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Save money by switching to HIS Mobile! Apply for multiple lines at the same time up to 8,250 yen cash back if you sign up for multiple lines at the same time! Super Family Discount" is available until April 30!


H.I.S. Mobile K.K. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Eichi Inokoshi, President & CEO; hereinafter referred to as "HIS Mobile") is currently running the "Super Family Discount" campaign, which offers discounts on cheap SIM contracts for customers who apply for multiple lines simultaneously until April 30, 2024 (Tuesday).

The "Family Discount" campaign, which began on February 15 (Thu.), has been expanded to "Super Family Discount" due to popular demand.

Super Family Discount" will be in effect until April 30.

Now is your chance to switch! Up to 8,250 yen cash back!

This campaign is recommended for those who want to buy a new smartphone for their new life from spring or for those who are reviewing their fixed costs. This campaign is available for a limited time only. This campaign is available for families, couples, and share mates. We will support your new life with "Super Family Discount," a discount that "goes beyond" your family.

Outline of "Super Family Discount

Campaign period

Until April 30, 2024 (Tuesday)


During the campaign period, if you sign up for multiple lines of the applicable plan at the same time, you will receive 8,250 yen cash back for up to 5 lines.

Terms and Conditions

Up to 5 lines under the same name are eligible. You are eligible for this offer even if you use a different name if you reside at the same address.

 If family members reside at different addresses, they are eligible as long as the last names of the subscribers' lines match.

You must sign up for a new HIS Mobile monthly low-cost SIM plan at the same time and keep the contract for at least 6 months.

MNP transfer is also eligible.

The subscription must be for one or more lines, including the representative line, and must be a plan with voice communications.

Please apply within the specified period using the dedicated entry form.

Cash back amount

2nd to 4th line: 1,650 yen cash back

5th line: 3,300 yen cash back

If you apply for 5 lines at the same time, you will receive 8,250 yen cash back.

For details, please refer to the "Super Family Discount" campaign page.


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