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New Theater Company "Dark Horse Theater Company" produced by Yo Hirayama, launched on February 2! Providing a venue for expression through theater


LOHAS JAPAN K.K. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazuyuki Shimooki), an entertainment company, has launched "Dark Horse Theater Company," led by Akira Hirayama, with the aim of discovering and nurturing dark horses in various sections including actors through the theater company. The company was launched on February 2 (Friday).

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In the world of expression, only the top of the triangle has opportunities due to the power of production companies, TV, and magazines, and the spotlight does not shine on the people at the bottom.

However, there are many talented people and golden eggs buried at the bottom of the triangle.

We call them "dark horses" and launched this project with the hope of creating a unique inverted triangular world.

■Development Contents

This theater company itself is called the Dark Horse Project, and in order to materialize this project, we will create a place for expression based on the premise of discovering and nurturing dark horses through theater, which is a comprehensive art form.

Theater is filled with various elements such as scriptwriting, direction, actors, music, dance, video, art, and lighting.

The goal of our activities is for each member to express himself/herself in these various sections and create the best possible work.

■Future Development

In the future, we will prepare and publish application guidelines for recruiting members of the troupe and each session, and hold auditions and other events.

Once the members and staff of each session are officially selected, we will begin rehearsals and preparations for the spring debut performance.

The details of the flagship performance will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

Starting with this performance, regular performances will be held.

Introduction of the Leader

The producer of Dark Horse Project and the leader of the troupe is Yo Hirayama, who has a 30-year career in TV and theater.

Writer/Director: Yo Hirayama Profile

 TV producer/director, stage playwright, and event producer.

He is a TV producer/director, stage playwright, and event producer, and his related programs include

 Director of TV Asahi's "Jun Walk

 Director of TV Asahi's "Good! Morning" Director

 Producer of TBS "Bakuho!

 Producer, Fuji Television Network, Inc.

 NTV "ZIP! Producer, Traveling Apron

 Producer of many other terrestrial, BS, and CS programs

Stage playwright and director

 As a stage playwright and director, he has produced a number of works, including the Ishikawa Takuboku series for Hata no Kai, which is performed at the Budist Hall of Tsukiji Honganji Temple.

In the past, he opened the Koji Tonohiro Memorial Theater in Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, a theater dedicated to theater, and worked to give young actors a chance.

●Reading Theater Company Peach Color Whirlwind

 Expression group KAKINEGOE

 and other reading plays are also produced.

Company Profile

Company name: LOHAS JAPAN Co.

Representative: Kazuyuki Shimooki, President

Location: 3-26-4-403 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan

Establishment: December 2010

Business description: Entertainment business

Capital : 10 million yen



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