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The Nursing Group has been ranked in the 2024 edition of the "Best Companies to Work For" in Japan (Small Sector). In the "Best Companies to Work For" ranking (Small Sector) in Japan, Nursing Group was ranked No. 1 in the welfare industry! The Nursing Group was ranked No. 1 in the welfare industry in the 2024 edition of Japan's "Best Companies to Work For" ranking (small-scale category)!


Nursing, Inc. (Location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Representative: Yukiko Suzuki), which operates child development support, after-school day care services, daily living assistance, and support for continuous employment Type B business based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, has been ranked No. 1 in the welfare industry by the Great Place To Work(R) Institute Japan ("GPTW (Location: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, Representative: Yukiko Suzuki) was ranked No. 1 among companies in the welfare industry and No. 39 among small companies including those in other industries in the 2024 edition of "Best Workplaces in Japan" (small companies: 25-99 employees) sponsored by the Great Place To Work(R) Institute Japan (GPTW Japan).

Mission: To be a beacon of hope

Nursing Group:

◆"What is the 2024 Best 100 Best Companies to Work for in Japan?

GPTW Japan scores the survey results of companies that are certified and participating in the ranking, and those companies that exceed a certain level are announced once a month as "Certified Best Workplaces". In addition, the top 100 certified companies with particularly high levels of job satisfaction are announced once a year as the "Best 100 Best Workplaces" ranking. A committee consisting of GPTW Japan and external experts reads and scores the questionnaires, and determines the ranking. The questionnaire items and evaluation criteria are the same globally. The ranking is based on an entry system, and corporations with 25 or more members can participate. 653 companies in Japan participated in the 2024 edition.

Best 100 Best Companies to Work for in Japan, 2024 edition

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Ranked as one of the Best Companies to Work For

◆Introduction to Nursing Group

Nursing Group was founded in 2020 with the VISION of "becoming the New Standard in the medical care welfare industry. The reason for starting the company is based on our CEO's experience in the medical field as a nurse, and his belief that "there is more that can be done" in the medical care welfare industry to help those who need assistance. We believe that we can do more in the medical care welfare industry to help those in need. In order to continue to increase the satisfaction of society, customers, and employees, it is essential to raise the quality of the industry, and it is necessary to develop and solve the shortage of human resources working in the medical care welfare industry, and to demonstrate strong team power.

The Nursing Group provides services necessary for present and future society, centering on welfare businesses such as after-school daycare services, child development support, daily living assistance, and operation of Type B continuous employment support facilities. We are not interested in "stability" or "self-preservation," but always continue to "take on challenges" for the development of the industry. With the awareness that we are a leading company in the industry, our entire team will work together to create a safe environment for those who need help.

To be the New Standard in the medical care welfare industry

◆Elevate the quality of human resources in the medical and welfare industry! Nursing Group: Initiatives for Job Satisfaction

Nursing Group is making the following efforts to be a company with "Job Satisfaction". We will further promote these initiatives in the future.

Participation in the community as a representative of the Children's Club

As a first step toward becoming a new standard in the medical care welfare industry, Nursing Group has been accepted by the community as a representative of the children's group of the Midori Ward Independence Support Liaison Council in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

Nursing-style STEP-based Rehabilitation Education

We place importance on "support with a meaningful intention with a view to after school" in order to eliminate the problems of current rehabilitation facilities. We aim to earn the trust and confidence of children and their guardians, and provide opportunities for individuals to take on new challenges in order to move forward to an ideal future.

Employment of Diverse Rehabilitation Professionals

Nursing Group employs a large number of professional rehabilitation workers to help children become independent. All of our after-school daycare centers have at least one full-time medical professional, which is very rare in Japan. By maximizing the strengths of each individual, our team is able to embody our vision of "grounded rehabilitation support with a view to post-school graduation. We have created an environment where people from various professions can grow and develop while stimulating each other.

〈Training system with abundant opportunities

In order to stimulate and learn from each other, we actively provide external training programs such as the habit of reading assigned books for self-improvement and visits to outside medical treatment facilities. We provide opportunities not only to improve skills and absorb knowledge, but also to deepen one's education as a human being and accelerate the speed of growth.

<Career Path

We have introduced a "personnel evaluation system" so that members who embody what the company is looking for can be promoted. We evaluate our employees fairly and impartially and provide appropriate support for each individual's growth.

◆Representative Profile

Yukiko Suzuki

Nursing Corporation / Nursing Plus Co.

Representative Director

She worked as a nurse at a university hospital in Nagoya, Aichi for 7 years. Later, wanting to learn more deeply about the thoughts and feelings of patients and their families, she transferred to a correspondence university during her employment and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In May 2020, she founded Nursing, Inc. in order to give form to the idea that "more can be done" in the medical and welfare business, such as providing evidence-based medical treatment and education, training personnel to improve their skills and humanity at the same time, and raising the working environment in the medical and welfare industry to a higher standard.

We will fulfill our mission wholeheartedly.

Message from President Suzuki

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved and to all those who have supported us in our endeavor.

We will continue to devote ourselves to the challenge of giving back to our stakeholders, including the industry and local communities, with valuable results.

◆Company Information

Nursing Corporation / Nursing Plus Co.

Location: Nursing Co. 1F, 584 Sanchoyama, Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

      Nursing Plus Corporation 2F, 584 Sanchoiyama, Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Representative: Yukiko Suzuki

Business activities: Operation of after-school daycare services, etc.

Telephone number: Nursing Corporation 052-990-2758

      Nursing Plus Corporation 052-990-1869


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