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Without smiling employees, there are no smiling customers! Hospitality Organization Building Program" for the hospitality industry goes on sale ~The first free online seminar will be held on February 15, 2012.

To create a clear value difference between you and your competitors, First, install hospitality in organizational operations! The smiles and compassion that overflow from the "inside" to the "outside" create an emotional experience for customers.


The Hospitality Team, Inc. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mitsuhiro Funasaka, URL: ) will begin selling its "Hospitality Organization Building Program" for the hospitality industry, which maximizes human capital by installing hospitality in organizations. The program will be on sale from February 1, 2024, and free online seminars will be held regularly in conjunction with the program.

Leaflet of the Program for Building a Hospitality Organization

Background of the project

Hospitality is not just hospitality and hospitality to customers, but it intervenes in all human relationships and means consideration and care for others based on respect and approval.

Competitiveness through the use of hospitality begins with the provision of hospitality "within" the company.

Many companies are eager to provide hospitality "to the customer," but in fact, the order is reversed.

Without smiling employees, there are no smiling customers.

Competitiveness through hospitality is about "installing hospitality in your operations," improving the quality of employee relations, and creating an emotional experience for your customers by applying the "hospitality that fills your company" to customer service, creating a "reason for customers to choose you".

In the 15 years of corporate support we have provided, it has become clear that organizations filled with internal hospitality are the ones that improve both employee and customer satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and business performance.

This experience and expertise led to the planning and marketing of a program that systematizes "building a hospitality-oriented organization.

Hospitality solves problems such as these!

We want to make hospitality a competitive edge for our company, but we don't know how to make it permeate the organization...

The relationship between employees is not good, and we are not able to maximize synergy as an organization...

We want to add value and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, but we don't know how to do it...

We want to add value and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, but we don't know how to do it...

The staff's services are uneven and there is no sense of uniformity. We want to change the current situation where the burden is placed only on the staff who can provide the best service...

Features of this program

The hospitality we provide is not just a theory.

We are an "organizational transformation project" in which your company and The Hospitality Team, Inc. work together to create a "clear value difference" between your company and the competition through the value that people provide, and to ensure your company's continued success. This is an "organizational transformation project" that ensures sustainable success by creating a "clear value difference" between competitors through the value provided by people.

By following our recommendations and embarking on the two-step process of "identifying issues and installing hospitality in corporate operations," you will find "concrete steps" to install an "unmistakable competitive edge" in your organization based on the value provided by humans.

This program includes

◆Current Status Plan (2 months)

This plan is to understand the effectiveness of hospitality, identify current issues, and clarify next steps by presenting solutions.

STEP1: Understand the business effectiveness of hospitality

STEP2: Identification of issues (organization, service, and human capital perspectives)

STEP3: Propose solutions to the issues

[Service Contents]

Interview with the president

Understanding the meaning of hospitality and how to apply it to work (watch the video)

Hospitality seminar (for employees)

Feedback Report & Solution Proposal

Future Creation Plan (6 months)

The Hospitality Team and your company will work together to create a "clear value difference" between your company and the competition through the "value provided by people" to ensure sustainable success. This is an organizational transformation project.

STEP1: Launch the Future Creation Project

STEP2: Sharing of issues and goal setting

STEP3: Formulate an action plan to achieve the goal

STEP4: Check progress, hold subcommittee meetings, study groups, and training sessions

STEP5: Achievement of goals and objectives (quantitative and qualitative goals)

[Service Contents]

Confirmation of direction

Launching the Future Creation Project

Organize a Kick-off meeting for future creation

Holding of future creation meeting (once a month)

Training, study sessions, and subcommittee meetings (once a month)

Free seminars

Online seminars are held to explain how hospitality can be utilized in corporate operations to make a difference, as well as to explain this program.

The first seminar will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

How to apply for this program

Please apply using the inquiry form on the website of The Hospitality Team, Inc.


Mitsuhiro Funasaka, President/Hospitality Consultant, The Hospitality Team K.K.

Representative Director/Hospitality Consultant Mitsuhiro Funasaka

After graduating from university, Mitsuhiro Funasaka embodied hospitality in the field as a hotelier for 17 years. With this experience, he realized that hospitality is the core of the service industry, and opened The Hospitality Team K.K. in 2008.

With the corporate vision of "making people shine with hospitality," he aims to develop the service industry through the revitalization of human resources.

As a pioneer in maximizing corporate value by applying hospitality to corporate operations, he has supported more than 500 companies to date, providing consulting and training for 250 days a year, and has a total of more than 10,000 students.

Author of: ■The Most Important Thing for Leaders in the Customer Service Industry (PHP Research Institute)

   The Strongest Management for Winning by Making the Most of People (Selva Publishing Co., Ltd.)

YouTube: Mitsuhiro Funasaka's Hospitality Business Method

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