seminars hosted by the online salon "School of Transmitting Power".

Company Profile

Company name: Mrs Surface Co.

Head Office: 1321 Hirako, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Representative Director: Masato Fukui

Business description: SNS production

Establishment : December 2022