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Full support for "Gadget Exhibition in TOKYO" hosted by high school students! EGRET wireless mouse to be given away to 300 visitors!


Business Harmony Co. (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Sobing Cho), which boasts of "stylish and easy-to-use PC goods," announces that it will support the "Gadget Exhibition in TOKYO" hosted and operated by high school students, and will exhibit its latest products and give away its wireless mouse as a present to 300 visitors. EGRET will also give away wireless mice to 300 visitors.

EGRET to Present 300 Mice at Gadget Exhibition in TOKYO

■Outline of the event

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2024, 10:00-18:00

Place: BIRTH LAB, 2-20-7 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Admission: 500 yen and up (plans with drinks are also available)

First-come-first-served benefit: "EGRET HappiE" wireless mouse for the first 300 attendees

     *Please answer a simple questionnaire and follow the official SNS.

Organizer : Y-media

●Tickets can be purchased here :

Official X of Gadget Exhibition :

■Outline of Gadget Exhibition

This will be the fourth "Gadget Exhibition," in which everything from event planning to management on the day of the event will be conducted by volunteer students. So far, a total of more than 50 companies have participated, exhibiting their latest popular gadgets.

This time, in addition to the traditional exhibition, a new format will be introduced that crosses product sales. Visitors will have the opportunity to touch and feel products that are normally only available on the Internet. This allows visitors to have a more realistic gadget experience by directly picking up and trying out the products.

The fresh approach of having all staff members as students brings a lively and youthful atmosphere to the exhibition, and is sure to be a must-see event for gadget fans and all those with an interest in gadgets.

Passion of the Organizers

The gadget exhibition was planned and organized with the hope of attracting more gadget enthusiasts, especially the younger generation. Although many products are sold at electronics retail stores and on the Internet, opportunities to actually hold and experience the products are limited. Therefore, with the cooperation of companies, we aim to broaden people's knowledge and interest in gadgets by providing a place where they can actually see and touch the products."

Organizer: Hiruma Komine, born in 2007, active high school student living in Kobe

Gadget exhibition official X:

■ EGRET's full support

EGRET is an emerging brand that aims to popularize cute PC goods by harnessing the power of female developers with the aspiration of bringing innovation to the PC industry. We encourage and fully support the passion of these young people who are making a difference in the world by themselves through gadget exhibitions.

By giving away EGRET HappiE wireless mice to the first 300 visitors, we will give them a chance to actually experience products made from a new perspective, and we will also accompany the dreams and passions of young people who will become the technology creators and innovators of the future.

Details of Visitor Presents

Presented product: Wireless mouse EGRET HappiE 3 colors x 100 each

        End when all of them are gone

Commercial price : 3,980 yen including tax

Official website:

Conditions for receiving the product: 1. answer a simple questionnaire about PC use 2.

        2. follow EGRET's official Instagram or official X

        Survey contents

        Official Instagram

        Official X

Present photo

■Details of EGRET's exhibits

10-terminal handbag type USB-C adapter

5-terminal cable retractable USB-C adapter

・3 terminal USB-C extension mini adapter for watching smartphone videos on TV!

Official website

Photo of exhibited products

■About Business Harmony Co.

We want to provide information appliances that respect women's beauty and nurture their strength. Our company and products were born from this desire. By providing information appliances (information communication devices such as PCs and peripherals) that meet the unique needs of women who are easily attracted to design as well as function, we will motivate women to use ICT devices, support women's advancement in society, and contribute to the development of the information society at the same time.


EGRET is an acronym for "Electric Girls Request Electronical Technology," which expresses the desire to promote ICT information appliances for women by capturing the thoughts of female consumers and developers.

Also, egret means egret in English. It survives in nature with its strong physical ability and high intelligence, and at the same time, its beautiful white feathers attract the hearts of those who see it. We will always continue to take on new challenges to build a future where women can flap their wings and live more beautiful, stronger, and freer lives.

*EGRET is a registered trademark (No. 6672768) of Business Harmony Co.


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