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Survey on Diet Consciousness and Behavior 2024 Results announced Conducted on May 6, "International No Diet Day

~87% of respondents want to "lose weight for health" rather than "lose weight right away! In addition, the reality of dieting for the summer is also clear~.

Belle Lus株式会社

Belle Lus K.K. (headquartered in Tsu, Mie Prefecture; Rie Matsuda, President; hereinafter "Belle Lus") conducted a survey on diet awareness and behavior on the occasion of the International No Diet Day on Monday, May 6.

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《Point Summary》

The top 3 dieting methods are "supplements (64.4%)," "sugar restriction (55.6%)," and "calorie restriction (51.7%).

Most respondents answered that they "experienced a rebound" or "could not lose weight in the first place" with regard to their diet.

The top 3 health problems caused by dieting are constipation (41%), general fatigue (22%), and rough skin (19%).

YouTube was the most common source of information on dieting at 56.6%.

About 87% of respondents answered, "I used to have a strong desire to lose weight quickly, but now I want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Half have heard about the Chinese herbal diet, and about 1/3 are curious about it.

Diet consciousness is said to be high in winter, but there is also an increase in diet awareness from April to summer.

About 89% of respondents want to lose weight for the summer.

About 1/3 are trying to lose weight for summer this year. 66% of respondents have dieted for the summer, and about 15% have never dieted at all/are not interested in dieting at all.

About 65% have rebounded from a summer diet.

Result Detail》 《Result Detail》.

Q1: What kind of dieting have you done? Please select all that apply.


Q2. Whether or not you have succeeded in the TOP 3 diets.


Q3. Did the diet you chose in Q1 cause any health problems? Please select all that apply.


Q4. Where do you usually get information about dieting? (Multiple choices allowed)


Q5: Please select all that apply to your attitude toward dieting.

I used to have a strong desire to lose weight quickly, but now I want to lose weight in a healthy way.


Q6. Please tell us about your Chinese medicine diet.


Q7. Do you want to lose weight for the summer?


Q8. do you want to lose weight for summer?


Q9. (For those who chose "I do it every year / I have done it in the past / I have never done it in the past but would like to this year" in Q8) When will you start dieting for the summer?


Q10. (For those who chose "I do this every year/ I have done this in the past/ I have never done this in the past but would like to this year" in Q8) Have you ever rebounded after summer is over?


<Survey Summary

Survey target: Bellus members

Survey period: 2024/04/19 - 2024/05/01

Survey method: Internet survey

Number of respondents: 205

Company Profile

Company name : Belle Lus K.K.

Representative: Rie Matsuda, Representative Director

Location: Head office: 601 Prime Tsu Daimon, 6-5 Daimon, Tsu, Mie 514-0027, Japan

      Branch office: Shinagawa East One Tower 4F, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan

Establishment : July 5, 2017

Business : Presiding over diet courses, presiding over diet supporter training courses