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Bell Face, Bell Face releases "bellSalesAI," an AI application that transforms face-to-face sales! Japan Post Insurance Company decides to introduce it on a trial basis.


Belle Face Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuaki Nakajima; hereinafter "bell face"), a developer and seller of the telephone interview system "bellFace," will start offering an AI application "bellSalesAI" that will revolutionize face-to-face sales. The application is designed to transform face-to-face sales, which tend to be a "black box.

This service "visualizes" face-to-face sales, which tend to be a black box.

With the mission of "creating the future of sales with technology and data," "bellSalesAI" will contribute to the creation of new sales opportunities and review of face-to-face sales based on data.

(headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Kunio Tanigaki, Director and Representative Executive Officer, President; hereinafter "JPI") has decided to introduce "bellSalesAI" on a trial basis starting April 1, 2024. The introduction of bellSalesAI is part of the JPI-AFLAC Acceleration Program 2023(*).

For details of the JPI-AFLAC Acceleration Program 2023, please refer to the following website.

Aflac released "bellSalesAI"! JPI has decided to introduce it on a trial basis.

Background of "bellSalesAI" development

We have developed and sold the telephone interview system "bellFace" and have supported the sales activities of more than 3,800 companies in total.

In the course of this experience, we have come to realize the following

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have been introduced, but data entry is not thorough and the sales floor has become a black box.

Many companies are facing the following problems: ∙ Increased desk work time and not enough time to meet with customers

Many companies are facing these issues.

To solve this problem, we have developed "bellSalesAI," an AI application that revolutionizes face-to-face sales.

How to use "bellSalesAI

How to use "bellSalesAI

1. sales employees of contracted companies download the "bellSalesAI" application to their smartphones. 2.

(2) Launch the application at the start of a sales meeting and tap the "Start" button

At the end of the business day, tap the stop button on the app. 4.

4. the text is automatically transcribed and items to be recorded in CRM are automatically extracted

5. modify as necessary and copy to your CRM tool

Advantages of using "bellSalesAI

Advantages of using "bellSalesAI

1. streamlines CRM input with AI

With "bellSalesAI," items to be recorded in CRM can be automatically extracted from the content of business negotiations. This enables a significant reduction in after-sales work.

Salespeople can use the time gained from reduced after-sales work to increase customer contacts and engage in other activities that lead to more sales.

After sales work refers to administrative work such as taking minutes and preparing reports after a business meeting. (Our registered trademark, registration number No. 6780019) 2.

Visualization of the sales process

With "bellSalesAI," objective information can be stored in CRM without relying on the subjectivity of sales representatives.

By improving the quantity and quality of information stored in CRM, sales managers can more accurately grasp the status of each case, which is useful for decision making.

If there is something that needs to be confirmed with the inputted information, it is also possible to confirm the details of the negotiation with text and voice data using "bellSalesAI".

It also enables planners to analyze customers at a higher resolution.

Assumed use case at Japan Post Insurance

The system will be used as a tool to "digitize conversations" between consultants in insurance product sales.

The consultants interview customers and review business discussions through activities to confirm policy contents, but there was a need to more accurately accumulate data on what customers said and the nuances of their conversations.

By using "bellSalesAI," managers can check text and voice data of business negotiations.

This will shorten the time required to review negotiations and improve the accuracy of case management, and is expected to shorten the lead time until a deal is concluded, improve the closing rate, and reduce the time spent in meetings.

Comments from Japan Post Insurance Co.

The potential of "bellSalesAI" is far greater than its simplicity of use might suggest.

Dialogue with customers is conducted in a closed world between the customer and the sales staff, and there was no way to understand what they were talking about, how they were talking, and how they were interacting with each other, except through reports from the sales staff themselves. By using "bellSalesAI," not only can superiors check, but they can also use the system for their own review, enabling them to objectively check their own skills.

In addition, the summarized dialogue can be copied and pasted into the response history of the customer management system, leading to more efficient operations. In the future, a world in which interactions with customers are automatically reflected in the customer management system is also conceivable.

We will trial "bellSalesAI" at some of our sales offices to see if it can be incorporated into our sales style, with the cooperation of Belface.

bellSalesAI service site

What is bellSalesAI?

bellSalesAI, an AI application that transforms face-to-face sales, is a smartphone application for visualizing the sales process. With simple operations, voice data from face-to-face sales can be digitized.

It can automatically extract the information necessary for activity records from voice data, which significantly reduces the amount of after sales work(*).

In addition, since objective information can be accumulated without relying on the subjectivity of the sales representative, sales managers can more accurately grasp the status of each deal and use this information for decision-making purposes.

After Sales Work" refers to administrative work such as taking minutes and preparing reports after the conclusion of a business meeting. (Our registered trademark Registration No. 6780019)

BELFACE will continue to support corporate sales activities in order to realize its mission of "creating the future of sales with technology and data.

Company Profile

Company name: Belface, Inc.

Location: Hamamatsucho Building 12F, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Representative : Kazuaki Nakajima

Establishment : April 27, 2015

Capital : 8,549 million yen (including capital reserve)

Business description: Development and sales of "bellSalesAI", an AI application that transforms face-to-face sales

      Development and sales of telephone interview system "bellFace

      Sales data analysis and consulting



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