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≪About 60% of women answered, "I don't know if my underwear size fits in the first place. About 60% of women answered, "I don't know if I have the right size in the first place. What is the status of specific measures such as fitting experience and wearing night bras? How are specific countermeasures being taken?

Reasons why they have never discussed this with me are that they are embarrassed and that it is difficult to talk about their underwear."


M-STYLE ( ), an esthetic salon specializing in breast enhancement, which belongs to Irene Kamicho, a beautician who became famous for her Irene-style breast-feeding massage, conducted a survey of women in their 20s and 30s who have problems with their underwear and their current efforts The survey was conducted on the following topics.

■Introduction (Survey Background):

Obtaining an ideal body shape is a very important factor in spending one's days in a positive manner.

We operate an esthetic salon specializing in breast enhancement, "M-STYLE," which incorporates our esthetician Irene Kamicho's original method, "Irene-style breast-feeding massage," and is visited by people with a variety of breast-related concerns.

Many of those who have concerns about their breasts may not be able to choose the right underwear for their own breasts or may not be able to get the correct fitting.

However, I believe that the topic of underwear is not something that can be casually discussed with anyone.

For this reason, there are probably some people who have given up without being able to solve their problems.

Because it is such a rare topic to hear about, we would like to clarify specific underwear concerns and current efforts through a questionnaire survey.

We hope that those who have concerns about their breasts, as well as those who would like to face their bodies more closely, will find this information useful.

<Survey Summary

Survey Summary: Survey on Underwear Concerns and Current Initiatives

Survey period: Monday, April 8, 2024

Survey organization: Web-based questionnaire (question selection and description type)

Survey target: Women in their 20s and 30s who have problems with their underwear

Number of people surveyed: 100

■Not knowing if one's underwear size is right...current concerns revealed

Survey Data 1

When first asked what problems they have with their underwear (bras), the most common responses were "I don't know if I have the right size in the first place (62.0%)," "I feel pressure or tightness (40.0%)," and "The shoulder straps keep slipping down (37.0%).

Although each of these issues covers a wide range, many respondents may feel insecure about their size as the root cause of their problems.

There are also those who have specific concerns about the compatibility of underwear with their own bodies, such as pressure, tightness, or misalignment of shoulder straps, but are unable to take action to resolve these issues.

Survey Data 2

Next, when asked what criteria they use to select underwear (bras), "comfort" was given the highest priority by 36.0% of respondents.

Design" was the next most common response, indicating women's preference for comfortable wear and design.

Size" was also a high priority, but it seems to be one of the most important factors that lead to comfort and wearability.

While comfort is the most important factor, some women may be too embarrassed to ask for a fitting or consult with others in order to figure out which underwear fits them best.

About 40% of respondents "have never consulted anyone" about their underwear problems

Survey data3

When asked if they had ever consulted anyone about their underwear problems, 39.0% said they had never consulted anyone (39.0%), 36.0% said they had consulted a lingerie store (36.0%), 22.0% said they had consulted a friend or acquaintance (22.0%), and 16.0% said they had consulted a breast care salon (16.0%). (16.0%)" were the most common answers.

The most common response was that they had never consulted anyone because it is not something they can easily ask about.

The second most common answer was "consulting at a lingerie store," which suggests that the respondents would probably prefer to consult someone with more specialized knowledge than an acquaintance.

Let us also ask about the reasons why they have never consulted with someone.

Survey Data 4

≪Specific voices

Because I am embarrassed.

Because I don't know where to ask for help.

Nothing will change if I talk to someone about it.

Because it is difficult to talk about underwear

It is difficult to talk about underwear.

It is difficult to talk about it, and I don't think there is a product on the market that would solve the problem.

It seems that embarrassment and the difficulty of broaching the topic are the main reasons for this.

As mentioned in the previous survey, another convincing reason was that it is easier to discuss the issue with a clerk at a lingerie store, rather than an acquaintance.

Some people also seem to have given up on consulting due to a sense of anxiety that the problem may not be solved or that there may not be a product that fits their needs after all.

Survey Data 5

Next, when asked if they have ever had a bra fitting, the responses were "never (37.0%)," "within the last year (34.0%)," "within the last 3 years (16.0%)," and "more than 4 years ago (13.0%).

While there are those who have regular fittings, we found that nearly 40% of the respondents answered that they have never had a fitting.

Fitting is very important to maintain a beautiful bust.

Choosing undergarments that do not fit you well can lead to stress on your skin, poor posture, and a loss of body line.

If you have never had a fitting, why not take this opportunity to consider it?

■What are the benefits you are looking for in underwear? The most important is "daily comfort.

Survey data6

One way to maintain an ideal bust is to wear a night bra.

When asked if they currently wear a night bra, 44.0% said they wear one almost every day, 36.0% said they do not, and 20.0% said they wear one several times a week, indicating that more than 60% of respondents use a night bra.

The night bra, which has gradually become more common in recent years, is an item designed to reduce the spreading and strain on the breasts during sleep.

In addition to wearing a bra during the day, a night bra is reassuring because it protects the breasts at night as well.

If you have breast problems, you may want to incorporate this item as needed, as it is an item you can easily try.

Survey data7

Finally, when asked what kind of effect they expect from wearing appropriate underwear (bras), the following responses were gathered: "Comfort in daily life (65.0%)," "Shape the breasts (59.0%)," "Prevent sagging of the breasts (44.0%)," and "Wear clothes nicely (37.0%). The major purpose is to prevent sagging of the breasts.

Although shaping the bust and preventing sagging received many votes, which are probably the main purposes, the results show that it is only possible to have a comfortable bust in everyday life.

However, we found that the key points in choosing underwear differ greatly from person to person, such as maintaining an ideal bust, pursuing comfort, and how to dress.

The key to choosing underwear is, of course, the size and shape of the breasts, as well as undergarment concerns, which vary from person to person.

That is why it may be important to once understand the state of your body and consider the necessary measures to stay in a body that you can love yourself for a long time.

■Conclusion: It is important to choose the right underwear for yourself in order to spend your days in a positive way!

In this survey, we investigated underwear concerns and current efforts to address them.

We found that many people have problems, but are too shy to discuss them with others and are not taking appropriate measures.

Although it seemed that consulting with underwear store staff was a lower hurdle than consulting with acquaintances, the fact that about 40% of the respondents had never had an underwear fitting before suggests that many people have neglected or given up on their problems.

The choice of underwear is important in order to obtain an ideal body and spend each day in a positive manner.

Why don't you start now to choose the right underwear for yourself so that you can spend your daily life comfortably and get your ideal body shape?

In addition to running an esthetic salon specializing in breast enhancement, our company provides total support for breast-related concerns, from bra fitting to underwear sales.

By incorporating the "Irene-style breast enhancement massage" invented by Irene Kamicho, a beautician, we will lead you to your ideal breasts.

First of all, please tell us about your concerns and ideals at the counseling.

We believe that we can surely help you because we have faced the same problems as women.

■"M-STYLE" provides total support for underwear selection and fitting.

Irene's breast enhancement massage will give you the most beautiful breasts ever.

M-STYLE (, an Ebisu-based esthetic salon specializing in breast enhancement, offers treatments to solve your breast-related problems.

Esthetic salon "M-STYLE

M-STYLE" is an aesthetic salon that specializes in breast enhancement treatments, including the "Irene Style Breast Enhancement Massage" developed by Irene Kancho, a beautician who has many big-name celebrities as fans.

Irene's Breast Enhancement Massage" has been used by more than 10,000 women to address their various breast problems.

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She has a diverse background and has had her own problems, and continues to devise new techniques with a spirit of research every day.


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