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A record number of 301 stores nationwide participated! Diners Club France Patisserie Week 2024 Held from July 1 (Monday)! Sweets Quotes & Guessing Activity" project also held!

Diners Club France Patisserie Week 2024

"Diners Club France Patisserie Week 2024" will be held again this year from Monday, July 1 to Wednesday, July 31. Last year, 230 stores from Hokkaido to Okinawa participated in this festival of sweets, and more than 60,000 people visited their stores. This year, the fourth year of the festival, a record 301 shops will participate.

Patissiers who took the stage at the press conference on June 5. In the center is the event's advisor, Yukiko Omori, a French pastry researcher.


This year's common theme is "Savarin. It is a traditional French pastry named in honor of Brillat-Savarin, a well-known French gastronome and author of "Mimi Raisan" ("Praise for Delicacies"). The shape is often ring-shaped (if not ring-shaped, it is sometimes called a "baba"), soaked in syrup for a moist texture, and topped with fruit, whipped cream, nuts, or other toppings. Rum or Armagnac is the standard for the syrup, but for summer, gin, wine, and Grand Marnier are also used. Each of the participating restaurants will create their own original "savarin" specially for this event and offer it for a limited time only.

In addition, this year's event will be based on the famous words of the gastronomic critic Briat-Savarin: "Tell me what you eat. In reference to the quote by gastronomic critic Briat-Savarin, "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are," a "Sweets Quotes & Guessing Activity" project will be held in which pastry chefs and customers can participate. In addition, to help support the areas affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake, participating stores are encouraged to actively use ingredients from Ishikawa and other Hokuriku regions.

For details, please refer to the official website:

Participating stores nationwide:

Hokkaido/Tohoku 17 stores, Kanto 179 stores, Chubu 22 stores, Kinki 51 stores, Chugoku/Shikoku 12 stores, Kyushu/Okinawa 20 stores

〈Official SNS accounts〉

Instagram :

X (former Twitter):

Facebook :

The first "X" project with patissier and customer participation! Details of "Sweets Quotes & Guessing Activity"]

Briya-Savarin's quote, "Say what you eat. In honor of Briya-Savarin's quote, "Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you who you are," this year we will hold the "Sweets Quotes & Guessing Activity" project on the official X account (@fp_week). We will ask participating patissiers to come up with their own quotes, which will be posted on the official X account along with images of the restaurant's savarinis.

The official Instagram account (@france_patisserie_week) will continue to introduce beautiful images of the sweets to customers as before, but this year we will also introduce the patissier's quotes on X at the same time to introduce the inner workings and policies of the creators that underlie the deliciousness of the sweets. This year, we will also introduce quotes from pastry chefs on X to introduce the inner workings and policies of the creators that underlie the deliciousness of the sweets. Customers who share or are moved by the patissier's words of wisdom will be able to repost them on X, thereby supporting the patissier and the store, or in other words, becoming part of the "promotion activities," which will lead to greater recognition of the participating stores.

At a press conference for the media held on June 5, we asked the media, who are experts in word choice, to vote for the most popular quotes, without naming the patissiers or stores. The top-ranked quotes will be announced on the official X account.

If you are inspired by the quotes of the pastry chefs, you are encouraged to come up with your own quotes and post them on the X website along with images of the Savarin you purchased. If you are inspired by the quotes of the patissiers, you can come up with your own quotes and post them on X with the image of the Savarin you purchased.

We will also post the photos on the official X account! Photo Campaign" will be held at the same time!

During the period, we will also hold a photo campaign in which we will ask you to post images and videos of delicate and beautiful sweets on Instagram. Those selected by lottery will receive a wonderful gift.

Application period: Monday, July 1, 2024 - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

How to enter: Order "Savarin" products offered and sold at participating stores and take a picture of it, follow the official Instagram account (@france_patisserie_week) and use the hashtag "#France Patisserie Week" or @ tag the @france_patisserie_week account and post on Instagram with information about the location of the photo shoot and descriptions of the sweets and stores.

*SNS other than Instagram (X, Facebook, etc.) are not eligible for contest entries, but we encourage you to post them together.

Eligibility: For more information:

Event Summary

Event name: Diners Club France Patisserie Week 2024

Period: Monday, July 1, 2024 - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

      *Period of offering & sales may differ slightly depending on the store

      (There is no fee to participate in the event, and the price of Savarin products is set freely by each store)

Summary :Participating stores nationwide will sell theme sweets to the general public during the period.

 *Not limited to Diners Club members. Anyone can purchase them.

Location: At participating stores nationwide

Sponsor :Diners Club France Patisserie Week Secretariat

Special Support :Embassy of France in Japan

Special Sponsor :Diners Club (Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd.)

Official Partner:

Valrhona Japon Co.

Maruhon Sesame Oil (Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.)

S.Pellegrino Essenza (Nichifutsu Shoji Co., Ltd.)

Revergé Boiron (Nichifutsu Shoji Co., Ltd.)

Doumar (Nichifutsu Shoji Co., Ltd.)

La Rose Noire(Nichifutsu Shoji Co., Ltd.)

President (Lactalis Japon)

Galvani (Lactalis Japon)

Kaijirushi Co.

Negrita (Dover Alcoholic Beverages Trading Co., Ltd.)

Sumisho Montblanc Corporation

antenna* (Japan)

My Little Box

My Little Box

Cherry Terrace Co.

Ms. Charlainli Brosseau, Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of France in Japan, Japan Representative of Institut français, and Ms. Yukiko Omori, French confectionery expert.


The 10 patissiers who took the stage at the press conference held on June 5.

The patissiers on the stage (photo at the beginning of this article, from left to right *in alphabetical order)

Profiles of the patissiers:

Makoto Arihara "Patisserie MORANGE" (Higashishiraku, Kanagawa)

Hiroyuki Emori "MAISON GIVREE" (Chuorinkan, Kanagawa)

Tomomi Osawa "GALET GALET" (non-store, open at events, etc.)

Fumiyuki Kanai "INFINI" (Kuhonbutsu, Ginza, Tokyo)

Kenichi Kikuchi "Patisserie Les Nefort" (Ebisu, Nakano, Tokyo)

Yusuke Sasage "Patisserie Yu Sasage" (Chitose Karasuyama, Tokyo)

Ryotaro Sato "Regalez-Vous" (Kamakura, Kanagawa)

Takashi Terasaki "Patisserie Chocolaterie Recit" (Higashimatsubara, Tokyo)

Patrick LEMESLE "Le Coin Vert" (Kagurazaka, Tokyo)

Tomoe Mitani "Patisserie Salon de Thé Amitié Kagurazaka" (Kagurazaka, Tokyo)

Savarin' by patissiers on the stage_1


Savarin' by patissiers on stage1

Patissiers' savarin_set 2


Savarin by patissiers on the stage _set 2

What is Diners Club France Patisserie Week?

Diners Club France Patisserie Week" is a patisserie festival centering on French pastries that has been held at confectionery stores and hotels nationwide since 2021. During the event, customers can enjoy original confectionaries that are handmade one by one by artisans of each participating store, paying close attention to the ingredients and in line with a common theme. This event, which can be called an exposition of ten unique themed sweets created by patissiers from all over Japan, attracts more and more fans every year and has become a hot topic of conversation.


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