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Oki Plaza Hotel to Reopen on Oki Island in the Sea of Japan Oki Plaza Hotel" to reopen on Oki Island in the Sea of Japan from February 6, 2012. The new logo mark has also been decided!

~Renewal of high-level floors as Executive Floors Pre-opening in March / Grand opening in July


Oki Plaza Hotel Co. (Location: Oki Island Town, Oki County, Shimane Prefecture; President: Renpei Yokochi), which manages and operates lodging facilities on the Oki Islands and Shimago in the Sea of Japan, began accepting reservations for the Oki Plaza Hotel on February 6 (Tue), with a pre-opening scheduled for March 2024 and grand opening in July. The hotel will have a pre-opening in March 2024 and a grand opening in July 2024. The hotel group's new logo, which includes the Oki Plaza Hotel and its affiliated lodging facilities, was also decided on the occasion of the renewal.

Detailed URL of "Oki Plaza Hotel":

New Deluxe Corner Room (image perspective)

Outline of renewal

-Renewal based on the concept of "falling in love with the Oki Islands.

A trip to the remote islands begins the moment you board a ship or airplane. Thinking of what lies beyond the horizon, feeling the generosity of the sky and the sea, and stepping onto the island with high hopes and expectations.

The main theme of the renewal is to create a space where you can simultaneously relive the elation of such a journey while staying at the hotel, and the hotel will be reborn as a place where you can deeply experience the charm of Oki and fall in love with Oki even more.

Facility name: Oki Plaza Hotel

Location: 11-1 Minato-cho, Oki Island Town, Oki County, Shimane Prefecture, 685-0015

Access : [By Air] About 10 minutes by car from Oki Airport

        Osaka, Itami Airport - Oki Airport: Approx. 50 min,

        Shimane/Izumo Airport-Oki Airport: Approx. 30 min.

        [By sea: 5 min. walk from Saigo Port.

        Sakaiminato-Saigo Port, Tottori: Approx. 1 hour by high-speed boat

Number of guest rooms :36 rooms

Schedule : March 9, 2024 (Sat) Pre-opening (9th floor guest rooms and 2nd floor dining room)

        July 2024 Grand opening (scheduled)

Official website URL :

Reservation TEL : 0120-313-397 (toll free)

Reservation method: Reservations can be made through the official website or by phone.

New Superior Twin Room (image perspective)

Renewal of the 8th and 9th floors as Executive Floors

Oki Plaza Hotel has started accepting reservations from February 6, 2024 (Tuesday) for a plan to stay in the guest rooms on the 8th and 9th floors, which will be reborn as the Executive Floors after the renewal, and enjoy dining in the new dining room.

*Part of the hotel will be undergoing renovation work from the pre-opening in March 2024 to the grand opening in July 2024.

The newly created executive floors, "Koukon" and "Shinonome," will be named after the nature of the Oki Islands, so that guests can feel the scenery of the Oki Islands and the changing of the four seasons. We offer a lodging experience based on the concept of making visitors feel more connected to the Oki Islands through their stay.

<Executive Floor Shinonome & Koukon

9F Shinonome floor, open March 2024

5 Superior Twin rooms: Max. 2 persons, 35m2 with bathroom and toilet

Ibuki floor





Deluxe Corner Room 1: Max. 2-5 persons, 53m2 with bath and toilet

Rooms with bath (half-open-air bath) and toilet 53m2 ◆Kiteki

8F Dusk floor, opened in April 2024

Superior Twin 5 rooms: Max. 2 persons, Bath/Toilet, Spaciousness 35m2

Tsukumo floor





Deluxe Corner Room 1: Max. 2-5 persons with bath (half open-air bath) and toilet. 53m2.

Fisherman's Fire [Isaribi]

Renewed main dining room "Hissui" (image perspective)

■Local gastronomy restaurant where you can taste the food of the Oki Islands

In order to let guests enjoy the culinary culture of the Oki Islands, the restaurant will offer local cuisine and seasonal island delicacies based on the concept of local gastronomy.

◆Dining Hissui [Hissui], opening in March 2024

The main dining room with a relaxed atmosphere will open on the second floor. The scarlet wall decorations, inspired by the red walls of Oki, will decorate the venue.

◆Sky Lounge Tenran [Tenran] Opening in April 2024

The 10th floor will open as a sky lounge with a view of the sea that can also be used as a banquet room.

New logo visualizing the Oki Plaza Hotel Group's STATEMENT "SEAGATE

Oki Plaza Hotel Group operates three types of accommodations. Our mission is to be the "SEAGATE" gateway for travelers to the Oki Islands, and to create open hotels as a base for exploring the people, nature, and culture of the Oki Islands. We will take this renewal as an opportunity to make a fresh start with corporate rebranding by launching the logo of the entire group and a new logo mark for each facility, centering on the newly reborn Oki Plaza Hotel.

Oki Plaza Hotel Group Correlation Chart

Oki Plaza Hotel Group (corporate logo)

New Oki Plaza Hotel Group Logo Mark (Corporate Logo)

The logo expresses the shape of the island as a shining "star. Shimago, where the hotel is located, shines brightly as the landmark of the base. (The concave on the lower right of the star represents the topography of Nishigo Port.)

The goal and height of the hotel, to be the first star of Oki, is expressed as a star. By aiming to create high quality service, experience value, and space, our employees shine, and the customers who receive them also shine. The logo aims to share the "creation of joy" that lies beyond smiles throughout the group.

Oki Plaza Hotel

New Oki Plaza Hotel logo mark

The initials of Oki Plaza Hotel are integrated and united. It expresses our will to provide high quality hospitality by integrating and linking our services, experience value, and space creation. It also represents the "connection" of Oki as a whole and our hotel group as keywords. The round shape of the logo, as if enveloping, represents the warmth and receptiveness of the founder's "people-centered hotel".

Please refer to the Group's portal site for the logos of other Group facilities.

Recruiting Opening Staff

We are looking for members who will work together with us to make a new start.

We are looking for employees who will work together with us in a new environment renewed as the face of the island, and who will be involved in customer service or cooking at the hotel. We are open to anyone from inexperienced part-timers to experienced staff, and we are willing to consult with you on the best way to work for your needs.

If you are interested in working to convey the charms of the island in various forms and would like to provide hospitality to visitors to the island, please contact us.

*For more information, please visit

Cooking image

Oki Plaza Hotel Group Staff

■Company Profile

Trade name : Oki Plaza Hotel Co.

Representative : Representative Director and President, Renpei Yokochi

Location: 11-1 Minato-cho, Oki Island Town, Oki County, Shimane Prefecture, 685-0015, Japan

Establishment : October 1970

Business description: Lodging business


For inquiries from customers regarding the renewal of the hotel, please contact

Oki Plaza Hotel

TEL : 0120-313-397


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