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From Bridal to Health Care Biken Seitai: The Art of "Results without Force" Treatment The book will be on sale from April 23, 2024 !

The latest book by Chie Hachiga, founder of "Bridal Seitai." Reveals the secrets of Biken Seitai that will keep your fans coming back. A practical guidebook to enhance your total skills as a practitioner.


Hachiga Seitai's osteopath Chie Hachiga will release her latest book, "From Bridal to Health Care: The Art of Biken Seitai 'Getting Results without exerting force' Treatment" at bookstores nationwide and online on April 23, 2024.

Cover of the book to be released on April 23

This book is packed with all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years in the world of bodywork. It is full of secrets that can be utilized in a wide range of fields, from professional settings such as the bridal industry to daily health care in salons.

This book touches on the characteristics of Japanese bodywork and its place in the world, as well as providing detailed explanations of the theory and practice of the Hachiga Shiki Seitai Jutsu, which I myself developed. The Hachiga Seitai Technique enables clients to feel power without the need for force, and its originality and unique characteristics have gained the support of many people.

Furthermore, this book covers a wide range of topics, from beauty treatments to treatments for improving ailments, and aims to help readers hone their skills as ideal therapists, estheticians, and other practitioners. The book is also packed with useful information on business aspects, such as secrets to becoming a well-loved therapist and how to attract and retain clients.

This book will further your career as a practitioner and bring you new results. Gain the knowledge and skills that will lead you into the future, and aim for a more fulfilling life as a therapist.

I hope that my experience and knowledge will help to make you happy.

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[Book Details

Title: From Bridal to Health Care

     Biken Seitai: The Art of "Resulting without exerting force" treatment

Publisher :BAB Japan

Release Date: April 23, 2024

Price : 1,600 yen (1,760 yen including tax)

Language: Japanese

Number of pages: 138

isbn-10 : 4814206151

isbn-13 : 978-4814206155

【Author's profile】

Chie Hachiga

Born in Hokkaido in 1977. Representative of Hachiga Seitai-in. The creator of "bridal Seitai”. After working in the bridal industry and the real estate industry, she encountered bodywork and was fascinated by its depth, leading her to become an osteopath. She is currently using her own experience to train future generations through Osteopathic schools and seminars. She currently lives between Japan and the U.K. and shares her experiences on her blog and YouTube.

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Author Chie Hachiga

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