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New e-book service "Cominove" allows anyone to become a "writer Teaser site opened to the public today!

~Free to submit and view e-books in the safe reading space "Cominove".


REVOLVE Corporation (located in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan) renewed and released a teaser website today, Monday, March 25, for its new e-book service, Cominove, scheduled for application release in the summer of 2024. The service aims to provide a safe and innovative reading experience for readers of all ages. In particular, it provides publishers and up-and-coming authors with a new creative outlet and a great opportunity to introduce their work to a wider public.

URL of the "Cominove" teaser site:

Teaser site image

Background of Service Launch

We launched "Cominove" with the goal of providing an environment where all authors have equal opportunities to shine a light on undiscovered talent and offer new opportunities. This platform, which allows even unknown authors to present their works to the world, is an attempt to solve existing problems in the industry such as "publishing recession" and "rating of works".

About the teaser site

The teaser site provides information on the features of "Cominove," compatible viewers, and images of the application.

■Service Features

Our new "Cominove" service provides an environment where even the general public can easily submit their works. Through this open platform, we aim to discover new talent. We will also set guidelines and screen submitted works so that minors can view and submit their works with confidence.

Features of Cominove

Features of Cominove


The most read and highly rated works by genre are displayed in a ranking format.


You can check the works you have viewed, favorite works, and works you have purchased.

Creator Support

Work Submission

You can easily submit your works by registering an account for submission.

If you meet the conditions, you can get a professional contract.

If you meet the conditions, such as number of views, you can make a professional contract and distribute your work for a fee.

Earnings for authors

Book sales, manuscript fees, and stickers* from fans

Stickers" is a service that allows users to spend points to send to specific users.

[About the operation of the service

<Publication criteria (guidelines) *Only for submitted works

Violation of the Terms of Use

Sexual or adult content

Violent or graphic material, threatening behavior, impersonation

Harassment, when there is a malicious problem with the author

Copyright infringement, violation of commercial law

Criticism of actual individuals or groups

Other inappropriate content

<SafeSearch *All works

Inappropriate works can be displayed or hidden.

<Rating of works *Only submitted works

Display or hide inappropriate works

Application image

About compatible viewers

Manga (page view)

Manga (Vertical reading)

Novels (page-by-page reading)

Novels (Vertical reading)

Viewer Image

Service Overview

Service name : Cominove

Date of launch : Scheduled for release in the summer of 2024

Price : Basically free (with in-app purchase)

Teaser site URL :

Future Outlook

The e-book service "Cominove" will start accepting submissions on its teaser site, and will also start accepting submissions on SNS. Through these steps, we will provide the best possible experience for both users and creators.

■Company Profile

Company name: REVOLVE Co.

Representative: Kanae Yanagisawa

Location :Room 107, Funabashi Family Town, 1-5-3 Hamacho, Funabashi, Chiba, Japan

Establishment :July 23, 2019

Business : Service business

*This press release was prepared with a business restructuring subsidy

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