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Landed in Nagoya for the first time in two years! Cute little animals like hedgehogs and squirrels are the stars of the show! Marutto Small Animal Exhibition" will be held from March 8 (Fri.)! Many new exhibits and goods will be available!


NAGOYA, March 8 (Friday) to March 31 (Sunday), 2024, at the gallery "TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO. The exhibition will be held from Friday, March 8 to Sunday, March 31, 2024. Visitors can enjoy the world of "Marutto Small Animals" with new exhibits and even a hamster dome house. The exhibition is full of attractions that can only be experienced in Nagoya!

Exhibit 1

<Marutto Small Animal Exhibition 2024 in Nagoya Special Site


What is the "Marutto Small Animal Exhibition"?

The word "Marutto" means "all, whole" in the Tokai dialect. This exhibition focuses on small animals such as hedgehogs, squirrels, and hamsters in the hope that visitors can enjoy their unique roundness (marutto) at the same time.

The realistic charm of stars popular on SNS explodes! A dream collaboration exhibition of too-cute small animal creators opens!

This exhibition brings together creators who showcase their works on social networking services, including "Pizzatoru (@pizzatoru)," a SNS gadget with over 5 million followers, "Tawa-san (@_okogesan)," with over 160,000 followers on Instagram, and "Natiko. (@haku_hamu)]" will exhibit realistic works that cannot be seen on SNS!

In addition, "Kumao no Mamao (@kumao_no_mamao)" and "Bay Family (@m.chinchilla_lover)" who are popular for their chinchilla photos, which will appear and be exhibited for the first time, as well as "Shima and Ame (@shima.ame_22)" with their lovely chipmunks, and the healing effect (@shima.ame_22)" and "saeko (@bon.1218)", who will showcase new video works of various small animals that have a great healing effect.

As for sales of goods, "asahi (@asahi.fl)", whose cute hamster and chinchilla goods are popular, will sell a new hamster dome house, and "enishi (@enishi.artdesign.c)" will sell new plush charms and key cases on a limited basis. The company will also be selling a limited number of new plush charms and keycases. In addition, "BlueBell (@aonrcraft)", popular for its cute ceramic works, will make its first appearance, and "Framboise (@framboise_ryoko)", popular for its squirrel wool goods, will sell new items including felt dolls that can be used as bag charms.

Participating artists:

A whole souvenir store that can only be found here will be on display!

<Chinchilla goods MarkCrown

Chinchilla charms for outings: 4,300 yen

Chinchilla plush toy: 6,100 yen

Key chain with charm: 1,800 yen

Folding mirror: 2,700 yen

Pass case with reel: 3,300 yen

Pouch 4,500 yen

<Bunny Mono

Photo frames 2,200 yen

Key chains: 880 yen and up

Earrings 2,200 yen and up

Silhouette watches: 1,980 yen and up


Wooden frame brooch of a squirrel and small flowers: 6,050 yen

Hedgehog and pansy wooden frame brooch: 6,830 yen

Chinchilla and mimosa embroidered accessory case: 6,820 yen

< Oshiruko illustration

Mini canvas art with wooden easel 2,500 yen each

Postcards 300 yen each

Double-sided acrylic key chains: 1,100 yen each

<haRi*> <shiruko illustration

Mini Gamaguchi key holder: 4,180 yen


Stamp: 770 yen

Acrylic key holder: 935 yen

Stickers: 330 yen

New color coin pass case: 3,520 yen

<Asahi> <Hanami

Hamster futon 1,200 yen

Hamster woolen dome house 2,300 yen and up

Key chains: 800 yen and up

Key clips: ¥480 and up


Japanese sweets hamster: 3,300 yen

Hamster and bread brooch: 2,000 yen

<Chipmunk Chipmunks and Candy

Postcards: 200 yen

Multi stickers: 450 yen

Mirror: 1,300 yen


Drawstring 1,500 yen

Mini bags 2,500 yen

Pouch 1,300 yen

The above is an example of original goods. All prices include tax.

Exhibition Outline

Exhibition name: "Marutto Small Animal Exhibition 2024 in Nagoya," a joint exhibition of photographs of small animals and goods for sale

Date & Time: March 8 (Fri.) - March 31 (Sun.), 2024 11:00 - 18:00

Closed: Every Monday and Tuesday


      1-17-12 Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0007, Japan

Admission : ¥700 / Children under 3 years old are admitted for free

Exhibitors : 53 groups

Sponsor : BACON Co.


The above is a schedule and is subject to change.

What is BACON Co.

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