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Mysterious song "Kokoro no Shiroi Hana (White Flower of the Heart)" that fills the hearts of those who listen to it with white flowers bloom. Acoustic version to be distributed on April 21


Office Squarel LLC, a music planning, production, and management office, will distribute an acoustic version of "Kokoro no Shiroi Hana" (White Flower of the Heart), a moving song included in the album "Kanojo Cabriolet 80s" by Hiroko Konishi, a singer-songwriter belonging to the company, from April 21, 2024 ( April 21, 2024 (Sun.).

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This song expresses deep feelings for those who want to meet but cannot. We have received many messages on SNS from people who have listened to "Kokoro no Shiroi Hana (White Flower of the Heart)" saying, "I got a mysterious feeling when I heard this song.

Picture the person you want to meet, and your thoughts will fill your heart with light, just as a white flower blooms in your heart. Even though I am faced with the reality that I cannot go back to the past by following the footsteps of the distant past, I still pick the white flowers that float in my heart and fill the gaps in my mind, thinking of you whom I cannot see, and walking with hope in my heart. The song "Kokoro no Shiroi Hana (White Flower in My Heart)," which contains a message woven with beautiful lyrics, will be available on download sites from April 21. This song will be included on the next analog album.

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Kokoro no Shiroi Hana (2024 Wolfgang DSWG-24001)

Hiroko Konishi Profile

Voice actress and singer-songwriter, born October 26, 1975 in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture and raised in Hiratsuka. She is a graduate of Sagami Women's University Junior College and Chuo University Faculty of Law, and has appeared in NHK's "Ojarumaru," "Arrest me," "Dr. Slump," "Urayasu Reinforced Family," "Amazing! Masaru-san," "Digital Monster," and many other animations and games, in which he has appeared as the lead or main character. On the music side, he has released more than 50 major CDs since his debut in 1994. Recently, he has been active as a singer-songwriter, performing, writing lyrics, composing, arranging, performing, and recording all kinds of music.