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You can pick up extremely rare products! Magical Amber Sugar", a store specializing in amber sugar The "Magical Amber Sugar" specialty store will open at Shinjuku Marui Honkan on February 15 for a limited time only! ~The magic of bringing a little happiness to you!


Magical Amber Sugar (main store: Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture; Representative: Aya Nihei) will open a limited-time "Magical Amber Sugar" store specializing in amber sugar from February 15 (Thu) to February 29 (Thu), 2024, on the B1 floor of Shinjuku Marui Main Building.

The limited-time store will offer a wide variety of rare products that are not usually available. Please use the shop as a reward for yourself, a small gift for someone special, or as a gift for your loved ones.

Magical Amber Sugar Jewelry Can

What is "Amber Sugar"?

Amber Sugar is also called "Edible Jewel" because of its beautiful mineral-like appearance.

Despite its hard appearance, many people are surprised by the new texture of this Japanese confectionery, which is "crispy on the outside and soft on the inside".

The gems are turned over and the humidity is adjusted to promote crystallization for about a week to achieve the right texture.

It is a confectionery full of magic that will make your table and your heart flutter.

◆Features of magic amber sugar

Our most distinctive feature is that our regular products are formed one by one by hand without using knives or molds.

This is our commitment to create a beautiful appearance similar to that of gemstones and minerals, and a good, crisp texture by randomizing the cross section.

In addition, all coloring is done with food-derived natural dyes, and no synthetic colors or flavors are used.

Using the simplest ingredients possible, we strive to create confections that are safe enough to eat every day.

Magical amber sugar

◆A very rare store that is hard to visit

The actual store in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture is open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and we have received feedback from customers that it is a very rare store that is hard to visit. However, it is difficult for a small store to change business hours and sales locations....

We have been pondering whether we could bring the sparkling amber sugar, which makes people happy just by looking at it, to as many people as possible.

With the cooperation of Shinjuku Marui Honkan, we were able to open a store that is open every day and where you can actually hold many of our products in your hands.

◆Product lineup

Jewelry cans: blue and white

The popular "Bijou can" package, which sold out immediately, is encrusted with jewels.

Both contain 90g of plain flavor.

Test tube gift in 3 colors to choose from

A popular gift that allows you to combine your favorite test tubes (magic vial series).

This cute package is perfect as a small gift!

Test Tube 3 Colors Gift

Magic vial series

The magic that makes dreams come true

The magic that shines every day

The magic that makes your dreams come true

Black tea (Earl Grey) flavor

Each of these flavors contains 15 g of tea.

Premium Matcha

Premium amber sugar made from high-quality Kyoto Uji matcha green tea.

Please enjoy it with your loved ones.

Limited time only flavor: Black tea (Earl Grey)

A winter-only flavor available until the end of February.

The Earl Grey aroma that spreads the moment you eat it is very popular and addictive!


The most popular product that looks like it is filled with various shades of gems.

It is also perfect as a casual gift.


A refreshing taste with a slight mint aroma.

The mint green hue gives a refreshing feeling, and is recommended for mint lovers.


Amber sugar that can always be tasted like crispy coffee jelly.

Many repeat customers say, "The coffee flavor is so delicious, I'm hooked! Many of our repeat customers say, "I'm addicted to the coffee flavor!

A quick and easy way to refresh yourself at work!

Orange peel for adults

Rich amber sugar with plenty of domestic pesticide-free orange peel

It has a refreshing citrusy flavor like marmalade without the sourness, and is especially popular among women.

It is also good with a highball.

Rum (made with Western liquor)

A rum raisin-like flavor that is popular among adult women among the alcoholic beverage series.

It goes well with sweets, so it is perfect for tea time.

Whiskey (made with Western-style alcohol)

Popular among alcohol lovers and men

This product has many fixed fans for its slightly aromatic whiskey flavor

The boss of our store, introduced in many TV programs and magazines.

Amaretto (made with Western-style alcohol)

No. 1 in popularity in the alcoholic beverage series

A liqueur flavor made from apricot seeds.

Flavor like apricot bean curd

Hand-torn one by one

Magical Amber Sugar Limited Time Store Opening Outline

Location: Shinjuku Marui Main B1F concept shops

Opening date: February 15 - 29, 2024

Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00

Magical Amber Sugar Profile

Magical Amber Sugar" began as a mail-order business specializing in amber sugar.

It has gained popularity for its mineral-like appearance, new texture upon eating, and moderate sweetness, and currently there is a waiting list of more than one month for mail order.

In May 2021, we opened a store in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.

Many customers visit from outside the city, and the store is sold out every business day.

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