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First in Hokuriku! Sweets Art Exhibition to Immerse You in a Dreamlike World Osamu Watanabe's "Museum of Sweets" at Himi City Museum of Art from 5/3


Osamu Watanabe, an artist who creates installations and contemporary art works using colorful and elaborate creams, candies, and fruits that look just like the real thing, will hold the exhibition "Museum of Sweets - Osamu Watanabe Sweets Art in Himi" from May 3 (Fri.) at Himi City Art & Culture Center [Himi City, Toyama Prefecture]. The exhibition will be held at the Himi City Art and Culture Museum (Himi City, Toyama Prefecture) from May 3 (Fri.).

The House of Chocolate

■For the first time in Hokuriku, the exhibition will be held! An art exhibition that will make you feel as happy as if you were eating a piece of candy

Osamu Watanabe is a contemporary artist who has sublimated the art of sweets decorating by using "sweets" made from resin and other materials that look just like the real thing. In this exhibition, he uses colorful "sweets" such as whipped cream, macaroons, and candies that make you want to eat them. The work will be performed on a grand scale. A professional stage lighting team will be on hand throughout the production to immerse the audience in the world of the work, creating an overwhelming fantasy space that will make them feel as if they have wandered into a dream world.

Merry-go-round of sweets

Related Events

Osamu Watanabe Gallery Talk

Date: May 3 (Fri., holiday) and May 11 (Sat.) 11:00 - / 2:00 -

Cost: Free (ticket required) Reservations not required

Workshop by Osamu Watanabe "Let's make Toyama's specialty, crafted fish cake!

Date : May 4 (Sat) 11:00 - / 14:00 -

Place: Exchange Room 1 & 2 *Admission ticket to the exhibition is required to participate.

Participation fee: 1,500 yen [Capacity: 25 people per session

Toyama's specialty, "Tai (sea bream)," is a staple of the Toyama area! Join Mr. Osamu Watanabe and experience the art of decorating cute sea bream kamaboko using resin!

For application, please contact TEL: 0766-30-3430 Himi City Museum of Art and Culture.

Photo Spot Rally (Everyday at the venue)

Let's take pictures at the photo spots in the exhibition venue!

Those who present their picture to the staff at the exit will receive a small present.

Coloring Contest [Held every day in the exit area of the exhibition venue].

Forms with original illustrations of the "Museum of Sweets" will be distributed at the exhibition venue exits. Everyone who colorfully submits an illustration will receive a small gift. Those whose illustrations are selected as the best will receive a prize after judging at a later date.

The submitted illustrations will be displayed in the museum, and the excellent works will be announced later on the SNS of the Art Center.

Himi City Art & Culture Center Official LINE Friend Registration Campaign (held daily at the venue)

Those who register on the official LINE, which provides information about Himi City Art & Culture Center, will receive a small present.

Himi Arts Center Instagram Follow & Post Campaign [Held every day at the venue].

Follow and post on the official Himi City Art & Culture Museum Instagram to receive a small gift.

Himi Arts Center Website

Comment from Osamu Watanabe

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake. When I saw the news of the earthquake in the New Year, I wondered if I should hold an exhibition, but I thought that somewhere along the long road to recovery, art would give people the strength to live and be moved. With the cooperation of many people, this exhibition was held. I want the world of my work to be a world of dreams. The exhibition space also serves as a stage, and together with a professional stage lighting team, we are planning to create a production that will immerse visitors in a fantasy world. We hope it will be a page in the memories of everyone who attends.

About Osamu Watanabe

Osamu Watanabe graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo Zokei University in 2003. He has been featured on "Tokyo Kawaii TV" (NHK) and "Tetsuko's Room Special" (TV Asahi) as a leading artist who has sublimated the art of sweet decorating. His colorful and elaborate sweets art works, which look just like the real thing, have been attracting attention in Japan and around the world. In Japan, "Osamu Watanabe Museum of Sweets" at Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum (Aichi Prefecture) and "Osamu Watanabe Exhibition Sweets Wonderland -An Amusement Park of Sweets-" at Hofu City Regional Exchange Center Aspirato (Yamaguchi Prefecture) have broken all records for the number of visitors since their opening.

Osamu Watanabe's homepage:

Outline of the exhibition

Dates: May 3, 2024 (Fri., holiday) - May 30, 2024 (Thu.) *Open throughout the exhibition period

Hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (last admission at 16:30)

     Saturday only: 10:00 - 19:00 (last admission: 18:30)

Venue : Himi City Art & Culture Center

     31-9 Saiwai-cho, Himi, Toyama 935-0021

Admission Fee: 1,000 yen for advance tickets (1,200 yen for day-of-performance tickets)

     High school and university students: 800 yen for day-of-performance tickets only

     Junior high school students and younger: Free

Sponsor :Himi City Cultural Promotion Foundation, Himi City, Himi City Board of Education, Toyama Shimbun,

     The Toyama Shimbun, The Hokkoku Shimbun, Kitanihon Broadcasting Corporation

Supported by :Toyama Prefecture, Toyama Prefectural Board of Education, Toyama Association of Private Kindergartens and Certified Childcare Centers,

     Toyama Prefecture, Toyama Prefectural Board of Education, Toyama Prefectural Association of Private Kindergartens and Certified Children's Schools, Toyama Tourism Promotion Organization, Himi City Local Government Promotion Committee, Himi Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

     Himi City Tourism Association, FM Toyama

Cooperation : Osamu Watanabe Atelier, Himi Machizukuri, Himi Confectionery Industry Association,

     Toyama Confectionery Association, Ishikawa Confectionery Association

Planning cooperation: M&M Color

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