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Collaboration product of Hokkaido University's raw and fresh doughnut specialty store Honey Lemon Donuts" on sale from 2/15 to 2/29

Characterized by its round shape and vanishing texture.


Sapporo Agent Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of agent services from Sapporo to the world, focusing on local job seekers such as young talents, and also deals with global talents such as foreign nationals in line with the needs of the times. (Head office: 1016-23 SA Building, Minami 5-jo Nishi 9-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo; Representative Director: Yusuke Doi), a Hokkaido-based fresh doughnut specialty store, will launch a limited-time product, Honey Lemon Donuts, at all six stores in collaboration with the Hokkaido University Dairy Circle Nutobeko. The "Honey Lemon Donut" is a limited time offer.

The "Honey Lemon Donut" is made with fresh cream from Hokkaido, flavored with honey and lemon, and contains chopped lemon, which gives it a sweetness that even those who do not like sour taste can enjoy. Using approximately 1.5 times more milk than regular doughnuts, we developed this product with a strong desire to contribute to the primary industry. We operate our own farm, Sapporo Agent Farm, in Mifuka-machi, Hokkaido, which also serves as a training farm. We contribute to the development of Hokkaido's primary industry by operating the farm as a producer. As part of this, we operate the farm and handle all processes from production to processing to sales, which enables us to provide fresh products at lower prices and in a shorter time. In addition, because we are able to see the face of our customers from production to sales, everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy the fresh doughnuts from "Milk Do dore iku?

Honey Lemon Donuts" invented by Hokkaido University students

Honey lemon doughnut" with fresh cream from Hokkaido, flavored with honey and lemon

Members of the Hokkaido University Dairy Circle "Nitobeko

Recipe conceived by students at the time of development

Mr. Yamatani, a member of the circle, works at Mitani Farm in Yuni Town.

Honey Lemon Donuts" Product Details

Sales period: February 15 to 29, 2024

Sold at: Sapporo Main Store, Aeon Kushiro Store, Aeon Mall Asahikawa Nishi, Obihiro Otodori Store, Tomakomai Store, Kitami Store

Retail price: 380 yen (tax included)

Development story

We wanted to promote Hokkaido's dairy industry as "Dairy Circle Nitobeko" and came to this collaboration with the idea of doing something in cooperation with Hokkaido's first raw doughnut specialty store that uses milk from our own farm.

The product was born from an idea proposed by a student who loves honey lemon at "Nitobeko" and uses milk freshly squeezed at the company's own dairy farm.

The students and store staff worked together to complete the product as a professional recipe in one month.

Mr. Yamatani, a member of Nitobeko, commented

Hokkaido cream x tasty honey lemon → definitely delicious! Please try the fresh doughnuts invented by students involved in dairy farming.

MILK DO dore iku?" will offer customers a new taste experience of Hokkaido through the new "Honey Lemon Donut".

For more information, please visit our official Instagram account.

Official Instagram: ( @milkdodoreiku )

About "MILK DO dore iku?

MILK DO dore iku? is Hokkaido's first doughnut specialty store directly operated by a ranch. The first store opened in Sapporo on February 14 (Tue.) last year, and has been featured in the media and on SNS, with customers lining up every day.

Unlike conventional doughnuts, the texture of a fresh doughnut is so soft that it seems to disappear when you put it in your mouth and almost crumble when you hold it in your hand. The doughnut's round shape is so cute that many people have been posting it on social networking sites. It is a trendy sweet right now.

MILK DO dore iku?'s fresh doughnuts feature a moist and smooth dough made mainly from Tokachi flour with plenty of eggs and butter. Pasteurized milk grown on the company's own dairy farm in Mibuka, Hokkaido, is used to create a rich, sweet cream that tastes almost like raw milk. The cream can also be filled to the brim just before serving. The cream is fried at high temperature in one go, resulting in a crispy outside and a melt-in-your-mouth cream-like filling. About 10 flavors are available, including homemade custard, chocolate, prend sugar, and seasonal products.

Product Lineup

Mixed sugar: 290 yen

Pure whipped cream 330 yen

Homemade custard 330 yen

Homemade Tiramisu 360 yen

Earl Grey 330 yen

Happy An Butter 360 yen

Pistachio 460 yen

Milked Glaze 360 yen

Chocolat Nuts 390 yen

Maple Cream Cheese" available only at stores: 450 yen

All prices include tax.

Store Outline

Sapporo Main Store : Milk do dore iku?

Address : Maeda Bldg., 1-10, Kita 8-jo Nishi 23-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0008, Japan

Closed: None

          Business hours: 11:00 - close when sold out

Phone: 011-688-5994

Instagram :

Form of service: Takeout only

About "hanninmae," a food production group

Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, hanninmae is a food production group that handles all aspects of food production throughout Japan. The company provides one-stop support for product development, design, and sales promotion.

About Sapporo Agent Co.

Corporate Philosophy

To develop business that will lead to the revitalization of Hokkaido.

To provide new value that meets the various needs of the market in line with the changing times for the development of attractive Hokkaido industries.

Company Profile

Company name: Sapporo Agent Co.

Representative Director: Yusuke Doi

Location : SA Building, 1016-23, Minami 5-jo Nishi 9-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 064-0805, Japan

Establishment : January 16, 2017

Business : Agent services, dispatch of foreign personnel, traveling dairy helpers,

        Restaurant business, retail business


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