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Aiming to create ¥10 billion in assets for members Gold Trust's "10 Billion Yen Asset Building Club The book "10 Billion Yen Asset Formation Club" written by the leader of the club, Mr. Norimichi Kubokawa 10 Billion Yen Asset Formation Method You Can Realize" released! Ranked No. 1 in 12 categories on Amazon


Gold Trust Co. (headquartered in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), a provider of housing-related services tailored to each stage of life, and the leader of the members-only salon "10 Billion Yen Asset Building Club," has published his seventh book, "The 10 Billion Yen Asset Building Method You Can Realize," which is said to be the only way to preserve assets in Japan with its high tax rate. His seventh book, "The 10 Billion Yen Asset Formation Method You Can Realize," a compilation of methods that are said to be the only way to preserve assets in Japan's high tax rate environment, ranked No. 1 in 12 categories in Amazon's best-selling book rankings.

10 Billion Yen Asset Formation Method You Can Make It Happen

In this book, the author, who increased his assets from 1 million yen to 10 billion yen, has compiled and published the secrets of asset building developed from his experience and know-how. The "10 Billion Yen Asset Building Club" was established to "increase the number of happy rich people in Japan. You can learn about the "method that anyone can realize" and its achievements while taking into account the know-how we have practiced there and the latest Japanese tax system.

Japan's tax rate is extremely high from a global perspective. After clarifying the background of this and the reasons why it is difficult to build wealth in Japan using conventional methods by comparing the tax systems of other countries, this book introduces "Japan's unique asset building method that only Japanese people can do," which uses the Japanese tax system as an inverse of it and combines "tax reduction" and "real estate investment" in an unparalleled manner. The author's "winning strategy" of real estate investment and "know-how of 10 billion yen asset building" can be understood with a sense of conviction.

The book also includes many valuable materials that are rarely seen, such as the 10 billion yen asset formation simulation chart that was actually used. This is a book that can be used for a long time as a bible of asset building for both beginners and experts in real estate investment.

Outline of the book

Title: You Can Do It: The 10 Billion Yen Asset Formation Method

Author : Norimichi Kubokawa

Publisher: Cross Media Publishing

Release date: February 2 (Fri.) Amazon pre-sale

       March 15 (Fri.) Simultaneous release at bookstores nationwide

Price : 1,580 yen (excluding tax)

Amazon URL:

Contents of this book

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Japanese people cannot become millionaires

Chapter 2: The secret of real estate investment to grow 1 million yen to 10 billion yen

Chapter 3 "Seven know-how" necessary for 10 billion yen asset building

Chapter 4 "6 Steps" for the Last Spurt of 10 Billion Yen Asset Formation

Chapter 5: The 5-year history of the 10 Billion Yen Club and new know-how

Chapter 6: The reason why I was able to form ¥10 billion in assets

Amazon Ranking Award Category

Books/Investment/Finance/Company Management/Real Estate Investment: No. 1

Books/Investment/Finance/Company Management/Taxes: No.1

Books/Investment/Finance/Company Management/Taxes/Tax Saving Measures: No.1

Books/Investment/Finance/Company Management/Taxes/Land Taxation: No.1

Books/Investment/Finance/Company Management/Company Management/Public Offerings: No. 1

Books / Business & Economics / Industrial Research / Real Estate / Real Estate Investment: No.1

Book / Business & Economy / Industrial Research / Real Estate / Apartment Building Management: No.1

Books / Business & Economy / Industrial Research / Real Estate / Land Price Problems: No.1

Books / Society & Politics / Law / Business Law: No.1

Book / Society & Politics / Law / Business Law / Real Estate: No.1

Book / Business & Economics / Accounting / Financial Accounting: No.1

Books / Society & Politics / Law / Laws of Living: 1st

*Acquired on February 2, 2024

About the Author

Yoshimichi Kubokawa

Born in 1951. After working for a construction-related company for two years, he became independent in 1976. 28 years old, he bought his first piece of land and started investing in real estate. He now owns more than 20,000 square meters of land and a total of 1,300 units worth of condominiums, senior housing, hotels, tenant buildings, and overseas real estate, and his rental income alone is 900 million yen per year.

In recent years, he has been leading the "10 Billion Yen Asset Building Club" to "increase the number of happy rich people in Japan," aiming to expand the circle of social contribution and volunteer activities that can be done only by wealthy people. He teaches and actively holds seminars on asset formation.

He also serves as Chairman of Asahi Global Corporation, Gold Trust Corporation, Gold Age Corporation, and AGG Holdings, Inc. and Chairman of the 10 Billion Yen Asset Building Club.

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What is the 10 Billion Yen Asset Formation Club?

The "10 Billion Yen Asset Building Club" is a membership-based asset building support service that helps each member create 10 billion yen in assets by utilizing Kubokawa's own "proprietary asset management know-how. The service helps "increase the number of happy rich people in Japan" by providing seminars, events, real estate investment consulting, and property construction, operation, and management to help members realize "asset building for the next 3 generations and 100 years".

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