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The ultimate frozen curry "TOKYO FROZEN CURRY" is now available! Produced by Takemura Dai, a frozen food meister who has eaten a total of 20,000 servings of curry! Produced by Takemuradai, a frozen food expert who has eaten a total of 20,000 servings! This frozen curry goes well with any toppings!

Curry can be more free - "TOKYO FROZEN CURRY" - Newly opened EC site Pre-orders are now available at "Takemuradai Select Shop SELECT 010"!


TOKYO FROZEN CURRY" developed by Takemuradai, a frozen food meister well known on TV, radio, magazines, and the Internet, will be available at the newly opened e-commerce site "Takemuradai SELECT Shop The product will be available at the newly opened e-commerce site "SELECT 010 (Select Layto)" on February 9, 2024.

The ultimate frozen curry, made possible by instant freezing technology, has been born!


TOKYO FROZEN CURRY Cooking example 1

Curry should be more free.

The name of the product is "TOKYO FROZEN CURRY"!

It will be on sale at "Takemuradai Select Shop SELECT 010 (Select Layout)", an e-commerce site newly opened on February 9, 2024!

Please enjoy the flavor of the ingredients and the aroma of the spices that can only be experienced when freshly prepared.

The "aroma" can also be preserved by "freezing".

The key to the deliciousness of curry is the "flavor of the ingredients" and "aroma of the spices.

Naturally, freshly made curry is the most delicious, but it cannot be preserved.

On the other hand, retort-pouch curry, which can be preserved, is sterilized by heating at high temperatures, so it is difficult to enjoy the flavor of freshly made ingredients and the aroma of spices.

In contrast, TOKYO FROZEN CURRY is made by immediately filling the bag with freshly prepared curry and freezing it in a hot state, so the flavor of the ingredients and the aroma of the spices are not lost.

The curry is then flash-frozen while still hot, so the flavor of the ingredients and the aroma of the spices are not lost.

Takemuradai's three requirements for curry

POINT 1: Everyone feels spiciness differently.

When eating curries sold on the market or at specialty restaurants, the "degree of spiciness" is sometimes indicated on the label.

The degree of spiciness may be described as "sweet," "medium-hot," "hot," "very hot," etc., but this is the subjective judgment of the creator and not that of the eater.

The best curry is only when the eater can make it as spicy as he or she likes.

Therefore, we have created a "non-spicy curry" that allows the addition of spicy spices afterwards.

POINT 2: Curry goes well with any "toppings

Curry is a dish that can be changed in many ways depending on the toppings you put on it.

If you put a pork cutlet on top, it becomes "Katsu Curry", and if you put a hamburger steak on top, it becomes "Hamburger Curry".

The toppings can be added as desired, and the curry and the toppings should not cancel each other out, but should work synergistically to make the curry more delicious and to your liking.

For this reason, we dared not to add any ingredients, but condensed only the flavor of carefully selected ingredients into the curry.

POINT 3: Adjust the "flavor" to your liking.

We believe that the best taste in one's own history is something that lies within each person who eats it.

Just as you add pepper and garlic to ramen noodles to make the final adjustments to your favorite taste, we want you to enjoy the taste of curry more freely without destroying the original deliciousness.

That is why we have selected 10 different flavored oils that allow you to change the flavor, so that you can add only aroma without changing the taste, such as ginger flavored curry, wasabi flavored curry, truffle flavored curry, and so on.

Example of toppings: Pork cutlet

◆Careful attention to cooking method - Reason for exclusive use of hot water

TOKYO FROZEN CURRY" is cooked exclusively in hot water.

Why is this?

The greatest appeal of frozen food is its simplicity of cooking.

Therefore, we considered making it possible to cook in a microwave oven during the development stage.

However, while microwave cooking is easy, there is a downside: it tends to produce uneven heating.

If only cold portions remain, additional heating is all that is needed, but if they are overcooked, they can become burnt and cannot be restored to their original state, thus spoiling the flavor.

To solve this problem, we have come to the conclusion that the "hot water bath" cooking method is the best solution.

Although it is a little more troublesome than microwave cooking, we are confident that everyone will be able to enjoy the delicious taste without fail.

◆Toppin GOOD!

Curry is a dish that can be transformed by changing the toppings.

If you top it with pork cutlet, it becomes "Katsu Curry", and if you top it with hamburger steak, it becomes "Hamburger Curry".

Therefore, in developing TOKYO FROZEN CURRY, my goal was to create a curry that would go well with any topping.

However, when I tried topping it with pork cutlet or hamburger steak, the harmony with the toppings was lost, and although it was not bad, the synergy between the curry and the toppings enhanced each other and made it even more delicious! It was difficult to say that the curry and the toppings enhanced each other and made the dish even more delicious.

The conclusion we came to was to condense the flavor of each ingredient in the roux, without adding the ingredients themselves.

TOKYO FROZEN CURRY does not contain a lot of ingredients.

However, the umami ingredients extracted from carefully selected beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables are condensed and abundantly contained.

This exquisite balance of flavor has been achieved, making the curry even more delicious with the toppings, and the toppings even more delicious with the curry.

Of course, the curry is truly delicious without any toppings, but we hope that you will enjoy the curry even more freely by adding toppings of your choice.

We also carry a variety of frozen foods that I have carefully selected from all over Japan that are even more delicious when topped with curry, and we hope you will try them as well.

Topping example: hamburger steak

Topping Example: Deep Fried Oyster

Topping Example: Karaage

Topping Example: Negi Croquette


The ultimate frozen curry developed by the frozen food meister Takemuradai himself.

After simmering a variety of ingredients and more than 30 spices for a long time, it is flash-frozen to deliver the freshly made flavor as it is.

The curry roux is not spicy, so it is easy to eat for everyone, young and old, and goes well with any toppings.


Processed tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice) (from Italy), onions, fond de veau (veal bones, beef, vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, garlic), tomato paste, others), curry flakes, banana, carrots, celery, salad oil, soy sauce, grated garlic, fried onion, grated ginger, Chicken soup stock, curry powder, white soup, Hakkaku, bay leaves, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), coloring (caramel color), acidifier, spice extract, sweetener (camphor, stevia, saccharin sodium, sorbit), sake spirit, sodium L-glutamate.

Price : ¥700 (¥756 including tax)

Contents :180g

Product box size : 200mm x 150mm x 15mm

Cooking Method :8 min. in hot water

Storage Method :Frozen (Store at -18℃ or below)

Seller : Vorpal Corporation

Manufacturer : Shenzhen Meat Co.

TOKYO FROZEN CURRY Cooking example 3

Official website and SNS

Official site :

Official online store :

X (former Twitter) : @TFrozencurry

Instagram : tokyofrozencurry

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◆Official online store

Frozen Food Meister Select Shop "SELECT 010 (Select Layout)

We want more people to taste truly delicious frozen foods from all over Japan!

To realize this desire, Takemuradai, who has been working hard as a frozen food meister for many years, has opened a select store.

SELECT 010" is a nationwide lineup of carefully selected frozen food products that frozen food experts have been praising for their "deliciousness! SELECT 010" is a select store that carries only carefully selected products from all over Japan that frozen food experts have given the stamp of approval for.

The ultimate frozen curry, "TOKYO FROZEN CURRY," which Takemuradai himself was involved in the development of, is of course available for purchase here!

Moreover, as part of the opening commemorative project, we are now offering "Habanero Powder + Flavor Oil" as a free gift to those who purchase "TOKYO FROZEN CURRY"!

Please visit our store and enjoy delicious local cold food and ultimate frozen curry toppings from all over Japan!

TOKYO FROZEN CURRY official website

Select Shop SELECT 010

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TOKYO FROZEN CURRY Developer Takemura Dai Profile

Takemura Dai

Frozen Food Meister

Microwave cooking expert

Food Consultant

While working as a product producer, Takemura was fascinated by the convenience and delicious taste of frozen foods.

He became known as a hardcore frozen food fanatic who has been eating frozen food every day for more than 20 years, and has appeared on TV, radio, magazines, and in numerous other media.

Currently, he is also active as a cookery researcher, producing frozen food products, creating new recipes, and developing menus for food manufacturers and restaurants, utilizing his experience of eating more than 20,000 frozen foods in total.

Frozen Food Meister Takemura Dai


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