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About 600,000 units sold annually! The creative cream cheese series renewed in an easy-to-eat small portion type! A marriage of sakekasu, tamari-zuke, and nara-zuke pickles and cream cheese!

~Tenri City, Nara Prefecture's top-ranking popular hometown tax return gift is now conveniently packaged in individual packages~!


Mihara Foods Co. (headquartered in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture; Shinichiro Mihara, President), a manufacturer of creative cream cheese and creative delicacies, has renewed its popular creative cream cheese series in an easy-to-eat small package format and will begin sales on February 10, 2024.

Nara Pickled Cream Cheese Package

Nara-zuke Cream Cheese

■What is Creative Cream Cheese?

The cream cheese series is one of the top 2-3% of the tax returns from Tenri City, Nara Prefecture. 1

This popular series sells approximately 600,000 units per year. 2

The "Sake Kasu Cream Cheese" is a gem that allows you to enjoy the marriage of the mellow aroma and mild cream cheese.

Tamarizuke Cream Cheese" is the most popular product in the series. You can enjoy the harmony of the cheese and the special sauce with natural dashi aroma.

Nara-zuke Cream Cheese" is a cheese matured in sake lees fermented for a long time and topped with ultra-thin slices of Nara-zuke pickles. The crunchy texture and the richness of the cheese create an exquisite taste.

1 Tenri City ranked 6th out of 203 applications for hometown tax payment in 2008 and 4th out of 213 applications in 2020 (Tenri City Industrial Promotion Division).


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2 Series total 2022 results 75g calculation

Renewal of small-size portion type!

We have renewed the product in individual packages to reflect the many requests from our customers, "It would be easier to eat if it were divided into smaller portions! The new product will be packaged in individual packages to reflect customer requests for smaller portions.

Product Outline

Product name : Sakekasu cream cheese

Content :60g

Salt content :About 1.3

Shelf life :180 days in refrigerated storage

Sakekasu Cream Cheese Package

Sakekasu Cream Cheese

Name :Tamari-pickled cream cheese

Content :60g

Salt content :About 1.5

Shelf life :180 days in refrigerated storage

Tamari Pickled Cream Cheese Package

Tamarizuke Cream Cheese

Name :Narazuke cream cheese

Content :45g

Salt content :About 2

Shelf life :180 days in refrigerated storage

Nara Pickled Cream Cheese Opening

Date of renewal : February 10, 2024 (Saturday)*3

Price : 550 yen (open price)

How to purchase : Our website, etc.


3 Subject to inventory availability.

About Mihara Foods

Mihara Foods has been in business for 35 years as a manufacturer of creative delicacies. The company mainly produces delicacies for kappo restaurants, in-flight meals, and osechi for major department stores. In recent years, the company has developed creative cheeses and has sold a total of 6 million units in the series. Shinichiro Mihara assumed the position of president in May 2028.

Company Profile

Company name: Mihara Foods Co.

Representative: Shinichiro Mihara

Location: 208-1 Tamachi, Tenri City, Nara Prefecture

Establishment : October 1, 1986

Business : Production and sales of delicacies, prepared foods, sushi, and grilled fish

Capital : 10 million yen


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