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Shinagawa Aquarium to hold a nickname contest for baby largha seals nickname vote for a baby seal to be held from April 19.


Shinagawa Aquarium (Shinagawa, Tokyo; Director: Takeshi Futami) will hold a nickname contest for a baby largha seal born on February 20, 2024 (Tuesday) from April 19, 2024 (Friday) to May 19, 2024 (Sunday).

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The baby seal born in February this year has changed from being covered with white newborn fur to a sesame-patterned body color, and has grown from about 5 kg at birth to about 10 kg (as of April 10, 2024). The baby is being warmly watched over by everyone, and its nickname will be decided by your vote.

Please take this opportunity to visit the Shinagawa Aquarium!

Vote for the nickname of the baby seal! Outline of the event

Period: Friday, April 19, 2024 - Sunday, May 19, 2024

Place: B1F near the "Sea lion" tank

1. baby seal nickname vote

Visitors are asked to vote for one of the three choices made by the zookeepers.

As a bonus, all voters will receive an image of a baby seal.

In addition, 10 people will be selected by drawing from among those who cast their votes to receive a baby seal acrylic stand.

<How to vote

Voting through the dedicated website

Please access the two-dimensional code on the special board in front of the aquarium, select one of the candidate nicknames, and cast your vote.

<Proposed Nicknames

(1) Asahi: With the hope that it will be as bright and hopeful as the morning sun that rises every day.

(2) Nagi: As the wind dies down and the waves calm down, we hope that Nagi will grow up gently.

(3) Shibiki: From the "shi" of the father, Hoshi, and the "buki" of the mother, Fubuki. With the hope that the boy will be strong enough not to be defeated by the splash of the waves.

The nickname chosen as a result of the voting will be announced on May 24 (Fri.) on the Shinagawa Aquarium's YouTube page. Details will be announced on the official website of the Shinagawa Aquarium.

Acrylic stand (image)

Reproduction of baby seal birth weight

A stuffed baby seal weighing 5,050g at birth will be installed. When you hold it in your arms, you will feel like a seal care staff member!

Reproduction of birth weight (image)

Comparative display of baby and mother's body hair

Visitors can compare the body hair of a baby seal, which is white and long-furred, with that of its mother. Visitors will be able to see actual hairs that have fallen out of the baby and mother's blubber. 4.

4. look back in photos! Panel display of a white fuzzy baby seal

Now that baby seals have grown up and become sesame-colored, we would like to look back on their growth from the white, fluffy appearance they had right after birth! In response to the request, we will exhibit the photo panels taken at that time. 5.

5. advance ticket sales with bromide

Advance tickets with a bromide of baby seals will be sold at Seven Ticket.

After purchasing the ticket at a Seven-Eleven store, please print out the bromide from the multifunctional machine in the store. You can choose one of three types of bromide.

Please enjoy the aquarium with your cute photo.

Fee: Adults (high school students and older) 1,700 yen

   Elementary and junior high school students: 950 yen

   Infants (4 years old and up) 650 yen

Bromide (image)

6. seal merchandise

Baby seal S/M/L

Baby seal S/M/L 1,650 yen / 2,090 yen / 3,300 yen

Baby Ties

Marine Friends baby tie: 880 yen

About baby seals

Date of birth: Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 23:38

Gender :Male

Mother : Fubuki (estimated age: 20 years old)

Father : Nicknamed Hoshi (estimated age: 8 years old)

The "Sea Lion" tank, which is currently used as a breeding space for baby seals, has a limited viewing area and a distance between the tank and visitors, so it may be difficult to see the seals.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding and cooperation in watching the seals until the babies' growth stabilizes.

Outline of Shinagawa Aquarium

Location: 3-2-1 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0012, Japan

Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 *Last admission at 16:30

Closed: Tuesdays (open during spring, summer, winter vacation, GW, and national holidays), January 1

Admission fee: Adults (high school students and older): 1,350 yen

     Elementary/junior high school students: 600 yen

     Infants (4 years old and up) 300 yen

     Silver (65 years old and over) 1,200 yen

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