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40 seconds in the microwave! Handmade bread, which requires a lot of time and effort, can be easily prepared in a microwave oven! Rice Flour Bread Mix to go on sale in mid-April!


KJC Corporation (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Choi), which develops the Edison Mama brand of baby products, will release a microwave-safe, 40-second rice-flour bread mix that can be made simply by dunking it in the microwave, with no need for oven cooking or fermentation! Rice Flour Bread Mix" that can be made simply by tinning, without oven cooking or fermentation, will go on sale in mid-April, 2024.

Easy-to-make rice-flour bread mix

Rice-flour bread mix:

Background of development - Making "bread," the most popular hand-feeding food for weaning children, even easier

Bread, a favorite of children, is a very convenient food that requires little preparation and cleanup and can be easily served at the table even on busy mornings.

Although there are many breads available on the market, there are many concerns about commercial breads, such as short shelf life, difficulty for people with flour allergies, and additives and seasonings.

Also, to make homemade, you need an oven or home bakery. It can take up to two hours of work, including fermentation time, and even if moms and dads want to make homemade bread with love and care, the time and effort required is a bottleneck.

Therefore, we have developed the "Rice Flour Bread Mix" with the aim of "making it easy and hassle-free" and "for moms and dads who want safe and secure ingredients for their children.

Product Features

<Point 1: Easy to use! Microwaves in 40 seconds.

All you need is water (or milk or infant formula) and oil. Just by mixing with this product, you can easily make rice-flour bread.

No need for an oven or home bakery! There is no fermentation time, so you can easily try your hand at baking bread.

It is sure to come in handy on busy mornings or when you want to serve it as a quick snack on the table.

All you need is water and oil.

<Point 2: Special ingredients that make children and moms and dads happy

The main ingredients are based on rice flour and soy flour, and no wheat is used as an ingredient.

It does not contain any of the 8 specified allergens and is gluten-free, so it is safe for both children and their mothers and fathers.

Gentle taste of original ingredients

The product also contains protein, which is necessary for building the body, and dietary fiber, which helps regulate the condition of the stomach, making it an easy way to replenish nutrients.

<Point 3: Can be freely arranged! Tailor the taste to suit your child's preference.

This product solves the problems of weaning children, such as "There is not a large repertoire of side dishes when eating bread," and "Children are bored with the same foods..."!

The simple, plain taste is easy to adjust to suit your child's tastes and preferences, such as mixing your favorite vegetables into vegetable bread or sandwiching fruit between the bread.

If you have trouble finding a menu, you can also check out the recipes created by experienced mothers who are qualified as baby food and toddler food coordinators at the Shikan Kitchen Recipe Site.

Recipe site:

kaori 3-year-old son's rice and home cooking recipes:

A simple, never boring taste that can be arranged in a wide variety of ways

Delicious even when mixed with your favorite vegetables

Product Outline

Rice-flour bread mix package

Product name : Rice Flour Bread Mix

Suggested Retail Price : 410 yen (tax included)

Target age range : From around 9 months

Content : 120g (enough for about 12 pieces with a diameter of 4cm)

Shelf life : 18 months

Allergens : Soybeans, Sesame

Product details :

Company Profile

Company name: KJC Co.

Representative : Jong Sik Choi

Location : Y.B. Bldg. 5F, 1-10-4 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001, Japan

Establishment : March 6, 2003

Business : Baby & Kids Division, Tour Division, Entertainment Division

Company URL :


■Company, Brand Description

0KJC Corporation

KJC is a Japanese manufacturer that plans and sells baby and children's products, including the "Edison Mama" brand, and provides childcare support services.

Its mainstay products, "Edison chopsticks" and "fork & spoon," are designed and developed with thorough attention to materials, size, form, shape, and function, in pursuit of ease of use and eating for children. With its extensive lineup, it has become a leading brand of cutlery for babies and kids.

In addition, the company offers an all-around baby/kids care lineup, from healthcare products such as meal support goods, thermometers, and nasal aspirators to toothpaste, hygiene products, food products, skin care, and childcare support applications.

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