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Made in Tokyo! Tamura Sake Brewery, a Tokyo-based brewery New Products "Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)" and "Special Junmai Maguro SNS campaign to commemorate the launch! Make Japanese food even deeper! ~Follow, repost, or like us! to win gorgeous gifts!

The "Maguro Series," a sake developed to savor tuna, seafood, and Japanese cuisine


Founded in 1822. Tamura Sake Brewery (Fussa City, Tokyo; Representative: Hanjuro Tamura XVI), a brewery that has been making sake in Tokyo since the Edo period (1603-1868), renewed "Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)" this spring and released a new product, "Special Junmai Maguro". To celebrate, we are holding a giveaway campaign on both X (formerly Twitter) and Instaglam, where you can win by following, reposting, or liking.

Tuna Series Present Campaign

■Outline of the Campaign

Period: April 19, 2024 (Fri.) 11:00 - May 8, 2024 (Wed.) 23:59

Prize: 1 bottle of X/Honmai Maguro Junmai Ginjo(R) 720ml, 1 bottle of Special Junmai Maguro 720ml

Prizes: Instaglam / Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R) 720ml x 1 bottle, Special Junmai Maguro 720ml x 1 bottle

Number of winners: X/2 winners, Instaglam/2 winners, 4 winners total

How to participate: X

(1)Follow Tamura Sake Brewery official X (@tamurashuzojo)

(2)Like the campaign post! /Add a comment about your tuna or Japanese food and sake story to increase your chances!

How to participate: Instaglam

(1)Follow Tamura Sake Brewery's official Instaglam (@tamugram_fussa1822)

(2)Like the campaign post! /Add a comment about your tuna or Japanese food and sake story to increase your chances of winning!

(3) Announcement of results: Winners will be notified by DM and informed about the prize.

Campaign details and application terms and conditions page:

What is Tamura Sake Brewery's "Tuna Series"?

Tamura Sake Brewery, a Tokyo-based brewery, proposes the "Maguro Series" of Japanese sake, which goes great with fish dishes such as sashimi and sushi, and Japanese food, for tourists visiting Japan, sake connoisseurs who love food and sake pairings, and restaurants that are particular about their food. This "Maguro Series" was launched in 2019 with "Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)" and has received a great deal of support. In 2024, when the Corona disaster is over and inbound tourism is expected to return, "Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)" will be renewed and "Special Junmai Maguro," which is suitable for a wide range of seafood dishes, will be added to the Tamura Shuzojo "Maguro Series" and widely distributed at major department stores, sake retailers, and souvenir stores.

Honmai Maguro Junmai Ginjo(R) 720ml

Special Junmai Maguro 720ml

Product data

[Honmai Maguro Junmai Ginjo(R)

Alcohol content: 15%.

Rice polishing ratio: 50

Sake degree: +7 to +9

Acidity : 1.7 to 1.9

Price : 1.8L 3,630 yen, 720ml 1,815 yen (tax included)

This sake is brewed with a rice polishing ratio at the level of a Daiginjo, and has a dry taste with a luxurious and moderate ginjo aroma and umami flavor.

[Special Junmai Maguro]

Alcohol 14%.

Rice polishing ratio: 60

Sake degree: +7 to +9

Acidity: 1.6 to 1.8

Price : 1.8L 2,750 yen, 720ml 1,375 yen (tax included)

0This sake blends well with the delicate balance of flavors in Japanese cuisine, and is even more refreshing and crisp than the Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R).

Aims of the "Tuna Series" Development

~To highlight sake as a food sake, and to allow people to experience Japanese food culture in a deeper way.

Since 2019, Tamura Sake Brewery has been developing and marketing "Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)", a dedicated sake that establishes "seafood cuisine x sake", a further step from "Japanese food x sake".

Then, in 2024. The number of overseas tourists visiting Japan after overcoming the long Corona disaster is expected to be 33.1 million, the largest ever (JTB forecast). One of the most exciting aspects of a visit to Japan for Japan fans around the world is "Japanese food," which is the pride of Japan.

Surrounded by the sea on all sides, Japan is one of the few countries in the world where fresh seafood is available, and a culture of eating raw fish has developed. Sushi and sashimi are now recognized around the world as symbols of Japanese food culture.

Tamura Sake Brewery has brushed up its "Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)," a daiginjo class that pairs well with honmaguro, the king of seafood, and "Special Junmai Maguro," which emphasizes balance and matches a wide range of fish dishes, to suit their respective purposes. The "Tuna Series" is a dry sake that has been tried and tested to accentuate the delicate sweetness, acidity, and fatty umami of fish.

As expressed in sushi, "fish and rice go well together. Naturally, sake made from rice goes perfectly with fish dishes. We hope you will try it at least once.

Origin of the name - "What? Tuna?" In honor of the king of fish.

Sake goes well with Japanese food and fish dishes.

In order to make this simple and best answer understandable not only to the Japanese but also to people around the world with a single blow, the famous Japanese words "Honmaguro" and "Maguro" were born as sake names with outstanding impact.

Needless to say, "tuna" is the king of fish, a name that is well-known throughout the world. The first tuna auction at the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (Toyosu Market) is the most popular New Year's tradition in Japan. In honor of its popularity and fame, we have decided to break out of the stereotypes and come up with a new name for it (trademark rights already acquired). We are confident that restaurants, the food industry, and the sake industry will be able to recommend it to gourmets in Japan and abroad, saying, "This sake goes well with fish!

Honmaguro Junmai Ginjo(R)

Recommended occasions

Restaurants with many overseas tourists for inbound customers.

Souvenir stores at airports and railroads

Souvenir shops at airports and railways ・Pairing experience of sake and Japanese food, study groups

Tuna specialty restaurants and tuna retailers

Seafood restaurants and fish markets

Restaurants and souvenir stores in tourist areas where tuna is a specialty or speciality.

Company Profile

Company name: Tamura Sake Brewery

Representative: Hanjiro Tamura

Location: 626 Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-0011

Business hours: 8:00-17:00

HP :

Cherry blossoms and Tamura Brewery