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<New!> Vornado "STRATA-JP", Tower Circulator that Elevates Cool Air, to Go on Sale April 19, 2024. Pre-sales at Selected Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera Stores Nationwide Starting April 19, 2024.


NF Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Miho Metoki), as the exclusive Japanese distributor of Vornado Air LLC, an American circulator manufacturer, will start sales of the "STRATA-JP" hybrid tower circulator, developed and manufactured by Vornado Air. "STRATA-JP", a hybrid tower circulator developed and manufactured by Vornado Air, will be on sale at selected Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera stores in Japan starting April 19, 2024. The new product will be introduced to the US and Japanese markets simultaneously.



■Features of STRATA-JP

[A new form of air circulation proposed by Vornado]

The "STRATA-JP" is a new type of air circulator from Vornado, the top brand of circulators in the United States.

STRATA means "layer of air" created by temperature differences. Vornado has created a way to effectively utilize this layer of air.

STRATA-JP uses a unique blower to harvest the layer of cold air that tends to accumulate on the floor and quickly circulates it throughout the room. It is a hybrid circulator that can also be used as a tower fan with an oscillation feature.

Next year will mark 80 years since the world's first circulator was developed based on jet engine technology. Vornado will continue to evolve.

Product movie [Vornado] STRATA-JP newly released!

[2WAYs to use: as a circulator and as a tower fan]

<Circulator without oscillation 

STRATA-JP efficiently harvests the cool air that accumulates at your feet and draws it upwards circulating it throughout the room. As a result, temperature differences are rapidly eliminated. The airflow circulating along the walls, ceiling, and floor is gentle, making the entire room a comfortable space.

Rapid circulation

<Tower fan when used with oscillation

There are two oscillation angles, 90° and 180° to choose from. 90° for a small number of people or 180° for a large gathering, depending on the purpose of use.

[Airflow distance]

Image showing how high the airflow reaches 

The following is a comparison of the height at which airflow reaches using STRATA-JP and a typical tower fan. Stand 1.8m away from the unit and measure the height of the airflow.

With a normal tower fan, the airflow is felt only up to the height of the tower fan itself. On the other hand, with STRATA-JP, you can feel the airflow all over from head to toe.

[Ultra-thin and high-performance blower]

STRATA-JP is equipped with an ultra-thin and unique blower. This blower delivers the highest velocity airflow of any Vornado Circulator. The high-speed airflow rises at an angle like an aircraft taking off.

High-performance blower

[DC motor saves energy and is ultra quiet]

Equipped with a powerful and efficient brushless DC motor. The blower is so quiet that you may forget that the unit is turned on.

[Other features]

1. Easy-to-operate touch control

On/Off and level of air flow can be set with a light touch of a finger.

2. Magnetic RF remote control

Easy operation at your fingertips. Can be operated from all directions. Can be attached to the air inlet on the sides or stored in the upper part of the air outlet. 

3. 5 levels of airflow

5 levels of airflow: high, medium high, medium, medium low and low

4. Design and color

Smart and sophisticated form. Matte black body. 

5. Place of use

Living room, conference room, etc. Up to 35 tatami mats.

6. Long-term reliable support

3-year product warranty.

■Product Outline

Product name : Vornado Circulator Hybrid Model STRATA-JP (Strata-JP)

Model name :STRATA-JP

Standard price :39,800 yen (including tax)

Size :30.5 cm (width) X 30.5 cm (depth) X 47.0 cm (height)

Weight :5.1kg

Power supply :100V 50/60Hz

Watts :50Hz/60Hz

High 44W / Medium High 28W /Medium 15W / Medium Low 9W / Low 6W

Electricity bill (*): (per hour) 50Hz/60Hz

High: 1.36 yen / Medium High: 0.87 yen / Medium: 0.47 yen / Medium Low: 0.28 yen / Low: 0.19 yen

Sound Level : High 53dB / Medium High 50dB / Medium 43dB / Medium Low 35dB / Low 29dB

Material :ABS resin, steel

Color :Black

Applicable tatami mats :~35 tatami mats

Production :China

Japan specification :PSE certified

Warranty Period : 3 years

Oscillation range :90°/180

Electricity bill is calculated based on the unit price of 31 yen/kWh (including tax).


Pre-sales starting April 19.

Yodobashi Camera nationwide selected stores

Bic Camera nationwide selected stores

<Online Sales> 

Sales will begin sequentially from July 1.

Direct sales: Vornado Japan official website (

Amazon: Vornado Japan store operated by our company

Rakuten Ichiba: Vornado official Rakuten Ichiba store

■Outline of Vornado Air

Vornado Air LLC. is an American manufacturer that developed the world's first circulator.

For close to 80 years of experience and technology, Vornado continues to be leaders in air circulation products.

Trade name : Vornado Air LLC.

Location : Andover, Kansas, USA

Establishment : 1945

Business : Planning, design, manufacture and sales of home appliances related to air circulation.

Sales in Japan : since 1990

■Company Profile

Trade name : NF Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Representative: Miho Metoki, CEO

Location : 3-38-8 Nakamura, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0024

Establishment: June 1987

Business description: Import business


■For customer inquiries regarding this product, please contact

Vornado Japan, NF Import & Export Co., Ltd. 

Tel : 03-3970-1306

Inquiry form:

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