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Introducing "'Listening Skills' that Develop Initiative" Listening Skills to Motivate People (Paru Publishing)" will go on sale on February 16.


Wadachi Consulting Co. (CEO: Yasuhiro Hayashida), a company that provides support for "drawing out the maximum from each individual's strengths" in an accompaniment style, will begin selling "Listening Skills to Move People (Paru Publishing)" on February 16, 2024, which focuses on strengthening listening skills, the root of relationships between bosses and subordinates (employee training), salespeople and customers (sales skills), and customer service workers and customers (counseling). The book, "Listening Skills to Move People (Paru Publishing)," will go on sale on Friday, February 16, 2024.

Listening Skills to Motivate People (Paru Publishing)


Listening Skills to Motivate People (Paru Publishing)" will go on sale on Friday, February 16, 2024.

About "The Power of Listening to Move People

Relationships between people are very important in both work and life.

Boss vs. subordinate (employee training)

Sales person vs. customer (sales ability)

Customer service vs. customers (counseling)

Yes, management skills, sales skills, and counseling skills are important. But before that, there is one important element common to all relationships. It is the mutual respect and communication stance that allows the person in front of you to shine even brighter. So, what is the ideal way to behave in order to make the person in front of you shine brighter? In this book, we explain how you can work on listening skills and how you can work on these skills in concrete terms.

In the age of VUCA, "initiative" is the greatest growth potential.

Relationships between people are likely to become increasingly important in the future. In the past, people were often selected based on the quality of their specifications, knowledge, and skills. However, now that anyone can transmit information, it is difficult to see what is right and what is not. Against this backdrop, we are now in an age of uncertainty and unpredictability, the so-called VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). In other words, we are in an age in which there are no right answers.

What is required in this situation is the ability to understand others, in other words, the power of comprehension. The ability to understand is the skill that enables us to extend our reach to others and to accurately grasp their needs. In order to enhance the power of understanding, the ability to listen deeply to the thoughts of others, or what we call the power of listening, is an indispensable requirement. In the book, "Listening Skills to Move People," we discuss in detail how to develop listening skills and how to influence others in order to survive in the future. The book describes these in detail.

What you can get by improving your listening skills

Listening skills are not simply the ability to listen. By improving your listening skills, you can achieve all kinds of things.


Selling through the power of listening.

Become the one and only consultant with listening skills.

Listen to your clients and create long-term, positive relationships with them.

The ability to listen motivates the person in front of you.

Listening skills will help you become aware of your own heart.

These things can be realized. The person in front of you will speak up proactively and become motivated to work. The only person who can change the person in front of you is the one who asks the question. The only skill that can ignite the other person's heart is the ability to listen. By improving your listening skills, the quality of your listening will improve, and you will be able to approach the essential part of the other person's heart. This book conveys these skills through specific examples of conversations and their explanations. This book is a must-have for businesspeople.

<Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Listening Skills Can Achieve

Chapter 2: Understanding People's Needs - Empathy and Approval

Chapter 3: Become completely "other-oriented

Chapter 4: Listening Skills (1): Setting the Mindset

Chapter 5: Listening Skills (2): Expanding the Other Person's Conversation

Chapter 6: Listening Skills (3) Getting to the Other Person's True Feelings

Book Shadow

<Book Summary

Title: Listening Skills that Move People

Author : Yasuhiro Hayashida

Price : 1,540 yen (tax included)

Date of release: February 16 (Friday)

Specifications: Softcover

ISBN : 4827214336

Publisher: Paru Shuppan


Yasuhiro Hayashida [Author] Profile

Based on the skill of listening to elicit the thoughts of the other person from the root, this book is designed for salespeople and customers (sales power),

Salespeople vs. customers (sales ability)

Customer service vs. customer (counseling)

Boss vs. subordinate (employee training)

etc. He provides support for relationship improvement while developing independence.

Biography: Worked for a foreign-affiliated manufacturer for about 10 years. While managing a sales team at the Tokyo head office, she learned how to help subordinates take the initiative. He provides ongoing consulting and corporate training to companies in an accompaniment style.

In September 2022, he published a book titled "How Independent Consultants Work to Keep Their Contracts.

In February 2024, he published "The Power of Listening to Move People.

He is also a frequent contributor to "Monthly HR Management" and other publications on human resource development, leadership, and other topics.

His areas of expertise are human resource development and marketing.

Born in May 1974.

Graduated from Kansai University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English and American Languages in 1997.

[Author] Yasuhiro Hayashida

Company Profile

Company name: Wadachi Consulting Co.

Representative: Yasuhiro Hayashida, President

Location: 156-8 Narukami, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, 640-8303, Japan

Establishment : January 2014

Business : Consulting business

Capital : 1 million yen


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