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ISF to disseminate information as a new Internet media Crowdfunding (until Feb. 28) and Citizen Press Call now underway

一般社団法人 独立言論フォーラム

ISF (Independent Speech Forum ), which aims to disseminate information from diverse perspectives as a new Internet media, is raising funds to not only maintain the quantity and quality of ISF's information dissemination, but also to further improve it through new projects, such as the introduction of a "citizen reporter" system The ISF is currently conducting a fundraising crowdfunding campaign until February 28, 2024.

ISF's mission is to provide reliable information with a focus on truth-seeking and the abolition of war.

The "CAMPFIRE" crowdfunding site:

About ISF

ISF recruits authors from a variety of genres to write and edit articles. We are also working to broaden the scope of information dissemination through social networking and mailing lists.

ISF aims to provide an independent discourse space and create a forum where diverse viewpoints and opinions are respected.

With your support, ISF will further enhance its activities and proactively raise solutions to social issues.

■About Crowdfunding

For those who support us, we will provide various returns depending on the amount of your support.

For example, we will offer various returns such as ISF original goods and gifts of dairy products produced at Nakahora Farm ( ) in Iwate Prefecture, which is operated by ISF Representative Director Okada's company.

Name: Please support ISF to bring a windfall to the media and social blockage!

Period: January 5, 2024 - February 28, 2024

URl :

Nakahora Farm 1

Nakahora Farm 2


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